Saturday, September 25, 2010


I love, love, love icanhascheezburger dot com!

Abby (aka Phoebe) is the offish one.  She wants to be loved but just doesn't know how.  Cats, eh?  She's the one who goes outside and begs to come in.  And once you open the door, she stands there and looks at you, like you're the fool.

You all know Bella, Princess of All.  At least she knows how to receive and give love. 

Well, sometimes.  Little brat.

Dave (aka Baby Dave) is running the streets.  I think he has a new kitty love, one that happens to look just like him.  Hey, it worked for Mick Jagger for a bit, so who am I to judge?

The hub is in New York visiting his parents with one of his brothers from California.  They are going to surprise them.  It's so difficult as your parents age, especially when you're not close by.

It's just me, the kid and the kitties.  So, partay-in-da-howse!  lol  (I promise not to call you at 3 a.m. tonight Amy!)  

Friday, September 24, 2010


Autumnal Equinox came and went on Wednesday.  Booger wouldn't allow me to download pics.  Grrrr.  I have since moved my Booger stuff over to Chrome, where it seems to be working fine.  Hmmmm.  It must know that it's still 100˚, so why bother post about fall???  (Above is a postcard from Liberty of London, sigh.)

Still seems like it's still summer, except for the fact that the air is a lot dryer.  You know I love that!  Humidity?  Pa-tewy!   I have one lone bloom on my azalea.  Poor baby.  Ugh, and look at all those dandelions!  I am so allergic to them, I just let them grow--until I spray them down with salt water! 

Window boxes are still in full bloom.  I just want to rip them out and refill them with mums.

Frankie has been my writing companion.  He sits under my desk all day and even sleeps upstairs on most nights (doors closed, of course).  Bella is getting closer and closer to him.  I think she wants to play.  I don't think Frankie is quite ready for that, yet.  Day by day, right? 
And speaking of day-by-day, I can hardly believe this photo was taken almost exactly a year ago.  Who could imagine that she would be gone within a month's time. I miss her so deeply, words are not enough.  Of course, I still have my moments of melancholy, but I am doing so much better.  She is in almost every one of my dreams.  I don't know if that is bad or good.  Two nights ago, I dreamed that she came back to life, all nonchalant like.  All I could think of was going to get her some chicken nuggets and feeding her!  Too crazy.  Aren't dreams just the weirdest?

Okay, y'all, I promised an after photo of my Brazilian Blowout.  OMG!  It is SO straight.  (Before photo left.)   Now I know what people with straight hair go through.  No thank you!  Hahahahaha.  Us womenfolk are never happy, are we?  Thank goodness, it washes out.  I'm counting the days.  Yea, it looks good once I get out of the shower and let it dry naturally (can't blow dry it, it gets way saggy); but by the end of the day?  UGH!  It looks like a limp rag.  Ok, there has to be a happy medium, doesn't there???? Lawdy me.  Help Larz!!!!

All I can say is, I sure am happy it's Friday!  Yay.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Week in Review

It was a fast week, by golly.  I suppose since we all had Monday off for Labor Day, it seems it just whirled by.  The hub brought these gorgeous roses home one day.  The colors were so pretty.
Tuesday, I went out to Beth's for a visit.  This is right down the street from her house!  How gorgeous!

We made charms from silver clay.  I had taken a class last fall with my friends down in 'bama, which I probably never mentioned.  It was right when mom got sick and I rushed home.  Never did post about that GGC trip.  Anyhoo, I brought my old clay over to Beth's and we started working.  We always have the best time.  Of course, there was a mission when we decided we were going to find some "shot" for the tumbler to help shine the silver.   Haha, we first went to my favorite store Walmart, thinking they have to sell shot.  Nope, only shot gun shells.  Then we went to the local gun store.  We fit right in -- NOT!  It was too funny.  We were just cracking up during the entire escapade.  Never did find any.  So, we went back to finishing up our charms.  What you do is, roll out your clay (pure silver, by the by), cut out the shape you want and stamp it.  Then you put it on a little warmer to harden.  After it's dried a bit, you sand off the rough edges and then it's ready to fire.  


