Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

The kid and I are still at Riverside enjoying the easy days of summer. We went over and had dinner on the bay. It rained a little and then the sun began to shine through. It was low tide and I had never noticed the rocks that the pelicans are enjoying here on the right side of the photo. How beautiful is this?

When Beth was here, a dragonfly somehow made his way into the porch. We captured him and let him go. Fly away my friend.

Look at this little guy who was on the back porch. Precious.

Frankie is here with us; and he and Bella seemed to be getting "closer." That means, she was coming downstairs without my escorting her. The kid and I actually thought perhaps they may make friends. Well, no go. Frankie went after her one day. Thus, I had to bring her downstairs at 5 a.m. yesterday. Oh well. I was able to watch the sun rise over the river.

The kid and I finally had breakfast at The Foley Coffee Shop. I've read about it at for years and have never made it over there.

We both had pancakes. Yes, I am still off my diet. Oooooof.

Watermelons at a local store. I love how they use this wagon year round for their produce.

Ciniminions from iHop. Yummy.

And a pina colada for dessert. Deary me. I best be getting home before I blow up as big as a house!

We're waiting to see what Bonnie is going to do. I hope she fizzles out completely before hitting the Gulf and pushing all that oil to Lord knows where. (The tiny red dot is where we are.)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summa, Summa, Summatime

It has been such an enjoyable summer. Riverside is heaven. I tell you, after the whirl-wind European trip via planes, trains and automobiles, this has been a well-needed relaxing stay.

These hydrangea are from the front yard.

The sunflowers are from the local grocer.

A week or so back, I made lunch for Darlene and Linda, neighbors down here in 'bama. I must tell you later about the gorgeous set of dragonfly dishes Darlene found for me down here! (Later)

Dar and I having a blueberry lemonade martini. Oh soooooo good.

I made garlic pan-seared shrimp, fresh succotash, and a summer spinach salad with blue cheese-balsamic dressing. Bananas' Foster was dessert. Yum.

I started Anthony Bourdain's new book, Medium Raw. Gotta love that bad-arse. Lemonade on the dock to keep me cool.

Bella and I have been taking naps.

Of course, she is still quite the princess and needs several escorts a week down to "her" laundry room at 5 a.m. Geesh. (Yes, Frankie is here too.)

We've been watching frogs waiting near the porch light for bugs to eat. (Be my guest!)

And eating lots. Dean (Darlene's hub) made us a smoked chicken when the hub arrived last Saturday. We savored each and every piece of that baby, let me tell you. Those two are just the bestest people around.

There have been too many trips to the new custard place, Eskamoe's.

And we even a new addition to Riverside, Celie Mabel. Darlene, as I've mentioned, is a wonderful artist and she made this gorgeous paper mache eclipse for the house.

I'm in love.

Beth brought these white patty-pan squash from her garden, along with a bunch of other veggies. I couldn't resist photographing these cuties.

We've had rain most of the day today; but it was quite welcome. We needed a break from that hot sun. Maybe tomorrow will be a little cooler.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Friends at Riverside

Beth (from Lasting Impressions from the HeArt) came down to Riverside on Monday. I tried to post, but this has been sitting on the computer for two days now. Solly. This was our first night on Mobile Bay at sunset.

Tuesday, I took her on the grand tour of the Gulf. We, of course, had to start with beignets from the Beignet Cafe. Sinfully good.

Oh, so much better than a power bar, ya think? Diet? Whaaaa?

They gave us enough strength to hit the beaches and the sorry state that the Gulf of Mexico is in.

But the beauty remains at first glance.

Double red flag? NO swimming. NO SWIMMING!!!

Warning signs are posted everywhere. I think this would have had my attention. Of course, there were still families, yes FAMILIES, in the water. So many local stories we heard. One lady said her daughter watched as a family came out of the water with welts on them. WELTS! (Or what Beth and I call "them whelps.") What are they thinking?

This was left over from the Jimmy Buffett concert made with seaweed (and probably a little oil mixed in). I think I would have made a NO BP sign, myself. But I'm sure the day was all full of peace and love, which was the point.

We then drove East towards my favorite beach, Perdido. This is looking West at Perdido Pass Bridge from Perdido Point. The pass separates Alabama from Florida.

These seagulls just sat by and watched. (Sorry about the smudge on the lens, I'm getting pretty good at that, aren't I. Hey, at least it's shaped like a seagull!)

The sands were much cleaner than they were three weeks ago at the same location. Still, we kept our sandals on.

Clean-up crews on the horizon in that gorgeous water.

There was a reporter and photographer there. The reporter interviewed Beth.

There weren't a whole lot of people here, and the photog was trying to capture that, I'm sure. More people were walking along the beach than were in the waters. That's a good thing. The reporter told Beth that one lady had come out of the water and she asked her how it was. The lady said "Well, yes, there's some oil on me but mascara remover removes it really 'good.'" Oooooof. And when you come down with skin cancer, will the makeup remover help there? Lordy me.

After we had enough, we went and chilled at the Crab Trap and had my favorite there.

Pina Coladas! Woooot.

Then we made our way inland a tad to The Wharf. Oh, I do love this shop. Beth and I were oooohing and awwwing over all the pretties.

I'd love to do the "girls'" room like this. Not enough money in the world. lol

K, I AM going to make something similar to this though, thank you very much.

After all that window shopping, we were parched. So we headed over to LuLu's (Jimmy Buffett's sister's restaurant). Of course, they had a run on all the One Love, One Ocean T shirts during big bro's latest visit. The only things left were the hats and visors.

Of course, we had to have a margarita; and let me tell you, if I wasn't already warm and fuzzy, this one would have done the trick.

Woooooosh. A new tequila the bartender told us about that is as good as Petron, but cheaper. Thank goodness I only had the one.

After a few more stops, we headed back to Riverside. Only for a short while though. It was almost dinner time. The kid and I wanted to take Beth to one of our favorite haunts, Felix's on the Bay.
I love the copper menus at the bar. Beth ordered a Bloody Mary and I stuck with the margaritas.

It couldn't hold a candle to LuLu's though. (Must be a Buffett thang.)

She ordered my favorite dinner here, the BBQ shrimp. She was in for a real treat.

Straight outta New Orleans. My mouth is watering just looking at the pic.

Needless to say, I think we all slept well that night. No moss grows under our toesies. Zzzzzzzzzz.



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