Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Southern Snow

We've had our share of snow this season. Nothing compared to the North, but quite a bit for our neck of the woods. I missed taking photos of the big storm that hit Nashville a couple of weeks ago, but the kid went out and captured the beginning of our latest one earlier in the week. He has a really good eye for composition! So proud!

Frankie seems to be frightened of (just about everything) the camera and always turns his head when I bring it out to capture how cute he is. "Not gonna get it," he says!

The kid has been happy because he's been out of school a total of seven snow days this year. Unheard of in these parts!

Our shaggy corkscrew weeping willow definitely needs to be trimmed.  I love him in the winter months!

I finally got to the basement and began cleaning my junk, again, and trying to organize it. Here is the before shot. You'll notice a hole in the ceiling if you look carefully. A rather large gaping hole, indeed.  Last May, when we were heading to NYC for our nephew's baptism we had a leak. The water filter from the kitchen above began leaking. Thank goodness, I had asked the kid to go downstairs and let Frankie out one more time before we left for the airport because this is what he found! It wasn't there in the morning! Water! Blech!!! Well, this all happened the same weekend that Nashville got the major floods that ruined so many houses. I'll be damned if I was going to pay the raised prices of drywallers in the wake of a natural disaster. Nope. So I waited until I had it completely dried out (last week!), before I called a contractor to come out and give it a look-see. I thought it was going to be a ka-ching moment, but it wasn't. We'll have that finished up next week.

So, this is what I did on a snow day. Cleaned it all up (except my dad's old cowboys boots that the teenager is interested in that still sit in the corner). I' so happy!

The teenager was home for the weekend with his sweet girlfriend. Awwww, young love. Nothing better. I seem to be having back problems, again. Wondering if it's another bladder infection, ew. Nothing would surprise me right about now. Ugh. Gonna call the doctor tomorrow. Back on diet, so hopefully, I can lose the 10+ pounds I've gained since I last saw her before the morning. haha.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Lovely! We haven't had any snow since weeks now...



Jeanie said...

Wow - much to say here -- first, the photos the kid did are great. Yes, definitely a good eye.

And the basement -- that was one nasty hole. But it looks great -- what a wonderful space! Nice work -- you've been busy!



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