Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summa, Summa, Summatime

It has been such an enjoyable summer. Riverside is heaven. I tell you, after the whirl-wind European trip via planes, trains and automobiles, this has been a well-needed relaxing stay.

These hydrangea are from the front yard.

The sunflowers are from the local grocer.

A week or so back, I made lunch for Darlene and Linda, neighbors down here in 'bama. I must tell you later about the gorgeous set of dragonfly dishes Darlene found for me down here! (Later)

Dar and I having a blueberry lemonade martini. Oh soooooo good.

I made garlic pan-seared shrimp, fresh succotash, and a summer spinach salad with blue cheese-balsamic dressing. Bananas' Foster was dessert. Yum.

I started Anthony Bourdain's new book, Medium Raw. Gotta love that bad-arse. Lemonade on the dock to keep me cool.

Bella and I have been taking naps.

Of course, she is still quite the princess and needs several escorts a week down to "her" laundry room at 5 a.m. Geesh. (Yes, Frankie is here too.)

We've been watching frogs waiting near the porch light for bugs to eat. (Be my guest!)

And eating lots. Dean (Darlene's hub) made us a smoked chicken when the hub arrived last Saturday. We savored each and every piece of that baby, let me tell you. Those two are just the bestest people around.

There have been too many trips to the new custard place, Eskamoe's.

And we even a new addition to Riverside, Celie Mabel. Darlene, as I've mentioned, is a wonderful artist and she made this gorgeous paper mache eclipse for the house.

I'm in love.

Beth brought these white patty-pan squash from her garden, along with a bunch of other veggies. I couldn't resist photographing these cuties.

We've had rain most of the day today; but it was quite welcome. We needed a break from that hot sun. Maybe tomorrow will be a little cooler.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love the summertime and I bet it must very very enjoyable at the Riverside. Cute frog and lovely Bella.



Snap said...

Summertime and the living is easy!!!!!

Looks like a wonderful time -- relax!!!!

Jeanie said...

Ms. B. IS with you -- why would I think otherwise? Looks glorious and delicious too!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Glad you are in 'bama.... Hope it's a little cooler there than it has been here. We are very hot, dry and muggy here most of the summer.... YUK!!!

Any problems with the oil spill in your area down there???? I hope not.

Have fun....

Beth said...

Dang,,I am missing me some Riverside! Love Ya!

Beth said...

Ok,,so now I am trying wordpress. See what you think about it. I have to get use to it but it is so MUCH EASIER to posts my pics on it.



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