Saturday, December 29, 2012

Here, There

and Everywhere.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Holiday Craftin'

I finally finished one of the papier mache houses I purchased way back when. Finished? Well, I probably will add more to it. But for now? Good enough for government work.

The hub made it home from overseas on Wednesday. He had been gone for over three weeks! Oh, the plans I had, as I mentioned. None of which got done. C'est la vie!

Dreaming about Thanksgiving coming up! My brother and niece, Jacq, are coming down on Tuesday. And, the teenager arrives from DC on Monday. Yay!! The rest of the clan had plans, so it will be a smaller gathering this time. No worries. Jim and I will still be in the kitchen cooking up a feast. I simply cannot wait for them to get down. It's my favorite holiday--does it get any better than delicious food and wonderful family? 

Life is good, indeed.
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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Rock Your Right!

Rock it, baby!
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Monday, November 05, 2012

Another Day in Paradise

Did you think the kitchen fiasco was over? Nahhhhh. I don't think we will ever stop paying for this dream kitchen with blood, sweat and tears. Oh, and a whole lotta money!

Back in March, yes March, another--ANOTHER--leak sprouted and just about ruined the cabinets, AGAIN. I kept hearing this hissing sound and when I opened the cabinet doors to see what it was, there was more water everywhere.

Thank goodness, I'm a hoarder and had all kinds of tea pots, coffee presses and miscellaneous jars in there because the water filled them just about to the tops! If they hadn't been there, we would have had the ceiling damage in the basement. Remember this HERE!

Ok, so far, BOTH water filters have leaked (see above), the instant hot water unit leaked (and was replaced by Insinkerator at no cost), the ice maker leaked and ruined our wood floors (U-Line replaced the ice maker and gave us a settlement on the floor damage); and so I'm just about done having everything replaced. 

Today, after having everything turned off for over seven months, I finally got our plumber to come in. I told him to just replace all the hoses, lines, filters--whatever he could see and touch, REPLACE IT! Lawds have mercy.

Now, the only thing left (well, I should NEVER say that) is to have the cabinet doors replaced which were ruined by the last leak. Wonder how much that will cost?

Maybe I'll get to that next year. Maybe I won't.

Ok, enough sour grapes. I am feeling better!! Yay. Yesterday was the first day I didn't have to lay down after I got up! I felt almost normal. Ok, that's about three weeks being sick. I'll be well by the time the hub gets back. Last night was the first night I did not wake up hacking! I is so thankful!

Alright, that's it for the day. Stay calm and carry on!
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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Day by Day

My view from the sofa. 

I brought these plants up from Alabama and they seem to be enjoying this spot. They were just about dead when I returned from my trip to DC and NY last month. The hub had watered every other plant in the house and somehow missed these. My absent-minded professor. But thank goodness, a little love and water brought them back. Let's see if they survive the gas heat this winter. Fingers' crossed.

I can't say that I'm any perkier than yesterday, but I am feeling better. My sleep patterns are all over the place after being in bed for two weeks, ugh. I think my body aches just from that alone. I'm going to get the guest room ready for when the hub gets home (he's been overseas since I got sick!). I wake up at all hours with this horrible barking cough; and that's the last thing he needs when he returns from a grueling trip. Perhaps I'll move into the girls' room. I've never slept in there; and it's such a pretty room. I had meant to start working on the guest room re-do while the hub was gone--in time for my brother's arrival at Thanksgiving; but obviously, that didn't happen. Didn't get anything done I had planned while the hub was away--no bike riding, no hiking with Frankie, no painting, no decorating, no nuthin'!

I'm just grateful to be feeling better, day by day. Let's all make a pact to stay well from now through the holidays. K?!
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

A very happy Halloween to you all! Hope you get more treats than tricks!!

I am a tad behind in everything, especially decorating. I had to gather my dead body together yesterday and get pumpkins and candy! I was afraid if I didn't put any pumpkins out, we would look like the bah-humbug house! Cannot have that on one of my favorite holidays of the year!

Ooooofy, it took everything I had just to get dressed!

Truth of the matter is I had pneumonia! I was so weak, I didn't even have enough strength to get on the computer! Ugh. It's been a long time since I've been knocked so low. A check-up and more x-rays at the doc's today looked promising.

But, I am on the mend now thanks to friends and family keeping my spirits up. Dar sent these up from her trees in 'bama--Satsumas and Myer lemons!! A little rest, a lotta love and a whole lotta vitamin C is going to do the trick! I'm getting stronger every day!!

