Tuesday, October 09, 2012

What the Hayel?

[Warning: TMI!]
Ya know there's never a dull moment 'round these parts. And now, my hair is falling out? Now wait just a minute!? Just look at this BALD SPOT!!! Oy!

It all began before I left for DC and NY. Literally, a couple of days before I left, I broke out in hives. Nothing major, I've had them before; but it's been over ten years since I've had them. K, it is the worst time of the year for allergies. Joy. Yes, I did have my hair "done" before I left--new color (see!), new stylist, but same Aveda products. Hmmm. Everyone asks, "Have you been stressed?" I never thought about it; but I suppose I could have been worried about helping sort out some of the in-laws' household items--I've been there before; but I never really thought about it. Now, come to think of it--awkward--I did have a little "moment" of remembering my mom and brother when I broke down and cried (very awkward). Ugh, I had been doing SO well in that department. (Dr. Rosa is "IN") Perhaps, it IS all nerves. Right time of year for them. Perhaps not. Is it the hair product used on my "hade?" Lawds, I hope not. I'm not quite ready for my platinum skunk streak or should I say, "you're not ready for it!?" Not just yet. 

Well, I went to my dermatologist; of course she asked the same questions. She seems to think the cause is either hair products, since my scalp is so inflamed, or just good ol' nerves. And so, I am on a topical spray for the itching (THANK YOU!) and an oral corticosteroid. Let's hope it all works. These hives are driving me crazy; and I certainly don't want to go bald! Lawds. I head back in three weeks to have my scalp tested to see if it is an allergy. Hmmm. Wonder what that will intail. Like I said, never a dull moment.
Regardless, the hub says he will still love me if I'm grey or bald. It's all good.
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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'm so sorry to hear about that. Hopefully your doctor will cure it soon. Yes, stress can make your hair fall...



Patrick said...

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Jeanie said...

You poor thing! I can see why you would be incredibly stressed. I've only had hives once but I'll never forget how miserable they were -- I'm glad you are getting some good meds.

I don't know if this will help the bald a little, but I just started touching up my (very) gray roots with brown eye shadow, about four days before my appointment. And it really works -- and it stays in till you wash! My cousin discovered it with her hair part and when I tried across my forehead, couldn't tell a thing!



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