Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

I'm feeling especially festive this Halloween.  I believe, this is my second favorite holiday, directly after Thanksgiving.

Abby, what big ears you have. . . . .

Better to hear you with, my dear.        

Last Saturday, I felt a cold coming on.  Ugh.  It was a doozy.  All I have to say is, Nyquil is my friend.    I felt better after the hub came home from Asia; so much so that I went to dinner with a nice colleague of the hub's and his wife.  They are from Texas, so you know they're nice.  But, I got sick directly after dinner.  Stomach.  UGH.  We had planned on listening to some live music after dinner, but I was in no shape.  I shooed them on and drove home as quickly as I could.  UGH.  And so, chicken soup was in order for the entire family.

 And it sure was good.  The boys had grilled cheese with theirs. 

Some decorating was done today.  Just a little fun stuff.  I finally finished the hanging post cards that Beth and I found on our way home from Knoxville.  I just added a little glitter here and there to jazz 'em up a tad.

And my favorite pumpkin in the whole world.  I adore him!  My bestest friend, Amy, brought him home from Riverside last year.  Awwwwww.
The hub and kid, hard at work carving their pumpkins.

I so loved this pic from last Halloween, I had to bring it back.


And later that night . . . 

These are my great (eeeeek!) nephews and niece.  Aren't they great?!!!!  I miss you all, very much.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

This Week

Not only has Autumn arrived, but so did JJ Grey!  He was added, pretty last minute, to the Nashville "Live on the Green" show.  I had already purchased the tickets for his show in Knoxville, so it was a lot of fun seeing him twice within a week's time.

Knoxville's show was especially fun because not only did Beth come with me, but we were also able to hang with the teenager (in his neck-of-the-woods)!  The entire night was a blast, ending with locking ourselves out of the room, Barney Fife in the lobby after hours, and the a/c that sounded more like someone a little overweight breathing heavily.  Beth and I laughed ourselves to sleep at the wee hours of the morning.

The next morning, we arose pretty early (10) just a tad bleary eyed.  It's hard keeping up with college kids, geesh.  We must have walked, what Beth, about 20 blocks?  ("It's only across the bridge then one block.")  After dropping some things off at the Teenager's apartment, we headed back West towards Nashville.  I had found this little town, Harriman, last year when heading back home after mom's celebration of life.  It was still there, just as I had left it.

We found beautiful houses while exploring the sweet little town.  Leaves were flowing through the air, it was breezy and a perfect temperature.  Doesn't get much sweeter.

We found our way down to the river and took some photos.  It was gorgeous!

Beth and I.

And some goodies I found in Harriman.  Haha, the owner of one of the shops remembered the "run-in" I had with a horribly rude customer.  Ya see, we remember this stuff.  

Now, speaking of goodies, this is Natalie Sarabella's latest line.  She has decorated hand-blown glass pumpkins exclusively available through Frontgate's website only.  They are gorgeous!  (Top photo of same piece.)

Not only do you get the beautiful pumpkin, but it arrives in a box that Natalie has hand painted herself.  I love sunflowers!  I'm going to hang it somewhere in the house.  Such a talent, that lady.  I also put out my little oil that reminds me of my mom.

Yes, it feels like a year has passed.  Each day, I can't help but to remember those last days. I'm actually doing pretty well with it.  Her beautiful memory is with me every day.  A big thank you for all your well wishes.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Motivating Weather

You know how the cooler temps motivate me to be more productive.  It seems I haven't done a darn thing for over a year.  I truly need to get back into the swing of things.  The kid was off for two days (fall break, haha), so we went and gathered some punkins'.  I so LOVE this time of year!  Do you see Dave in the background?

It's also GGC time.  This is the bracelet the girls and I made last year at Riverside in October.  I have been wearing it almost every day.  I hope they are too!  Tiz' the season, girlz!  I don't even remember adding the angel charm.  Who would have known that it would have such meaning in such a short time?  We lost mom four days later.  Well, unfortunately, the GGC won't be able to have our annual meeting this year, scheduling conflicts, I'm afraid.  Sniffle. But, I'm workin' on a little sumpin' sumpin'.

I continue pulling together the girls' room, piece by piece.  I hung these mirrors this week after they sat on the beds for like a month or more.  (Beds, I say.  I dont' even have mattresses, yet!) I hung them close to the dresser so the girls can put their makeup there and be close to a reflection.  I'm starting to think more like a girl every day.  Go figure, at almost fifty, right?  Sad, but it's taken me that long--three older brothers and all . . .  (Do you barely spy the wool shag rug?  Squeeeeeeel!)

