Sunday, February 21, 2010


There was a lone duck heading up river yesterday morning. Wonder where everyone else was? Aww.

This is the table cloth I found in Sonoma. It is perfect! I puttered around the house yesterday. I should have gone out and enjoyed the almost 70˚ weather.

But I cleaned instead. Spring cleaning, I suppose. Dusting, washing, airing, did it all. Well, not really all of it. Can you ever get it all done? I doubt it!

Dust bunnies run rampant down here. I don't know why. Perhaps because it's all hard wood and you can just see them jumping about. Well, I chased them down. But they're back again today. Hmmmm.

Bella and I have been gettin'er done. We even had a painter come out and look at the exterior of the house. Yep. About time to get that done. Ka-ching. Dread that estimate.

Bella is in her element. She so enjoys being the center of attention. If I wonder off doing something else, she comes right up and reminds me to give her some lovin'.

Big news! I finally broke down and got a new cell phone. I had an old flip type and it drives me crazy. (Not that I use the thing all that much, but it did drive me crazy!) I had a free upgrade so I went for it. Only thing is, I can't get my old ring tone back, Crazy Train! That's not right! Lou Reed's Sweet Jane has stepped in for the moment. But, I can't hear that! Crazy Train was up in your face when it rang! Daig.



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Nice table cloth! I'd love to cuddle Bella!

Cheers and have a lovely week,


Janet said...

Awww....Bella is so darn cute! I'm curious about that book on top of the stack. It looks interesting.

Sounds like you're enjoying your, too.

Snap said...

Put Bella to work chasing down those bunnies!! :D :D

Pretty Things said...

Love the table cloth!

Beth said...

Was wondering if you were still down south and yep, you are.
Just wanting to say HI! Every thing looks so pretty! Bella is too cute.
Have fun!

Jeanie said...

That photo of the table with the cloth -- it belongs in the Wm/Son (?) catalogue! I think Bella and Gypsy share that "Pay attention to Me" trait! Well, that's one thing I've learned from the cat -- if you need attention, anything, ASK for it. RELENTLESSLY!

PEA said...

I love your new tablecloth:-) How dare you tell me it was almost 70F over there when it's only 23F over here???? lol Nope, one can never catch up with housework cuz once you think you're all done, it's time to do it all over again. As for the dust bunnies, I swear they multiply when you're not looking. hehe

Bella looks to be enjoying herself and loves your company so that's a good thing! lol Congrats on the new cell phone!!! I've still got the flip style one but am thinking of soon getting myself a newer style.

Have a wonderful week my friend. xoxo



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