We used a blow torch to fire ours, we don't need to stinkin' kiln, do we Bethy?

Und, voila!  After a little polishing, they look great! Did I mention, this is pure silver?  I think I did.

Wednesday came, and I had a doctor's appointment.  Drove into town and found I went to the wrong doctor.  I would have blamed my allergies and my fog, but I've done this before.  At least once (grin).  You see, two of my doctors, in the same practice, have the SAME last name.  One is in Franklin and one is in Nashville.  Oy.  No worries.  I went up the street to Anthropologie.  Found a little something for the girls' room.  (I really was looking forward to seeing my doc though.  Whatever is causing this "fog" I've been in for a month has to GO!)

Think I must has slept through Thursday, because I don't remember just what I did.  Friday came and it was hair day.    I'm going to have to remember next time I need a color, I don't have to get  a cut too.  Look at how short!!!  Oh my.  It's a bob, I say!  The reason I'm  putting this pic up (indeed I am a little bleary eyed after happy hour with the hub) is because on Tuesday, I'm getting a Brazilian Blowout.  This is supposed to tame my unruly mane.  Here is my natural curl, dried with a diffuser on the blow dryer.  I cannot wait to see what it looks like just a tad straighter!  Oh yea, you're right, I have gained like 20 pounds since last fall!  UGH.
Saturday, I received a note from my friend Nadia that her father had passed that morning.  He passed in the same way mom did, and it broke my heart.  I lit a candle in his honor.  Sniffle.
Tonight, after dinner, the kid, hub and I took Frankie for a walk.  The weather was gorgeous.  I hope it stays cool.  I am so ready for Autumn.

K, all caught up.  Well, kinda.  I dont' think I'll ever finish my European trip posts!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Long Journey

For Nadia, Shyam and Asha who lost their father yesterday.

My heart breaks as you take your long journey.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Not My Usual Day

Union Station, Nashville, TN.  A different time, seems a life time ago.  Yet, not quite so long ago, say 1979.  Which is when our train station was closed.  This, I believe is where America went wrong in so many ways.  Yes, of course, we love our cars.  I mean, really love our cars.  But there is something so wonderful about being able to jump on a train and go!  "Yes, I'm taking the Humingbird to New Orleans!" "Or wait, maybe I'll jump on the Southwind to Chicago."  How perfect is that?  We're missing something, aren't we?????

Mid-day was normal enough.  I drove downtown to get some cd's.  I had noticed a week ago that this FYE shop had moved in to where the old Tower Records used to be.  I LOVE record stores!

JJ Grey & Mofro just came out with a new CD.  Yes, I had pre-ordered it, but I wanted a couple of extra originals to give away.  Great album by the by.  Warhorse, the title song, is perfect JJ Grey.

Since it was after 4 p.m., I called the hub and asked if he wanted to meet me for happy hour.  Of course, he did!  Ha. Stupid question.  I was right near the Gulch, so it was perfect.  In the distance  here is Union Station.  It used to be a train station (above time schedule) and is now a hotel.  Which is exactly where we ended up!

Heeeeeeeer's Johnny!  Who doesn't adore Jack.  How can you not look at that face and smile also?

Blueberry martinis seem to be the rave these days.  Hey, that's alright with me, by golly. 

That with funky decor?

Ya got me.


The lobby is amazing.  I could picture it, in its heyday, bustling with people going to catch trains. 

It is still beautiful.

I had never been to the Union Station Hotel.  Never.  I've lived in Nashville for almost ten years.  Go figure.  This too, my friends, is sad.  I need to explore more.

Just outside is The Frist, our art museum.  There are several great exhibits going on right now.  The Golden Age of Couture and Chihuly has an exhibit running until October.  Obviously, the building was the main post office in Nashville.  Reminds me so much of DC.  I do plan on going soon, honest.

And then it was dinner time, so we mosied over to Whiskey Kitchen

And had pizza.

And we were home before dark!  I loved this shot of the back streets where Whiskey is.  You can see Union Station in the background, and just to the right of that is the "batman" building.  See the bat ears?

I love hanging with the hub.  This new stage in our life is wonderful!



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