Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nuthin' but a Mess!

This is just about what my entire house looks like these days. With the hub gone, I don't even bother cleaning up. Lazy. I'm feeling a bit haggard these days. Gonna just jump in the tub and soak it all away tonight.

Met with Medicare folks this morning for mom. That all looks ok. Still no word on mom staying where she is. But you think they would have told me otherwise if they were kicking her out into the streets, don't you think? I'm keeping the faith.

Please keep some friends of mine (and ours) in your thoughts if you could.

Missy Val over at Queenly Things is not feeling too queenly these days as she is IN THE HOSPITAL, of all places. I wondered to myself where she has been but too much into my own little world these days to check up on her. Poor thing. Get well soon Vallen. You know we all miss you terribly.

And our sweet Beth of Lasting Impressions of the Heart is having a go with her step father back in the hospital. That girl has been through the ringer this year, I tell you.

I also keep thinking about dear Robin of Bird Tweets who has a lot on her heart this past week. My thoughts are with her.

Such a difficult time for so many out there. I send big hugs to each and every one of you.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I have had this wreath kit for ages and just never got around to making it.

Finally, I sat down the other night and put it all together for mom's door. It's not quite as I would have wanted it to be, but that goes with the territory when you make something, isn't it?

And yes, we did get our showers today, but now the sun is back out. It's still on the slightly cool side which is fine by me! Our pretty valley is in the background here.

And the side of the mountain they had to dig through to get this road made. Ooooof!

Some more photos of sweet houses in town. I just went ahead and collaged them together or else I'll forget to post any of them at all.

I haven't posted on Bella lately, so here she is bathing. I'm sure she would be mortified if she knew I had posted a pic of her in such an unlady-like position. tehe.

No new news on mom regarding her staying where she is. I have a call into the admissions lady but have not heard a word. Today was her last day of therapy. She's been in a mood the past two days. Her swelling is back in her feet so I'm sure it's just because she's not feeling up to snuff. But, the past two days, she has also been "cheeking" her food, looks like a chipmunk, but more than usual. I've had to sit there and tell her to chew it and swallow before letting her stuff more in. Today she even choked. Then she got really angry with me when I wouldn't let her eat any more. I think she thought it was the nurse's aid poking her in the cheek because she turned and tried to say something with the angriest voice and face. She was surprised to see me there instead. I had to let her have a little of that anger right back. I think it surprised all three of us. lol. I don't know if she had another mini stroke and is unable to feel that side of her face now or what. I just don't know what she understands and doesn't at this point. I did notice her smile is a little lopsided in the pictures lately. Anyway, we keep chugging along.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Yucky day. Kinda dismal outside. Mom was all out of sorts. I'm all outta sorts.

Must be a shift in the earth.

Shoo brown cows. Shoo. Get the tilt right, then move along, please.

Maybe if I get me a black cow milkshake, it will make us all feel better?


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy First Birthday Daniel!

Today is my nephew's first birthday. I'm so sorry I wasn't able to be with him on this very special day. The family celebrated "Tol", a traditional Korean first-birthday bash. I truly wish I could have been there. Such a special blessing he is. We love you big D.

The kid and I went and spent time with mom this afternoon. Mom was absolutely radiating.

It was a gorgeous day.

A little hot in the sun, but we found a shady spot under the patio awning, and it was absolutely perfect.

A lady came out and showed us where a hidden robin's nest was. The babies look pretty big. They were just waiting for momma to return with some food! So sweet.

I kinda miss having nests all around my porches, but the cats would wreak havoc with them, so I'm glad they don't nest with us anymore. I worried like a mother hen every time I would let a cat outside.

Look at the gorgeous Angel's Trumpets! They were flourishing on the ironwork.

They were flourishing on the ironwork.

The colors changed from pink to a salmon to a bright yellow.

Lovin' my momma.

She was cracking up at something!

After we left, we had an early dinner around the corner. Mmmmm, Mexican. I love salsa verde.

