Monday, April 30, 2007

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Good Day for a Fair

Franklin is having it's Main Street Festival this weekend. The weather is picture perfect. Just beautiful. We went out last night to go to the amusement area but it wasn't in it's normal location. Hmmm. (Didn't think to look on the river front!) So we just went and ate the normal fair fare consisting of Italian sausage with onions and peppers and those potato chips they make fresh--talk about grease! We sat and listened to the live music coming from two stages at each end of the blocks. One had a Latin flair and the other was playing the old funk music that got the body (booty) moving. The hub, kid and I had a great time. The teenager was supposed to go with his girlfriend; but when we called him to see where he was, they had decided to go to the movies instead. Guess they prefer the darkness of the theatre--hehe, remember those days, when holding hands and an arm around your shoulder was to be done incognito. Lawdy.

I got up this morning, ran some errands and then headed downtown to check out the early-bird booths. There were some wonderful new exhibits, which always delights me. I was in and out before the crowds arrived. I "don't do" crowds much. At least, I try and avoid them whenever possible. I cant' tell you how excited I was to find on of my all-time favorite artists exhibiting in our little fair this year. I first found Jeri Landers when I moved to Tennessee and went to a fair in Rugby, TN. If you remember, she is the artist who does amazing scherenschnitte, (previous post here). Her whimsical artwork and use of animals reminds me of another fav, Jan Brett, who I also had the pleasure of meeting at a book signing here several years back. I was happy to see Jeri had published her book and, of course, picked one up. The illustrations in this book are amazing! I look forward to sitting down and reading it later today.

I got this little piece specifically for Riverside. It will go with my other artwork that I seem to be collecting there. It is entitled Home and Hearth and is by an artist named Emily Allison. I wasn't able to find any links to her online, sorry. Of course, I had to have it because my favorite number is 3! I loved the jacks embedded in the wood and the tape measure . . . oh, just everything about it is fun! (Just like Riverside!!)

I purchased a couple of fun magnets made by Rhanna Nyman, a fiber artist who combines her artistry with her grandmother's poetry. She had a beautiful display but, unfortunately, she does not want any of her work on the web in fear of it being used. Lordy, I sure am glad I asked if she minded if I take some photos. I try and remember that rule of thumb. There are just some artists that do not, under any circumstances, want their artwork online. And so, I can't show you anything of hers, which is a shame, because it is beautiful stuff, really. Oy.

The hub and kid went back out to the carnival today, since we couldn't find it last night. In the meantime, I finished planting my wave petunias and potted some plants for the porch. The beds still look pitiful, but I'm hoping in a month's time, the will fill in. I also put the ferns out on the top deck yesterday. Let's hope it stays warm from now on so they don't turn into the rest of the greenery around here--dead.

OH, oh oh, the kid's best friend is going to be on Desperate Housewives tonight! I think it may be the opening piece where he's going to ride his bike to Mrs. McCluskey's to ask her a question. Dun dun dun. We are soooo proud of him but miss having him here in da hood. He's in the original hood of LA, the little actor that he is. Sendin' a big ol' shout out to Masta J!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Little Trivia

At three minutes and four seconds after 2 a.m. on the 6th of May this year, the time and date will be:

02:03:04 05/06/07

This will never happen again.

Too cool. Thanks Aim for sending that to me!

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Weekend is Here!

The hub made it home safely from Chicago, and we are just about to kick it back and start the weekend. Sigh. Such is the life.

The sunset is just lovely tonight. (See the two hot air balloons in the bottom left-hand corner?) It's a little cool this evening, which I am loving. We'll have plenty of hot days ahead, so I am savoring the chill.

I finished a cigar box today and a couple more ATCs. I actually brought this Cuban cigar box back from Geneva last year. We went into a fabulous (two story) tobacconist so the hub could get some Cuban cigars (still illegal here in the states). When I saw the boxes, I couldn't help but tell the lady what I did with them--hoping she'd give me some, grin. She did. I lugged those things (empty, of course) all over Europe! Silly me. But I'm glad I did. They are extra special.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I still have some flowers to plant.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

This Little Piggy Went to Market

And this little piggy stayed home. I actually went out and had my little piggy's done today. Once a year (it seems) I get a really good pedicure--you know, the one where they use the razor to sling shards of dead heel skin all over the salon? I chose a color from the new OPI "Australia" collection--"Koala Beary-y." Too cute. I told the manicurist that I wanted to get a job naming these colors. How fun would that be? My other favorite colors are "Cha-Ching Cherry" and "Cajun Shrimp." Now, I can finally wear my sandals without my boot jeans covering up my heals, ew. Remember my post from last year. I still crack up when I see that. I hope my heels never look like this, ew (again). Always worth looking at though to remind us to keep an eye on such things. Like, gross me out. hehe. Perhaps a mailing is in order. Hmmmm.

The skies were gorgeous this morning. We never did get the rain we were threatened with. However, last night, we did have scattered thunderstorms. I was so excited! I love the sound of rain and thunder.

And this, my friends, is part of a swap I am working on. I won't give it away, but this is only the secondary part. I won't ruin it with posting a pic of the main piece. Will have to show you that later. I have had so much fun doing this though. Really had the mojo going tonight. The only part I despise is the mess I create while creating. Oy. Look at this! It looks familiar, doesn't it? The hub is out of town, so I'm going to finish up tomorrow adn leave everything where it is. I should get some ATCs done while I have everything out. We'll see.