It's hell getting old.
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Sunday, October 21, 2012


The precious Bella and my valiant hub have been taking real good care of me; but lawds, nothing is getting better. Last night, I thought my fever was breaking? Hmmmm, must have just been hot flashes. Because today I feel as bad as yesterday. Thank goodness for ibuprofen. 

Going to spend the day visiting my old blogger friends, since I've been very lackidaisical in doing so for the past year or so! Oy.
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Saturday, October 20, 2012


Ugh. I haven't been sick in a long, long time. Which makes being sick even worse. Everything hurts, and I feel old and sick.

Cough, cough.
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Can't Get Enough

Cheers to autumn, finally!!

I've found a new spot to sit and watch the leaves turn. Just loving the leaves and their brilliant colors.

 I think the entire process of watching/waiting for them to fall exhausts Frankie. Yawwwwwwn.

The hub has been home this week; and we've been getting a lot done while he's around . . . including getting our early vote in! Yay, glad that's done. (Now if I can just talk the kid into coming home on Friday to do the same!!) 

Don't you just love old government buildings? NOT! A tad too hospitalesque for my taste.

And, speaking of hospitals, it's October, ladies--Breast Cancer Awareness month. Don't forget to schedule your yearly mammogram. Ugh.

Happy Fall, y'all!!
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

Sitting and waiting for the rains to begin. It's nice and breezy, a tad cooler (still, not cool enough) and the leaves are definitely on the move--either flying about or changing colors.

It's nice just sitting and watching it all outside your window.
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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Short Lived

As they say in Tennessee, "If you don't like the weather, wait a day." Hey, wait a minute. I LIKED the weather! And now it's back to swampy heat. Ugh.

Hey, 'grats to the Yankees (hub was sporting his proud Yankees' cap today), but boohiss for the DC Nats'. I would have loved for them to have made it to the World Series.

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Nip in the Air

 Ahhhh, finally!

You know what I do in the fall. I start cleaning out. Bella is always in the thick of it, of course. Ever trying to get to the top of everything, literally! Can you say "sock drawer?" Boom done. With a couple of other drawers thrown in (or out, actually!) for good measure. 

But who wants to stay indoors and clean when it's so beautiful out? Not me. Frankie and I had to see what the trees were doing on the Trace. Natchez Trace bridge. 

Frankie was a happy dog. We pulled over, found a path and took it as far as it would go.

  On our way home, I had to do a drive-by click. Isn't this a gorgeous property? Taylor Swift's? lol

I found all kinds of goodies and brought them home to play with.

And play I did, adding to my little vignette for the fall. 
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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

What the Hayel?

[Warning: TMI!]
Ya know there's never a dull moment 'round these parts. And now, my hair is falling out? Now wait just a minute!? Just look at this BALD SPOT!!! Oy!

It all began before I left for DC and NY. Literally, a couple of days before I left, I broke out in hives. Nothing major, I've had them before; but it's been over ten years since I've had them. K, it is the worst time of the year for allergies. Joy. Yes, I did have my hair "done" before I left--new color (see!), new stylist, but same Aveda products. Hmmm. Everyone asks, "Have you been stressed?" I never thought about it; but I suppose I could have been worried about helping sort out some of the in-laws' household items--I've been there before; but I never really thought about it. Now, come to think of it--awkward--I did have a little "moment" of remembering my mom and brother when I broke down and cried (very awkward). Ugh, I had been doing SO well in that department. (Dr. Rosa is "IN") Perhaps, it IS all nerves. Right time of year for them. Perhaps not. Is it the hair product used on my "hade?" Lawds, I hope not. I'm not quite ready for my platinum skunk streak or should I say, "you're not ready for it!?" Not just yet. 

Well, I went to my dermatologist; of course she asked the same questions. She seems to think the cause is either hair products, since my scalp is so inflamed, or just good ol' nerves. And so, I am on a topical spray for the itching (THANK YOU!) and an oral corticosteroid. Let's hope it all works. These hives are driving me crazy; and I certainly don't want to go bald! Lawds. I head back in three weeks to have my scalp tested to see if it is an allergy. Hmmm. Wonder what that will intail. Like I said, never a dull moment.
Regardless, the hub says he will still love me if I'm grey or bald. It's all good.
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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Bella Rustica/Pulaski, TN

I have been eyeing this weekend on my calendar for almost a year! Last year, the Bella Rustica Barn Sale was in Franklin, TN.  I missed it, somehow. But I was determined to make it this year.