And poblano peppers stuffed with chicken. Mmmmm mmmmm good.

The weekend is over. I always look forward to Mondays. Go figure.


Friday, April 24, 2009


We were talking, about the love we all could share
When we find it, to try our best to hold it there,
with our love.

With our love, we could save the world, if they only knew.

Try to realise, it's all within yourself
No one else can make you change.
And to see you're really only very small,
And life flows on within you and without you.

Who can forget when the Beatles went to India to find themselves? While I was only eight years old, my brothers--mainly Johnny--were die-hard fans.

While I know this song was written by George before the Beatles (as an entourage) went to India to learn from the Maharishi, it still fits today within the realm of things. Or so is my thinking. I suppose it was my first introduction to India. I doubt I was learning about such places on the globe in the second-grade classroom of the mid 1960s. (Oh, and to this day, I still feel for Cynthia {Lennon} who missed the train; but I'm sure it was the best thing for her in the long run.)

I do, however, remember choosing to learn about Budhism around this time. Go figure. But then again, I am the one who wrote a quote at bible school at the wee age of 6 or 7, "All You Need Is Love." Thank you my brutha, for molding me early to the power of The Beatles and LOVE.

While Paul was my first love, sorry hub,

Ringo later became my hippy-of-choice. Who knows why.

Maybe it was because Paul started smoking. Yuk. Quite the turnoff to an 8-year old. Ya think? lol

And who knew George would become so strong in his belief? Love him for that.

So, what in the world is Rosa rambling on about and why? Well, sniffle, the hub is heading out to exoctic places once more without the love of his life (I think me). Just look at the gorgeousness here.

Being the spoiled brat that my husband has made me into (yes he spoils me rotten), I have made a list of things to look for. tehe!!!! Now, mind you, some of these "ideas" are for family members. So don't think I am THAT spoiled! I know that the glass bangles, copper, wood, scarves and bags are quite the bargain there. He'll let me know on the miscellaneous stuff. He's been home so long, I've kind of gotten used to it. I wish, kinda, I was going with him to this wonderful land. I'm thinking, just thinking, about me and the kid following him to China this summer. What do you think? Do you think I could last that long on a plane????? Ooooof!

And moving along into the now. . . . a house a day keeps the drearies away, as promised. Perty.

Momma was in a great frame-of-mind today. We went outside again and it was an absolutely perfect day with a capital P! Nice breeze, sun, warm, NO HUMIDITY. Per-fect. We took Mr. George's spot again. He was inside and didn't visit us under the tree today. The admission's lady said, in passing, she thought it was going to "work out." I'm taking that as a positive, the first true positive yet. Who was that who said a good day has to be followed by a bad???? Just smack her if you see her! lol

I called an old friend I've known since grade school tonight. It was so refeshing hearing a voice from my past. I miss my old buds from Virginia so much. Nadj, if you're reading this, I love ya!!! Sistas, through and through. I have several sisters that I grew up with that are so very dear and important to me to this day. No matter that we're not blood siblings, the ties will always be there. And you all know who you all are.

With our love, we could save the world.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chasing Shadows

I love when the earth shifts seasons and you begin getting different shadows in the afternoon. I like this time of year right before I have to begin pulling the blinds on the back of the house because the sun is just too hot.

Right now, I can still chase shadows in the afternoon, but not for too much longer, I'm sure. The heat is just around the corner, I can feel it coming.

Today was a warm day with a slight breeze. I took mom out to get our 20 minutes of vitamin D. One of the other residents came and joined us. I know we were sitting in his spot but he said it was ok and rolled up to talk after asking if it were ok. Everyone is so nice and proper down here. We began talking about families and siblings and such. After a little conversing, where I picked up that he had at least one brother and one sister, I asked if that were it. "Why no, ma'am, I have six brothers and five sisters!" Lordy me. He also let me know he was going to be 85 in a couple of weeks, so he's about the same age as mom. Such a sweet man, but mom sure did clam up after he arrived. I don't think she likes men much these days. lol But as you can see, we were yucking it up before he arrived. We just got enough sun before the clouds rolled in and we had a cloud burst! It was kinda fun, if you ask me. I don't think mom even cared much!

