Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Monday 2009

Who doesn't love daffodils? They are still blooming here and I made mom an Easter bouquet yesterday along with some lovely grape hyacinths thrown in for some contrast. Her room smells soooo good!

You'll notice a little Easter wreath that Connie made for me several years back that I have surrounding the little jar. I have the hardest time getting to her site, but I know she can feel the good thoughts I send her way at times. Such a sweet person. And speaking of sweet, while I don't' have a picture of it, Pea's sweet bunny she sent me a while ago sits on mom's bed. We giggle at it each time we look her way. Such lovely folks out there in blogland, it does the heart good.

Mom was in good spirits today as normal. I arrived a tad late and she had already started her lunch. She's eating well these past days which makes me so very happy. There were several days there in the beginning where she snubbed her nose at anything brought to her. She truly is settling in nicely. The nurses and therapists, aids and just everyone is as sweet as can be and even more helpful, if you can fathom that. A new-to-me RN came in this afternoon and told me how mom was doing (good) and explained a lot of stuff to me. Then it came time for her PT. We rolled down to the PT room and I even had the therapist put weights around my ankles too so I could do the exercises with mom. Hey, whatever works. And Lord knows I need it too! Always had those chunkum legs. She did really well watching me and mimicking my moves.

After leaving her to rest, I ran over to the kid's school to pick him up as storms were rolling in. Of course the rain held out until the bell rang. So all the kids got totally drenched including mine. Appropriate for Easter Monday.

Then the real storm hit. We weren't home ten minutes when a phone call came in from the nursing facility made by the social worker. I would call her more of an anti-social worker. She told me that mom's rehab was at a standstill and medicare would stop paying pretty soon. There were no long-term beds available so I better start looking elsewhere. Wha??? That is totally the OPPOSITE of what I was told by two nurses and her therapist today. I was taken aback and thrown into an absolute tailspin. Everyone has been so nice there, and for me to receive this call after having so much positive info given me earlier in the day from everyone else was a total shock to my system.

Of course, I ran over to another nursing facility in the area, terrified they were throwing mom out onto the streets. It looked like total junk as they are in the midst of a renovation. But the director was so very helpful and set my mind straight again. She gave me a lot of much-needed information which gave me enough energy to head right back to where my mom was and meet with this so-called "social" worker. She was about the age of my great niece and didn't know a whole lot about much except the fact that mom would be released soon. After speaking with her and telling her about what the nurses and therapist had told me today, I marched right on over to the admissions lady, who is just as nice as can be. She went over her records and it said that mom was making progress which means she is not being released. Geesh. At this point, I am completely beside myself. It's absolutely gut wrenching when one tells you one thing and the other something totally opposite--especially when, at this stage in mom's progression, there is no where to take her where she will get the care she still needs so badly. This is my mom. I just want to scream and cry and call President Obama and say "Please, get rid of this health care bureaucracy, especially when it comes to the much-needed care for our elderly!" OMG.

Sorry. This post started out so positive and ends on such a sour note. But I just need the release, it seems. I'm sure tomorrow will be better. How's that for putting the p back in positive? I'm trying, at least.



Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Rosa....I'm sorry... How could such a good day turn into such a horrible day??? I know you are upset--and I don't blame you for being upset. Is there nobody else you can talk to???? Can you get a lawyer involved---or someone who knows Medicare??? Does she have a supplement to Medicare??? Sounds like the insurance company is the one that is causing this problem... I'm so sorry. Hope you can work it out.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What gorgeous flowers! I really like the new layout...

I'm sorry to hear about the way your day unfolded...



PEA said...

Well, my goodness, it's no wonder you were in a just galls me when some of these so called social workers make such huge mistakes and get the families all riled up for nothing. Glad you were able to get it all sorted out! The nerve of some people!!!

It makes my heart happy to know that your mom is settling in well and getting the best of care. Wish I could be there and join you in the exercising! lol My prayers continue for your mom and you wouldn't believe how happy you made me feel when you mentioned that bunny I had sent you and how it makes your mom smile:-) Thank you for that!!! xoxo

Queenly Things said...

Doesn't your mom get 100 days in rehab? Each year? I thought that was what medicare gave. I found that everyone in the facility where my mom was was tremendous EXCEPT the administration people. They were absolutely unhelpful and totally out of touch with what was happening to their patients. Oh, I wish you patience and strength my friend.

Snap said...

Good grief. And we wonder why the medical system is such a mess with folks like the social worker *communicating* with the public! Argggghhhhh. It is one of soap boxes. Hang in there. Listen to the admissions lady and the nurses. They really do know. Loved the flowers and you've been decorating again!


JessInFocus said...

The flowers are just beautiful.

I hate it when you think everything is great then wham! Someone says the opposite of what you think. Hope you get the insurance worked out.

Beth said...

Oh, poor Rosie! Sounds like you had a heck of a Monday. About like what I went through with my Mom. I sure hope Obama can get this Health Care straightened out.
You know I am here if you need me.

Jeanie said...

Oh, dear -- I'm reading backwards. That's just terrible. I swear, people in those positions should be put into extra training on social skills -- everyone is under such stress at times like this. Well, I'm glad it worked out but oh, you must feel like you're on one continuous roller coaster. Take care of you, too, OK?



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