Sunday, April 02, 2006

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jog

To leave is good, but coming home is always best
--an old Dutch saying

It's always so good to get home--no matter where it is you're coming back from. The familiar is always comforting to the soul. How pretty everything is here. Flowers and green have definitely sprung while we were away. The grass and trees are greener, the tulips have grown and the birds have been singing to us since our arrival. Last night, as I was sitting in bed, numb from the drive home, I could hear the birds just chirping away. It was dark out!! I couldn't help but to start humming Black Birds Singing in the Dead of Night--one of my favorite Beatle songs. They were singing so sweetly and went on throughout the night.

I am so enjoying my flowers today. These are the tulips I planted last fall. (I did the plantings in the front, the hub did the hard part in the back!) The colors are magnificent. What a pretty show to come home to. Even a few new daffodils have popped up. It has been a nice long viewing season this year. What a special feeling to not have all the flowers come and go so quickly. Life is good.

The babies were so happy to have us home. (Don't you wonder what they think? Do they even think about what happened to us in our absence?) Roo was whining as we entered the house, shaking all over. She has enjoyed strolling around outside today, seeing what's new since we left and rolling in the new green grass. The kitties are even acting "springish." Crack Baby Dave has showed his laid-back side today--kinda rare. He's usually a little paranoid and scaredy-cattish (thus the name). Today, he's chilin'. Ms. Trouble Bev has been laying low--underneath Winnie's nest, of course.

I couldn't wait to see what was new at Winnie's. I didn't know she was home as I clicked away--being the short person I am. She looks a little grumpy (kinda like mom at the beach--hehe). Aw, the joy of motherhood. Maybe this is grumpy old man--the eyebrows are a tad bushy for Winnie. Hmmmmm. I was saddened to see a little egg had fallen out of the nest. I don't know if it was by choice or not, so I gently put it back in. It is teeny and I can't imagine it landing here--miraculous. We'll see what happens.

We had a wonderful thunder storm this afternoon, making being home even more cozy. It has cleared and the sun has returned (low 70s f), and I can hear the birds beginning to sing once more.

Yesterday was the hub's 48th birthday and we began it with biegnets and cafe au laits on our way out of Orange Beach. They used to have a lot of cajun places being so close to New Orleans; but hurricane Ivan did quite a number on many of the establishments. Don't know if they'll be back or not. But our favorite little biegnet cafe was open for business and we were all quite happy as we blew powdered sugar all over ourselves. Since the day was spent driving, we are celebrating today. The men are off to see a movie, "V for Vendetta" or something of the like. I have a shrimp boil planned (since I didn't do it at the beach--too busy!) and need to get those pots and pan clanking before their return. I'll post tonight on our celebration.


Kali said...

Happy Birthday wishes to your hubby.
I've really enjoyed all your holiday pics, it looks and sounds like a wonderful holiday was had by you all.
I agree with you, it's always lovely getting back home :)

Mary Jane said...

Hello All:
Glad to hear that you arrived's always nice to get away, but even better to get back home. Happy 48th Bob. I know that you all enjoyed the Shrimp Boil and the scumptous chocolate cake. Sounds like you had a wonderful day.
Love your pretty flowers Rosa...they are absolutely gorgeous. I think that Spring has finally arrived. Wish you were here to see the Cherry Blossoms.....they are in full bloom.
Take care and look forward to reading your next days entry.
your Sista in law
Mary Jane

Rosa said...

Thanks MJ! The trip was nice (mom drove me crazy!!). Enjoy the Cherry Blossoms when you pass them each day!! Wish I were there to see them!! xxoo

Thanks Kali for your birthday wish. Yes, home is where the heart is.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Dave is a handsome cat! He does look a bit like our Maruschka, but I think that he's slender looking!....



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