My buddy Beth wasn't able to go; that gal has her hands full. So, the hub, once again, was my knight in shining armor.  The things he does for me. But it was a lovely drive and we had some catching up to do since I was gone for two weeks. In fact, we were so enthralled in our conversation during the drive, we made it to the Alabama line before realizing that we had passed our exit--waaaaay baaaaaack! ha.

The sale took place at Milky Way Farms, named by its owner Frank Mars--famous for his Milky Way candy bars. What a gorgeous property. One of the horse barns was used for the sale and it was amazing. I think we need to go back (and not get lost) and get a tour of the property. 

After a nice day out, we checked to see if there was a great little country restaurant for dinner on our way home. Of course, there was. Stan's the country man! (What did we do without smartphones????)

Me + Hub
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Here, There and Everywhere

There are places I remember . . . .  

Oooofy, seems I've been gone since forever! I had work to do back "home" and have spent the past two weeks gettn'er done. TCB. Checking it off the list. One day, as I always say, I'm going home and having nothing on my agenda other than visiting friends and family. Period. As usual, I had little time to see anyone.

Made a ten-hour dash to DC so I could drop off the rest of the teenager's belongings. Then it was off to Northern Jersey the next day to help with  some family stuff there. I got to see my SIL MJ and have dinner with my brother and his family in DC. By the time I made it further north, I could definitely feel some autumn in the air--just not enough to ward off my hot flashes! Awkward. See what you have to look forward to Mz. C!
While I missed my niece's Sweet 16 party, I was there for her actual birthday. I haven't been with any  of my niece's for their birthday for a very long time. Too long. And I have, soon-to-be, NINE nieces! That's not right. And thus why we are planning to move back to the NE at some point. We have been too far from family for way too long. I know, I know, it keeps changing! ha!! So, this week, it's New England! It was nice spending time with my teenage nieces and hearing about their lives. Where has the time gone? It boggles the mind.

Then it was back to DC (are you tired yet? I WAS!!!). My brother, Jim, surprised me with a glass of home-made sangria (not allergic, go figure), apples and cheese, and dinner outside waiting for me upon my arrival from NY.  We sat by the fire pit all night--ending with s'mores. I even had a little time with my girl, Jacq which was wonderful. Really missed seeing her this summer. 

Ok, moving along to the teenager's new flat. It definitely needed a mother's/woman's touch--aka a good cleaning. Sorted, cleaned and "detailed" the place as best I could. He loves it. A big ol' thank you to my brother, Jim! Hat's off to him also because he is the one who found all of these kooky and wonderful things for the place. I played with each and every piece!
Even stayed in the old hood in S. Arlington, VA. The area has turned into a rather busy little city. Such changes every time I go back. Truth is, I don't believe I could live around that many people again. ha. Little ol' Nashvul has spoiled us. I think the hustle and bustle of city life are behind the hub and I. If we were younger? In a heartbeat! But, who knows?

One afternoon, I met my brother at the Capitol  before he had a photo shoot; and we were able to walk through the U.S.  Botanical Gardens for a bit. I hadn't been in there for many, many years. I think my brothers and I practically grew up in here when we went to work with our father. He'd be shooting photographs and we would wander over to the Botanical Gardens and walk around (my brothers would sleep in there--pre-planking!). Once I wandered into the Capitol and got lost down in the bowels of the building until I finally came upon a security guard who directed me out. I was a wee little thing! I don't think my father ever missed me! lol I'm sure things have changed, just a tad, these days. No wanderers allowed!
I was able to meet up with my girlies, Kelly and Amy--on different nights. I wish we could have all gotten together at the same time. Oy. Thankful to have been able to see them, period. My only wish is to be able to see all my friends when I visit. Impossible. I have never been able to do it!  There's always stuff to do that keeps me from seeing everyone. No matter how much I try and plan. Drives me kooky.

Kell had gone to see the Dweez and got us a cd signed! Thanks, Kell! Great CD! Wow, yep, Dweezil has channeled his father, somehow.

And, before I knew it, it's time to head back. Two weeks, come and gone. And all I could think of was getting back home to my hubby and animules. Loved driving through those Blue Ridge Mountains, both coming and going.

Bye bye ol' Virginny. See ya next time! And hopefully, more friends.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Colors of Fall

The weather has been cooling down a bit here in the mid-south. I can never wait patiently for autumn to arrive; It can never come fast enough for me. To bide my time, I've been working on some papier mache pine cones that I picked up way back when we were in Berkeley. 

I was finally satisfied with a few of them after six or seven layers (I kid you not) of various mediums. I'm driving myself crazy--must be the ENS kicking in (Empty Nest Syndrome). Ugh.

C'mon autumn.
C'mon autumn.
C'mon autumn.
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