Saturday, March 19, 2011

Portland, OR

We made it Portland, finally!  I already feel like I'm home.  We are loving it here.

I had my first (and last) Bloody Mary at breakfast.  Yuk.

We found Besaw's around the corner. Yum. Everything was great. Good thing I cleansed before I got out here, huh?

 Of course, we made a bee-line to the big toy shop in town, Finnegan's.

We ran into a peace rally. How cool is this?  Reminds me of my childhood!

Don't think you'd see this in Nashville.

Look at the dalmatian with a message!

 Lunch at Little Big Burger.

Then back to the hotel to look at our goodies!

 The kid's.


And my toys! Smurfs! I remember in high school German class, our teacher brought these back with her from Germany. I love them!

Ok, time for a siesta, now. I so seepy.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring is in the Air

You'd think, one day, I may just grow my own iris. I haven't planted them in the past two placed we've lived.  That's just not right. I adore them!

My daffs are blooming, so I've made the place look a little springy inside also.

I love these little fellows.

The basement  is coming along just dandy. (Don't look too closely at the smaller "before" pic. HOARDER!) I don't care to admit to how much junk I threw out or gave away. Why in the world do some of us do this? Lawdy me. I got it from my mom. Hope my kids don't catch it from me!

While we had wonderfully warm weather yesterday, there was a nip in the air today. The hub was given a wonderful gift of Chinese tea when he was in Beijing last week. It is perfect for these cooler afternoons.

Today we've had this spring forward time change, which is always a challenge.  I don't much like it.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Rainy Day

Buttons, buttons, who has the buttons?

Mom did! 

I found this wonderful old mason jar full of buttons. I cleaned the jar and replaced the buttons. Now, where will I put it?  Maybe in my bedroom.

 I'm still pulling albums from the basement and enjoying my turntable.

While listening to my old albums, I've been playing in photoshop.

I love rainy days.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

My Obsession

Deary me.  First I find several boxes of albums (of the vinyl variety) in my basement. Then I find a compact turntable online. Boom. 1 + 1 = obsessed.

I've been bringing albums up all day and playing them. All dayeeeee! Thank goodness my brothers taught me, early on, how to take care of and keep the records clean. They are all, well mostly, in great shape. A little dusty in some grooves, but with a little cleaning, voila, beautiful sound. That's even after being stored in attics, basements and garages for over 25 years!

This is my first day's worth that I'm airing out (and did I mention PLAY??!). Ha. I'm having way too much fun with these.

The weather has been nice, so the doors have been thrown open all day.

The basement is coming along.I have been through every single box down there, thrown 2/3s out and now have the dastardly deed of really organizing. Like for the first time in my life!  Yay for me!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A Little Bit O' This . .

. . . and a little bit of that. 
Don't you love my "personal" wine glass? The teenager's girlfriend made it for me! She's a very sweet and kind young lady. Awwwww.

It's been a busy couple of weeks. I am still cleaning the basement out, with many trips to the dump, filling both wagon's up with JUNK! Just about there, folks.

I had a quick trip back home to get some Executor things done in the Arlington Co. courts for Johnny's estate. The hub had business, so I jumped on board of that train! (Wish we had trains--a car train would be perfect!!)

When we arrived, we drove into Old Town (Alexandria) to have a meal at one of our old haunts. 

I was born in Old Town and the hub lived here when he first moved to Washington. In fact, our first dinner together was here. Anyway, it was good going home this time. 

 Gotta love the old pubs.

The second night, I was able to meet up with Mary Jane, my SIL, and my niece Kelly and her two boys, my grandnephews. We ate wonderful American fare at Sweetwater.  Jack, the oldest, drew this while we were waiting for a table. Simply amazing. The kid has had no training whatsoever.

The second night, the hub and I were able to go out with my brother Jim and his family. These were not part of that dinner, we had Italian. Really good Italian, although you would never have guessed it coming from a place called Pasta Plus in a strip mall.  Ha, that's where you always find the best restaurants! I had the most delicious stuffed shrimp (with crab) on risotto. The hub and I had a quick lunch earlier in the day at a place that was near my mom's old house in Potomac Yard (where there are actually trains!), Hops. They have the most divine "rolls." In actuality, they are croissants with a little Krispy Kreme-ish drizzle. Oh my.

Staying in the old neighborhood (in a hotel) was a little bit of a trip. I have walked these streets many-a-time. Our house was less than a mile from here. This is Crystal City. To the right, in between the two buildings, is Pentagon City. In the background is Arlington Ridge, where my elementary school was. Pout.

To put things in perspective,  here's a map. I sure do miss it.

Unfortuantely, this trip, I was unable to meet up with any friends.  I plan on driving up next time so I can see my buds.



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