Saturday, February 27, 2010

Afternoon Tea

Way back when, a life time ago it seems, we were in San Francisco. Remember that? ha. Well, yes, I'm continuing to post about it. And here's one of the highlights of the entire trip.

Val and I met up for afternoon tea at Crown & Crumpet. It was as delightful as it looks. Probably even more so, if you ask me.

I promise.

C&C is a delight to walk in to, nonetheless sit and have tea. With a special friend? Even better. Sneak in under the radar, priceless.

There were all kinds of colorful and flavorful candies.

Something for everybody. And then some.

Not to mention eye candy. Everything had its spot.

Cath Kidston linens. And you know how I feel about CK.

So civilized. Dainty finger sandwiches.

Scones and crumpets. With all the fixin's.

And little sweets for our hearts' content.

Tea for two. We sat for hours.

With our special sugar charms. An absolutely charming afternoon, indeed.

And today, my replication.

Divine Marie Antoinette tea. Val chose this one, and what a choice it was. Almost melon flavored and pure delight.

With sugar charms, of course.

Speaking of tea, who's anxiously awaiting the new Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland film with JD opening next weekend? I sure am! I'm feeling a little better these days. Cleansing the body is a good thing. I definitely feel the difference.


Thursday, February 25, 2010


I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be home. I feel so much love when I'm home. There are gentle reminders all around me which always make me smile.

Little gifts sent with love.

A winning number from One World One Heart gave me this beauty. Holly is brilliant in her art.

The kitties are getting back into their mode. Dave, who always does a dirty deed when I'm gone, is relaxing today. Thank goodness. Brat.

Bella, while still upset she's not Queen of Everything back here, is doing ok, considering. lol

Let's not forget about those still in need in Haiti. I purchased this canvas bag which I love. You can find them at Feed Projects. It's a great reminder that Haiti can still use our help.

"All the really great things in life are expressed in the simplest words:

friends and family;
purpose and meaning;
love and work;
caring and community;
appreciation and gratitude."--Dan Zadra



Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back Home

I made it safely home last night. It always feels good to walk through that door.

I had bought this soup mix in Alabama and never did make the corn chowder there; so I brought it home and made it tonight. Pretty darn good. You just add potatoes and some extra corn if you like, and shazaam, chowda!

Not too diet-like, but what the hey. I seem to back on track in that department. Finally.

xo ro

Sunday, February 21, 2010


There was a lone duck heading up river yesterday morning. Wonder where everyone else was? Aww.

This is the table cloth I found in Sonoma. It is perfect! I puttered around the house yesterday. I should have gone out and enjoyed the almost 70˚ weather.

But I cleaned instead. Spring cleaning, I suppose. Dusting, washing, airing, did it all. Well, not really all of it. Can you ever get it all done? I doubt it!

Dust bunnies run rampant down here. I don't know why. Perhaps because it's all hard wood and you can just see them jumping about. Well, I chased them down. But they're back again today. Hmmmm.

Bella and I have been gettin'er done. We even had a painter come out and look at the exterior of the house. Yep. About time to get that done. Ka-ching. Dread that estimate.

Bella is in her element. She so enjoys being the center of attention. If I wonder off doing something else, she comes right up and reminds me to give her some lovin'.

Big news! I finally broke down and got a new cell phone. I had an old flip type and it drives me crazy. (Not that I use the thing all that much, but it did drive me crazy!) I had a free upgrade so I went for it. Only thing is, I can't get my old ring tone back, Crazy Train! That's not right! Lou Reed's Sweet Jane has stepped in for the moment. But, I can't hear that! Crazy Train was up in your face when it rang! Daig.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pure Beauty

I love how the setting sun shines on the trees across the river. I think this may be my favorite time of day. I haven't decided yet. There's so many.

I love this time of year when you can watch the osprey come home to their nests in the afternoons.

I love when the sun sets and the river stills. It's just like a mirror.

It is so beautiful.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More on that Mardi Gras Stuff

On the 13th, the hub, kid and I attended the Mystic Order of Shadow Barons' parade in Daphne.

There were some folks that had attended balls before hand (and afterward, I'm sure). I love this picture. Kinda eery, if ya ask me.

These guys opened the parade.

This searchlight was used in Daphne around 1943, searching the sky for enemy aircraft.

One of the biggies.

And this was my favorite, the pirate ship!

These were fun too, of course.

Doubloons galore.

On Valentine's Day, we went back to Daphne for the afternoon parade which was by

The Loyal Order of the Fire Truck.

On the 15th was the children's parade in Fairhope.

It was so cute.

I don't know who had more fun, the kids or the parade goers.

Such work!

Loved this kid!

And the Order of Moonpie Munchers!

And then later in the day, this bus passed me. tehe

Our little part of the celebration.

And behind that door, I'm enjoying the winter Olympics! Ooooh, how fun!! Watching Shaun White tonight!




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