This is a church I pass quite often and I just love looking over at it when I'm stopped at the stop sign. I need to get some info on it as I know it's pretty old. Today was a good day. You know, for me anyway, a bad day is followed by a good day--and vice versa--and so our journey in life keeps us on our toes. Don't know if I mentioned it, but mom's final day in rehab will be the 29th of April, a mere week away. So yesterday, I went looking for more places that may be available. The one I found on Friday that I thought was in the running turns out to be a horrid place. Miss Sherrie's husband is a Nashville firefighter and thus goes to these homes when needed for emergencies. He said he wouldn't even take his dog their! He said they will call the fire department to come and pick patients up that have fallen rather than picking them up themselves. Now that sounds just horrible. So, I have crossed that one off the list. You just never know do you? This place looked so nice and it is in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the Nashville! I wonder if some people just put their parents/loved ones in places that are pleasant to themselves without a care in the world as to what happens once they leave to go home. I even fell into that trap for a moment. I thought. "Wow, this place is so beautiful!" Hmmmm. Little did I know. Anyway, I went to two places yesterday and neither had availability. Of course, I was down when I got home last night.

But today, it looks as though there is a chance mom may be able to stay where she is! I spoke with the admissions lady and she was very positive today, for the first time. PTL. So today is good! But, I'm kinda worried about tomorrow now. hehe. It truly has been one step forward, two steps back with this new phase of life we're heading into with mom. Anyhoo, I'm positive. Staying positive. She gives me the faith each day that I need to keep it moving ahead. Here's your house for the day. We have such an array of architecture in town. I am loving this gorgeous stonework!

A smile from (dusty) Dave chewing on the camera strap. Yep, a good day was had by all.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A House a Day

. . . keeps the blues away.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Slim Pickins

There's really not a whole lot going on around here these days. The dianthus is sprouting from its seeds which is always fun to watch. It's actually a little on the cool side in the mornings, but by the time I come home from mom's, the sweater has to come off!

There are so many adorable houses on my way to and from mom's. This is just one I shot today while waiting at a traffic light. Isn't it wonderful?

Mom was in good spirits today. They have given me a date of April 29, a mere 8 days away, for her rehab stint to be over. It utterly amazes me. I asked the physical therapist today how she was doing. She said "about the same." When I pressed her, she said "Oh she was walking on her own this morning, I didn't even have to hold on to her." Deary me. That is NOT what she was doing yesterday, so she is making progress. I don't now about these people. Forgive me, but sometimes I just think they want her out just to get the next paying customer in. Sigh. Anyway, I'm working on finding a place for her either where she is now (which is totally up in the air) or a nice place I found on Friday (and they won't return my phone calls). How frustrating does all this have to be? (Sorry mom, I didn't mean to cover your eye up with my hair! Definitely in need of a cut (and color!). Forgot to make that appointment again today. Oy. But, is she not the cutest ever???)

Her cranberry juice came frozen today and I fell in love with the color and texture. (I've always been kind weird noticing stuff like that.)

I normally come home, get my second cup of coffee of the day and sit on the back deck, watch the birds and wait for the kid to get home. At which time, he normally sneaks up from behind me and scares the wits out of me--that is, if I had any wits left. Oh the wrens are just too cute.

Tonight I pulled some frozen "kid sauce" out of the freezer and cooked some meatballs and sausage to go with it. I, on the other hand, had my usual salad and treated myself to some spicy chicken soup I had found the other day. Belly full but me hungry. (Not really, but I felt like singing some Bob Marley anyway.)

As I said, slim pickins around here. That's about all I have for today. I'll leave you with a pic of Frankie smiling. I swear, this is a smile and not a growl. We were dancing last night, which is one of his favorite things, it seems. Go figure.




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