Sunday, April 19, 2009

Forget Something?

Poor Bella. We locked her out on the top deck tonight and she was screaming for her momma when we arrived back home. Such is the life of a princess, at least she thinks she is.

We all spent time with mom today. She was happy to see us. Before the hub and kid arrived, we took a spin around the place, around and around. I'm trying to get her to find her strength again. Today, the swelling in her ankles and feet looked so much better. They were going to put her on lasix to rid her of the extra fluid, so I'm hoping that's what happened. I didn't bother the nurse today but will check with her tomorrow. Mom seemed much more agile. Perhaps that had a lot to do with her having such difficulty moving. Let's hope. After I wore her out and the hub and kid stayed for a bit, she wanted to lay down and take a nap. You know, it feels nice to tuck her into bed and know that she is safe and being cared for. No matter how much I tried to keep an eye on her while she was living here, I still had to sleep at night and that's when she would normally have her "incidents." So it's a slight relief knowing that I don't have to worry about her at night any more.

It's Ukrainian Easter today, З Великодніми святами, Happy Easter! Of course, I waited too long to order our delicacies online so we went to our local Russian restaurant. We had never been before because it just opened not too long ago. It was sooooo good! Not quite Ukrainian, but close enough for us transplanted Nashvillians. When we walked in and sat down, I said Happy Easter to them. They then brought us three huge slices of Paska, a brioche-like Easter bread. How nice! (Warning: the pics only get worse from here!)

We ordered draniki, potato pancakes (deruny). Oh yummy. Chebureki (no photo, just way too bad to even share), lamb dumplings.

Vareniki, or as we would say pyrohy. They were sooo good and the hub said they reminded him of his grandmother Anna's who made her dough from scratch. I remember the family always saying how delicate the dough was. Just like these.

The hub's dinner was Zrazi, sliced beef rolled with potatoes in the center with a light tomato sauce on top. He ordered kasha as his side; and let me tell you, it was the best kasha I have ever had. It tasted just like hominy (yep, I'm a Southerner!).

The kid got the chicken with mustard sauce. We all liked it too! (Of course, we all tasted one another's foods!)

I ordered the chicken Kiev. It was good but I liked the other items so much better. I mean, chicken Kiev, what was I thinking? Dull.

When we left, the sky was gorgeous. We had a rainy day but tonight the skies cleared.

Is this Pooh Bear or what? Frankie is liking living upstairs with us. I'm still training him to not eat the cats. He's getting a little better. He still jumps and starts to lunge and barks until I scream and he stops in his tracks. Tonight, he was out on the back deck and Dave was inside. The door was closed and Frankie saw Dave through the door. He started going crazy and Dave, the man of the house, walks straight to the door and looks at Frankie through the glass as if he were saying "You wanna piece of me?" tehe. Frankie then stopped barking. We'll get it all worked out, I'm sure.

Well, that's my day in a nutshell. Nappy time now.



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Linda said...

That food looks fabulous. I don't think I've ever had Ukranian food.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Happy easter! All that food looks really gorgeous! Bella and frankie are very sweet!



Beth said...

Happy Late Ukranian Easter! The food looked delicous. So glad your Mom is up and about and the swelling has gone down in her ankles. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that your Mother is being well taken care of and its alot easier to sleep at night too.
Keep in touch!

Jeanie said...

Sounds like a wonderful time all the way around -- glad Mom is in good spirits and doing well. I know what you mean about the relief of having someone there at night, and their job is to check on her.

Your Ukranian Easter also sounded wonderful -- and delicious! Cheers!

Snap said...

Ohhhh, everything looks yummy! Glad to hear Mom is doing better. Bella is definitely royalty (and don't you forget it!). =) Laughed at Frankie's picture. Too funny!

PEA said...

Awwww poor Bella looking in from the deck! lol I can well imagine what a relief it is for you to know that you can go to bed at night now and not have to worry about your mom. I can't even imagine how hard that must have been for you, never knowing if she'd be getting up and having an incident.

I love the way you celebrate the Ukrainian Easter and that food sure looked delicious! E's brother Barney makes Potato Pancakes from scratch and I've had them before, very good!! I love perogies, especially cooked with onions and bacon:-) Lots of sourcream on them too!!

Gotta love Frankie's relaxed pose in that picture! lol Hopefully he won't want to eat any more cats soon! hehe xoxo

Nashvlkats said...

Oh, Rosa...
Such a cute photo of Bella and her eyes aglow! I've spent all day at my mom's house trying to clear space so I can open the windows for a painter to get to the trim properly. I'm starved and all the photos of the Russian food is making me moreso.
I know it's a relief to you that your mom is under care throughout the night and I can imagine all that you have been going through in the past few weeks (and before).
My mom passed away suddenly this past October and I am just now getting (making) time to get her two (I did say 2) houses full of stuff sorted and something in order to sell them. After today, I am certain I will go certifiably crazy soon.
Glad you are here with your blog and that family bizness is moving along.

MarkMcL said...


Belated Happy Easter.

Mary and I are in NOLA until next Monday 27th. Any chance you might make it over to us (we have not hired a car)?

MarkMcL (aka Mr English)

jet1960 said...

The food looks yummy! My kind of food, though the only ethnic restaurants where I live are Chinese and Mexican. Maybe it's the German in me that makes these dishes look so wonderful.

Glad your Mom is feeling better.

jet1960 said...

The food looks yummy! My kind of food, though the only ethnic restaurants where I live are Chinese and Mexican. Maybe it's the German in me that makes these dishes look so wonderful.

Glad your Mom is feeling better.

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

My Angel (kitty)could relate to Bella's plight. she too was locked out by her mother this evening and was found bellowing at the kitchen window.

That food looked delicious! We don't have any Russian restaurants locally. Which is probably the best for my waistline!

I hope your mom's doing better.

sweet wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie,

I've been catching up a bit with your posts. Your flowers are lovely. All of ours are late this year, but after the warm sunshine of the last few days, we're starting to see a bit more spring. The elms turned green today, too! Little buds unfurling everywhere!

These dishes look amazing, and very rich. I've not experienced many of them, but I love potato pancakes, and that dish looks most appealing to me. YUM!

I hope your mom is feeling better soon, and that you are starting to truly feel a bit rested now. The physical things sound like a lot to have to think about, on top of her confusion, but it sounds like she is getting good care. Take good care of yourself too, my friend.


Janet said...

Bella looks so cute! And all that food!! I couldn't pronounce most of it but it sure looks good!



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