Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Mo Knows Flowers

I have been motivated by Mo Jackson for years now. I first came upon her doodads over at Mrs. Staggs' Merryville and have been enamored ever since. Oh yes, that is how it all began way back when. I didn't even know what a PNG was. Photoshop? Not a clue. But, of course, that soon changed after being introduced into Moland and welcomed with open arms by Mo herself.

Some people simply continue to evolve. Missy Mo is one of those creative souls that doesn't stop here or there. She keeps on transforming beauty. Ever creating. So, I was delighted to find Mo's doodads coming to life in her Etsy shop. Obviously, I had to have some of these delightful flowers.

I was delighted when these charming specimens arrived in the mail. Each one was sweetly tucked inside its own hand-sewn pouch--a thrill to unveil.

I have quite a collection of beautiful flowers that friends have made me over the years and have begun pinning them to my bedside lamp shade. I'll have to photograph it soon for you once I add my latest bouquet.



rupinder said...

Traditionally speaking, the color of the rose has another meaning. Red rose stands for passion.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Those flowers are beautiful!



Snap said...

I LOVE Mail Call --even when it's something I order! :D :D :D LOVE these flowers ... I think I'll go shop!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful flowers, Rosa.... I also enjoyed seeing your snow pictures. We had some similar ones of the icy rhododendron and pine...

My hubby loves chocolate chip cookies--but he likes the cookie dough better than the cookies... SO--I buy him Cookie Dough Ice Cream!!!! ha


Janet said...

What beautiful flowers! And they won't die and have to be thrown out!!

Pretty Things said...


Thrifty Miss Priss said...

wow they are beautiful! Thanks for the link!

Jeanie said...

Awfully pretty! Love 'em!



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