Monday, January 31, 2011


I'm still puttering around the "girls'" room. Adding little things. Moving stuff. You know.

I had found these wonderful note cards way back when and I've stuck them in the card holder on the wall, along with a million other things.

I'll have to agree with both of these!
My next move is adding a Warhol/Marilyn print above this lamp. I've been looking for a new shade, as this one just doesn't cut it with the room.

What do you think about this look?

I started a new cleansing diet. Haven't done a really good one for two years. I try and do a mini one every six months; but this one is the big daddy. No caffeine, no dairy, no red meat, no alcohol, no gluten, no sweetners. Ugh. But I've been good on the pre-diet and start the next part tomorrow when the real cleansing begins. Again, ugh. But it has to be done. I have been putting all kind of bad things in my system for the past six months (probably longer). The weight is coming back and I'm not going back there. So wish me luck.
The hub is driving to Memphis for the night. Of all the places that he travels to throughout the world, it's the drive to Memphis and back that always worries me.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Southern Snow

We've had our share of snow this season. Nothing compared to the North, but quite a bit for our neck of the woods. I missed taking photos of the big storm that hit Nashville a couple of weeks ago, but the kid went out and captured the beginning of our latest one earlier in the week. He has a really good eye for composition! So proud!

Frankie seems to be frightened of (just about everything) the camera and always turns his head when I bring it out to capture how cute he is. "Not gonna get it," he says!

The kid has been happy because he's been out of school a total of seven snow days this year. Unheard of in these parts!

Our shaggy corkscrew weeping willow definitely needs to be trimmed.  I love him in the winter months!

I finally got to the basement and began cleaning my junk, again, and trying to organize it. Here is the before shot. You'll notice a hole in the ceiling if you look carefully. A rather large gaping hole, indeed.  Last May, when we were heading to NYC for our nephew's baptism we had a leak. The water filter from the kitchen above began leaking. Thank goodness, I had asked the kid to go downstairs and let Frankie out one more time before we left for the airport because this is what he found! It wasn't there in the morning! Water! Blech!!! Well, this all happened the same weekend that Nashville got the major floods that ruined so many houses. I'll be damned if I was going to pay the raised prices of drywallers in the wake of a natural disaster. Nope. So I waited until I had it completely dried out (last week!), before I called a contractor to come out and give it a look-see. I thought it was going to be a ka-ching moment, but it wasn't. We'll have that finished up next week.

So, this is what I did on a snow day. Cleaned it all up (except my dad's old cowboys boots that the teenager is interested in that still sit in the corner). I' so happy!

The teenager was home for the weekend with his sweet girlfriend. Awwww, young love. Nothing better. I seem to be having back problems, again. Wondering if it's another bladder infection, ew. Nothing would surprise me right about now. Ugh. Gonna call the doctor tomorrow. Back on diet, so hopefully, I can lose the 10+ pounds I've gained since I last saw her before the morning. haha.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


We just lost our faithful Abby. She had been showing signs of age for the past month or so. Ab was the last of our Virginia animals that we brought from home. She was over 13 years old, one of our oldest kitties ever.  

She started acting strange once my brother and his family left after Thanksgiving; but then she came back to normal. I've been feeding her special canned food (which I never do), and that's what is on her cute nose. This past week, she has been confused and wandering and acting as if she was blind. When we took her to the vets today (after two days of not eating), they checked for diabetes. No. So then the doctor diagnosed that she had a brain tumor. Poor boo.

I'm happy the teenager was home for the weekend to say goodbye.  She will be missed.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Love and Strength

I've gathered much strength recently from the love that mom taught us all over the years. Can you teach love?  Oh, I think so.  She had so much love for her family--her children, her grandchildren and great grandchildren.  And through her example, I can happily say, we have always been there for one another. I know that when I'm feeling down, all I have to do is remember that beautiful smile that would light up your moment and make you feel that there was nothing that the love of family couldn't conquer.  

We all are so fortunate to have had her as a role model.  Thank you mom for teaching us the importance of family love and caring.  When it seems like there is nothing else, we always have the love of our families.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Happy

Sending very happy birthday wishes to my niece, Jacq.  I love you oh-so-much!

The New Black

Seems that gold is the new black. 

I receive a magazine via email entitled High Gloss that is all about what's in.  I seem to be the last to know on the block, so I subscribed.  It's mostly for the fashionistas, which I am not, but I do love me some home decorating ideas (and some jewelry too!).

