Thursday, February 04, 2010


I've heard much of you all, and you know who you are, will be getting more snow! I know you all are sick of it, but we just had a little bit and it sure was fun. This photo was sent to me by my friend Linda back in Virginia. How beautiful is this??? It's her back yard!! Wish I were up there. Pout.

And speaking of beauty, my latest addiction is this site called Gilt. You have to be a member, which is free, and you have to be invited to become a member expeditiously. (I think otherwise, you have to wait.) So, I'm inviting you all to go and check it out. My only warning is that it is totally addicting. I am not a fashionista by any sense, but they have so much more than clothes. If you're interested you can click HERE to sign up. Again, it's free. I can't tell you how many Christmas presents I purchased saving so much $$. It's kooky! And TODAY, everything is free shipping! (Yes, I partook in some Valentine's presents for family.)

A couple of days ago, they were selling moleskines! I got a little pack. Yes I did.

Made mac-n-cheese for supper tonight. Very good. Very fattening. Oy.



Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Yes it's beautiful...until you have to shovel it! You would not believe the STORM HYSTERIA that is going on right now! We are waiting for our 24 inches to start falling tomorrow at least it's the weekend and I won't have to go out!
Thanks for stopping by sweetie!
Can you come shovel now?

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Beautiful snow! I wish it were snowing here... Instead, it is raining cats and dogs and it is very dark!



Snap said...

Oh, good grief! You KNEW I'd sign up! I couldn't resist anyplace that had moleskins on sale!

Snap said...

PS ... do you Rue La La?

Annie said...

Mac and cheese - perfect snowy weather meal. As my granddad used to say - "stick to your ribs" food.

Janet said...

You got me with the stack of moleskines!!

I love that snowy photo....that's just where snow should a photo! And then you had to mention mac 'n cheese! I love love love the homemade kind. Can't stand the kind that comes in the blue box!

(my verification word is pesto. That sounds yummy, too!)

Jeanie said...

Man, better judgement tells me "don't click the link." We'll see who wins.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful snow picture from VA... We had a nice snow last weekend, but didn't get much this time. Just had a dusting last night.. It's pretty though.

Enjoy that mac-n-cheese.... We're going to run some errands and visit the KFC.



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