Natalie Sarabella, the true angel that she is, included this gorgeous Diva (click to her website) when I ordered some presents for friends and family.  Madam D, as I named her, is an absolute delight!  Nat has been so generous to me over the years, and I can never thank her enough.  I send big ol' bear hugs and kisses and prayers and everything good to her every time I eye one of her beautiful pieces.  I know she has angel wings hidden somewhere.  

Who else could come up with these teeny, tiny little precious babies but Nat?  These were made for Dar's (my riversorry friend) little grandbabies!

Going back to the girls' room, how could I resist a little nod to England after such a delightful trip this summer?  I sigh every time I see that Union Jack!

Tomorrow,  Beth and I are heading East to Knoxville to see JJ Grey & Mofro in a real theatre. We are going to have the best time!  Not only am I traveling with my dawlink friend, but I get to see my first born also.  And he's going to the show with us.  It doesn't get much better.

Life is good to me. (Except for the fact that the hub is in China, again.)

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Live on the Green, Nashville

Thursday night, the kid and I ran downtown to see the last of the Live on the Green series.  It was a free, six-week concert series; and it just so happened that JJ Grey and Mofro was closing out the season.  Of course I was going!

The first band playing was Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights out of Texas.  They were great!  They are touring with JJ, so I get to see them again next Wednesday when Beth and I drive over to Knoxville, University of Tennessee territory, and see them all again.  The teenager is going to meet us there!  How fun is that going to be?  I cannot wait!

The next band up was Dumpstaphunk.  They were absolutely fantastic.  Reminded me of way back in the day of funk; and I was groovin'!  I had moved up close to the stage by this time to get better photos.  Still, they're not great, but I was having so much fun.  (The kid stayed back as he didn't want to get in the crowd and bump and grind, lol.)  The band is from New Orleans and the head honcho, Ivan Neville playing keyboard, is non-other than the son of Aaron Neville. 

Before their last song, they said "this is how we do it in New Orleans!" and invited all the ladies (Vanderbilt girls!) to come up and dance on the stage. I was quite embarrassed when the bass player looked me dead in the eye and said "Don't be shy, come on up!"  I'm sure I turned red as fire!  Hahaha. I just hid behind my camera and  stayed right where I was, of course, and enjoyed all the dancing from my viewpoint.  Oh-me-garsh!  Heck, you wouldn't have found me up there when I was young!  How hilarious is that!

And then, dun dun dun, it was time for my man, JJ.  Wooooot!  Of course, I called my brother Jim and let him listen on the phone as long as he wanted.  He started out singing Country Ghetto.

These guys play so well together.  And I do mean play.  They laughed and smiled throughout the entire show.  I guess there was no pressure since it was a smallish crowd.  I loved it!  It was hard to get a clear pic of JJ as he was dancing all night long.  It was great!  (I think it was the boots.)

It's just a joy to watch a band have so much fun on stage.

Not the Blue Man Group by any means!  I love watching the horn section dance!  And the bass player never stopped smiling the entire night, I swear!  He so reminded me of someone.  Who, I couldn't put my finger on.

I can't wait to do it all again next week!  Yeaya!

I'll leave you with his latest video, Sweetest Thing.  Now, this is so Riverside!  Sniffle.  

Oh, and PS, JJ looks oh-so-much better in person!  Just a little FYI.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Saturday, October 09, 2010

How to Roll

Now, if I could, this is how I'd roll.  Or, at least, have it in the back yard where I could not roll. There are so many trailers out these days, I'm thinking perhaps when we retire . . . . maybe the hub and I could pull something behind us where we can stop where we want and rest our weary bones.  Well, perhaps.  (The above gypsy wagon is made by Gypsy Vans.)  In my next life, maybe.

This would be next on my list, the Teardrop Woody.  What a beaut!  I first saw it in Garden & Gun magazine. Tight squeeze for two,  but, look at it! You need to go to the site and look inside. That wood is gorgeous!

Although, the Airstreams are larger, they sure are an American icon. Again, wowzie on the innards.

I kinda liked the wonky look of this Cricket camper.  Looks like something I would pull behind me, fersher. ha.

Looking for something a little more mo-dern?  This one seems to fit the bill.  I'm sure it would turn some heads, ya think?  Take a look at it open here. Fun!

In my search for different types of trailers, I even found a wonderful blog, Tiny House Blog  which has all kinds of trailers, campers and wagons--and little houses. This gent is quite the builder.   Amazing stuff.

Alrighty now, how would you roll?  Or do you already.



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