Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just Your Normal Day

Today, after uploading a picture of myself at Beth's with friends making goodies out of paper, it really put me in the mood to make something. But, do you think I will? I seriously doubt it. I have this paper flower wreath I've had since we were in DC like last year, I think, that has been sitting around calling my name. Now, I think after Ukrainian Easter this Sunday, I should probably replace mom's Easter egg wreath with something springy. What a perfect wreath to cheer up the place. Not that it really needs cheering. Both of us are really settling in and falling in love with everyone there, well, almost everyone.

Today (and in fact yesterday also), she had this horrible hand tremor in her hands. She could barely get food to her mouth. I don't know what that's all about. But I told all the nurses, the physical therapists and anyone else who would listen to me. One of her aids also told me her feet have been swollen. I had noticed this also yesterday when I brought her new pair of Merrel's that she has been wearing for years. (I had took advantage of her hospital visit to throw her old stinky ones out!) I thought they would make her feel comfy. But, she complained that her feet were hurting. And so, I added that to her list of ailments today also. Oh, and she was complaining about a sore in her mouth. The aid called the visiting dentist to make an appointment. Poor thing. Guess we all have our good days and bad days. Other than that though, she is still in remarkable spirits. Her roommate is a real sweety and I think going through the first stages of dementia or Alzheimer's. So sad. But she is cheerful for the most part and always asks how mom is doing since mom can't communicate very well. Her standing and walking is still bad and I'm told she probably only has a few weeks left in rehab. I am praying, hoping, sending good thoughts into the atmosphere in hopes that a long-term bed becomes available here for her. Perhaps tomorrow, I will go out and look for backups. I just hardly have the energy when I get home from visiting her, but it is a must do on my list. I am confident she will end up where she absolutely belongs. She is a precious soul and I know she is being looked after from above.

Din din tonight is chicken and Spanish rice. Smells awfully good while I wait for the hub to return from a long walk with Frankie (mom's dog).

And lots of greeny beanies for me! My fav.

Bella thought it was time for her dinner also. She's a couple of hours early. Perhaps she thought since all the other kitties are MIA, I would sneak in a snack for her. No such luck girly. We're all watching our girly figures these days!



John Ivey said...

I'm sure you certainly have your hands full with a lot of responsibility concerning mom, and I sure do feel for you. But she looks great, and I attribute that to all your loving care and hard work. She is certainly blessed to have you (and your family).

Linda said...

I hope you find the perfect place for her soon.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I hope that you'll find the right place for your mom... A delicious looking dish and an adorable Bella!

Cheers, enjoy the spring and have a great weekend,


Pretty Things said...

I love the art! Ha. My typo for "art" was "heart" and that is actually true! I love your heart as well!

Janet said...

I love the paper doll art!

You've always been so good with your mom. I'm sure you'll find the perfect place for her to stay. I must be so exhausting to have to keep researching places. I hope you find some time to relax and take care of yourself, too.

Dinner looks yummy!!

Queenly Things said...

You will find exactly the right place for your mom and she will be perfectly cared for - I just know it.
My mom had a roommate who totally disrobed at every opportunity. That was entertaining!
I hope there are leftovers, 'cause that dinner looks mighty tasty.

Jeanie said...

Ms. B and my Gypsy (Stimpy, too, for that matter!) share a common modus operandi! Hang out, whine, look cute and hope for the best!

Frustrating about your mom, but I'm glad you like the place and that she's settled in. I know and remember all too well about the "must do" and you're right -- you must. She's lucky to have a good advocate like you in her corner.

Meanwhile, dinner looks great! Happy weekend!

PEA said...

I'll play paper dolls with ya:-) Did you ever do the catalog thing...cutting out the pictures of the models and clothes and using them as paper dolls? I had a huge box of all those cuttings and would play for hours every day:-)

Your poor mom, she certainly doesn't need any setbacks but at least you've told the nurses and therapists about her complaints and hopefully they can all be looked after. My prayers are with her.

Yum, your dinner looks so good. I had to giggle at Bella's face, she doesn't seem too impressed that there's no food in her bowl! hehe xoxo

Beth said...

Oh Dear Rosie,,,I keep on praying for your Mom. I know how precious she is and what Sweet spirit she has! I sure hope she can get a long term bed there as it sounds like a wonderful facility.
Hang in there Girlfriend!!!
Love ya Lots!!!



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