Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Bella Rustica/Pulaski, TN

I have been eyeing this weekend on my calendar for almost a year! Last year, the Bella Rustica Barn Sale was in Franklin, TN.  I missed it, somehow. But I was determined to make it this year.

My buddy Beth wasn't able to go; that gal has her hands full. So, the hub, once again, was my knight in shining armor.  The things he does for me. But it was a lovely drive and we had some catching up to do since I was gone for two weeks. In fact, we were so enthralled in our conversation during the drive, we made it to the Alabama line before realizing that we had passed our exit--waaaaay baaaaaack! ha.

The sale took place at Milky Way Farms, named by its owner Frank Mars--famous for his Milky Way candy bars. What a gorgeous property. One of the horse barns was used for the sale and it was amazing. I think we need to go back (and not get lost) and get a tour of the property. 

After a nice day out, we checked Roadfood.com to see if there was a great little country restaurant for dinner on our way home. Of course, there was. Stan's the country man! (What did we do without smartphones????)

Me + Hub
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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

This must be a great event! I love the car in the second picture.



Jeanie said...

I just LOVE that truck! It has to be a great event if they are that inventive!



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