Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Nice and Breezy

Of course, I crawled back into bed after watching the sunrise this morning. I'm still in the "early morning momma mode," waking at the crack of dawn to check up on her. This morning, it was the animals I was taking care of instead. Bella refuses to come downstairs with that "old ugly dog" down there. So, I put Frankie out to do his thing and let her down to eat an early breakfast. Then I just crawled back under the kivers. When the hub woke up, I got up too and we went out on the dock (Pelican Landing) to have our coffee. It was quite breezy so I brought out a blanket to cover up with. So nice and cozy.

We had a little white cap action going. lol. The sounds were lulling, almost lulled me back to sleep for the third time!

You can tell Frankie is enjoying himself. Dusty dog.

Rollie pollie. Aw yes, that felt good.

I found this little girl on the dock. Perhaps the boys left it behind (ya think?) or it washed up on the last little flooding we had. She has been Christened "Keeper of the Dock" now. Let's see how long she sticks around before moving on.

I found blooming rhododendron on the side of the house in my morning walkabout.

And then our favorite time of day--LUNCH! Guy's Gumbo Shack has been on the brain for a couple of days.

We had tried to have lunch there on Sunday, but it was closed. No biggie. We made it there today. And I sure am glad we did. YUMMMO!

I ordered the shrimp salad with remoulade dressing. Oh my.

The hub had the jambalaya. Good stuff.

And we all shared a cup of the gumbo with mudbug (crawfish) tails. I think it was the best out of the three. Not that any were not good, mind you. But, mmmmm, that gumbo was mighty fine. Diners, Drive-Ins, Dives' Guy Fieri had a show from a lot of places around town I'm seeing this trip. The recipe for Guy's red beans & rice can be found here, via the Food Network. Yesterday, the hub and I had lunch at one of my favorite sandwich shops Panini Pete's. Yep. Guy had been there too, video here! How fun. I have no idea when he was here and which episodes these Lower Alabama spots are shown. Maybe one day, I'll catch them all.

Right now, all I want to do is take a nap.



Queenly Things said...

Okay, now you're just taunting me. I better check my savings and see about a trip to Alee Bamma

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh you poor thing! I feel so sorry for you all being STUCK down there in Alabama... Doesn't this cold and snowy weather here in TN beckon you to come HOME????????????? ha ha ha

Have fun... It looks incredible.

Snap said...

Looks divine (sleeping, eating, listening and watching the water). Enjoy! It's good for the soul!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Aaahhh, life at Riverside looks really wonderful and so enjoyable!

Nice food, yummy!



Jeanie said...

Has Frankie ever been to Riverside? He looks in seventh heaven. I'd be in seventh heaven with that gumbo -- looks fab!



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