Of course, I fell in love with the gold piggy bank.  Ouch.  A tad expensive, but oh-so-fun, don't you think?  Just what I need, right?  Love the gold gladiator sandals--have a pair I bought for Bermuda.  Pow!  Love the bling ring too!  The stilettos?  Hmmmm, think I'd fall, for sure.

I'm really kinda liking the gold.  My mosaic items can all be found at Design Public, a new site for me.  Have fun!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Faces

We're having a rainy day here in Nashville.  Makes me just want to cuddle with Bella under the covers.  Who wouldn't want to snuggle with that adorable face?

The kid came home from school early today.  Seems a stomach bug is going around.  That's probably just what's been wrong with me.  Nana Claus is keeping a close eye on us, though. Another face to love.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I Will, I Will, I Will

 “The time is always right to do what is right.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sometimes I find it very difficult, in my older age, to contain my anger with ignorance and prejudice.  May we all find a little more tolerance for one another today and carry it forward.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yes folks, we do get snow in Nashville.  Personally, I believe that Jeanie from Michigan brought it with her when she flew out here last week.  Snicker.

Although I was unable to pick her up at the airport because of bad weather (wimp, I know), we were able to hook up later in the week when she had some free time!   It took me about an hour to get us out of Nashville.  I had the brilliant idea to take her the back roads so she could see the beautiful hills that surround us while the sun was setting.  Well, we got in a neighborhood and I never did find the road I had wanted to take Southwest.  Ha, I can get lost in my own neighborhood, by golly!  We did find a lot of cute bungalows and saw lots of snowmen!  Well, we finally did make it out to Franklin to have dinner at The Red Pony, one of my faves.

Of course, they have wonderful libations, which we enjoyed.  I love the colors in this photo, especially Jeanie's red cheeks that match the martini!

We had quite the knowledgeable waiter who was very helpful in explaining the chef's work and even brought out an appetizer for us to test, flour gnocchi with a truffle sauce.  YUM.  

Jeanie had been introduced to shrimp and grits, a Southern staple,  earlier in the week, and she decided to try more.  This is what I always order when the hub and I come here, so I know they are good.  She raved!

My stomach has been on the fritz for a couple of weeks and this night it was acting up again.  (I'm sure the Indian lunch I had earlier probably wasn't one of my wisest decisions in hindsight.)  Regardless, I ordered something small, or so I thought.  This is an appetizer pizza.  I could barely get two pieces in.  Ugh.  I guarantee Jeanie, I normally eat away.

Unfortunately, there is never enough time.  It was such a delight meeting Jeanie after knowing her from here for so many years.  What a delight she is, but I knew that already.  What a sweetie. 

I've been  feeling better, as if I'm awaking from a semi- conscious state.  Hello world.  This morning, I made waffles for breakfast.  We had some oranges that needed using, so I squeezed them.  I can't drink the stuff.  Oh my, the one time I tried it, it like made the skin in my mouth peel.  Whattup witdat?  Ew.  So, I skip the OJ,  freshly squeezed anyway.

My computer has been acting up for quite a while.  I was unable to download any photos to it and instead used my laptop.  It's kinda difficult blogging from the laptop; so I got the hub to help me move my photo file (over 36,000 pictures) to an external hard drive.  Hmmmm.  120 GB cleared off, right off the bat!  Wow.  

So, momma's back in business!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Back Home in Nashville

It's nice to be home.  I found the New Year Maiden in Fairhope.  Yup, decorating.  We still have Little Christmas this weekend, so it's ok.

My SIL, Ellen, picked my name this year for Christmas.  She had this "Nana Claus" made for me by Angie's Unique Creations.  El gave the artist one of mom's old wool jackets which took me a moment to notice.  When Ellen said he was "Nana Claus," I noticed the coat material, and I just cried.  How precious.

Hope you're still ho, ho, hoing and being loved this Season.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy 2011

Sending very Happy New Year wishes to all.  There is certainly something to be said about waters being therapeutic.  I feel so much better after being at Riverside for five days.  

Today I cleaned.  More therapy for me.  Sent the boys to the beach; and I puttered about cleaning the place.   It lets me think.  We leave tomorrow heading back to Nashville.  Definitely do not want to think about that drive! Ugh.

I am still taking pictures; so perhaps one day, I can catch up!  Probably wishful thinking on my part.



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