Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The Beach (2013)

Ahhhh, The Del. There's not a prettier hotel.

We try and visit each time we're in the area. It just so happened that I needed some good  ol' salt air when I felt my hefty cold coming on; and this is where we ended up. Thought that perhaps a little cosmo would cure all. (It didn't.)

The day before, we tootled around to La Jolla, another fave spot. What a cute shot of poppa teaching his daughter to surf. She had waited patiently until he came out of the water and then ran to him. It was a precious sight.

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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Bella B.

Since the kids have left the roost, Bella has become my muse. Poor thing.

There's no more "catching up" here. Suppose I will just continue forward and throw in this and that from the past year. What else is a girl to do?

Yes, we finally made it to the "Happiest Place on Earth." Hmmmm. Depends on who you're asking. Since kids, we have avoided such places with a passion. The thought of running around with kids in a place with a million kids doesn't sound like a whole lotta fun to me (or the hub). So yes, our boys lived quite the deprived childhood--at least, they will tell you so. (No matter that they've been overseas many times in their young lives, right?)

The hub's brother and his family live in San Diego, and we try and visit every couple of years to watch our beautiful niece grow (and to see the parents of this lovely child, of course). This time, we decided to head out to that "happy place" even though I had come down with some nasty crud the kid had given me. Full-blown fever, flu-like symptoms. Ugh. How could I say no? I should have. Next time, I stay behind!! Ooooofy. I was so sick, I couldn't enjoy it.

But everyone else did; and that was just fine with me. Yup, there's the kid with his Cali aunt.

The only thing on my bucket list from any Disney establishment has always been getting some "ears" with Rosie embroidered on them. Didn't find any that suited me, but, of course, I did find a pair for Bella.

She's still precious.
And still a brat.
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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Spring Has Sprung, Finally.

Alive and well!

Just been busy with the new "empty nesting" lifestyle. I've grown to enjoy it, on most days.

Hope all is well in your little kingdom.

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