Friday, October 12, 2012

A Nip in the Air

 Ahhhh, finally!

You know what I do in the fall. I start cleaning out. Bella is always in the thick of it, of course. Ever trying to get to the top of everything, literally! Can you say "sock drawer?" Boom done. With a couple of other drawers thrown in (or out, actually!) for good measure. 

But who wants to stay indoors and clean when it's so beautiful out? Not me. Frankie and I had to see what the trees were doing on the Trace. Natchez Trace bridge. 

Frankie was a happy dog. We pulled over, found a path and took it as far as it would go.

  On our way home, I had to do a drive-by click. Isn't this a gorgeous property? Taylor Swift's? lol

I found all kinds of goodies and brought them home to play with.

And play I did, adding to my little vignette for the fall. 
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Gorgeous fall pictures!





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