Well, it's nappy time down south. Nighty nite, ya'll.

Now that it is totally over, I can show you the entire piece. I added a little removable ATC that sits inside the egg.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tea for One

These are mom's flowers of the month from brother Jim. Look at the tiny pineapples! Too sweet!! She was so excited to get the box today. Some things never change, do they?

I'm sitting down to do some paperwork and made myself a cup of jasmine tea. I found these "pearls" at a local tea shop and they are so refreshing--not to mention kind of fun to watch open. I haven't had these in a long time, and I was just kind of craving tea. Mmmm mmmmmm good.

Isn't this the truth. My sweet friend Lori from VA (not the crazy woman) gave this to me years ago. Smile.

PS Grandpa is still not cooperating. Tsk tsk.

Monday, April 23, 2007


You wouldn't really know it by looking at some of these pictures as I still have a LOT of stuff lying about. But, I can't tell you how much I put away. A lot! To me, anyway, it looks so much better. Phew! (PS, I may just haveto take this lamp down to Riverside. I'm liking the dragonfly theme there.)

I moved all my plants around so they can now enjoy the summer sun without getting burned up. I am amazed, there is absolutely nothing on my coffee table. I moved the copper tray over to the sofa table from there and now the coffee table is completely bare. Oh, I'm sure I'll find something to put on it. Perhaps a coffee table book or two? grin.

I transplanted my fountain from the kitchen to the corner of the family room and added some plants there and more "stuff" here and there. This is a straight shot from the front door and is very important for feng shui. I don't know why I chose what I did, but I'm sure with the water and plants, it has to be good. I'll look that one up later. (I have yet to post on feng shui. One day, I promise.) It sounds so nice in this spot as the trickling water echoes off the corners of the walls. I am able to do this only because Miss Bev is no longer with us and won't reek havoc on my display! I miss her shenanigans though. (Of course, we don't have any nests this year because she's not here. Last year, we had two or three at a time from April through to July; and she was on top of each and every one!)

Giggle, here's some more of that silly eyelash stuff I did along with the blinds. Lordy. I was on a tear, wasn't I? This doesn't bother me as much, as it looks more whimsical and minute. See Miss Bev's picture that my SIL Mary Jane sent me in memory of her? She was such a cutie. Just Friday, I received this memorial from our vets. I just cried. I tell you, lately, the floodgates have been open. I tear up at the slightest thing. I think my HRT needs'a'checkin'. Sniffle.

Here are the bookshelves. As I said, they probably look just as bad as when I started to you, but I guarantee, they aren't. I really did put a lot of stuff away, honest. Now, just don't open the cabinet doors beneath, or their may be trouble. But, no one needs to know that, now do they?

I even did a little rearranging in the study. I moved "grandpa" in there, the old crab that he is. He had quit working in the family room, and I never really liked where he was there anyway. I put him on top of my little secretary and he now refuses to work, again--what else is new? This was my mother's grandfather Dutch's. He was in the Civil War and returned shell shocked. He would always tell everyone to "Cover up those two old women. They keep looking at me." I suppose he was talking about the carvings at the top. Tonight, as I was coaxing him to work, I noticed some writing on the tin plate around the leveler at the bottom. I cannot, for the life of me, make it out. I need to take it to an Antiques Road Show. Wouldn't that be a hoot? But, anyway, he never started working for me tonight. He likes to be tilted to the front on his right side before he starts ticking. He absolutely drives me mad, the old coot!

The hub is in Texas, again; so I guess I'll head up to that great big bed and stretch out. I'm pooped!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

What Was I Thinking??

Obviously, I wasn't. A year or so ago, I went to an Holiday open house. Of course I came home with all sorts of ideas I wouldn't "normally" do. Must have been the Holidays or something. The next time I want to do something non-traditional, please just sit me down and have a chat with me.

I have never been "into" window treatments and have always preferred just basic blinds with a valance or cornice. I like a little lace on some windows to soften the blinds; but other than that, I don't do much else. Now I remember why. It gets OLD!

Please note the eyelash and bead embellishments I added to my lace blinds in my family room after returning home from that above-mentioned Holiday open house. Of course, the hub was out of town and there was no one here to say "Whoa girl!" And, having never embellished blinds before, I went for the heavy-duty permanent glue. Wonderful. I loved it. I even "antiqued" the cornice a little. I was so very proud of my accomplishment--for about, say, six months. Then, dun dun dun, you know--out of date. These eyelashes and beads have been bugging me for the past year. Today, I did something about it. It was no less an operation, I tell you. (Folks, never--I repeat, NEVER!--use permanent anything when it comes to decorating. You WILL eventually change your mind on the look no matter how much you love it at first, trust me.)

I first began tugging the stuff off these gorgeous linen blinds that I had purchased from a now-defunct catalog (Rue de France). Then I thought I better not pull too hard and ruin the linen. I sat and thought and thought. I didn't want to put any chemicals on the fabric so I thought perhaps heating the glue would soften it enough to pull the two layers off (yes, I did the beaded seam first then the eyelash seam on top). It worked, pretty much. I still had to exacto knife some and use tweezers to pull the tough little buggers off, all with the precision of a brain surgeon. It worked pretty well. Although you can notice (well, me, I can notice) where it was, I doubt most won't see a thing. I have tried to cover it up with the little cornice that came with the wood Venetian blinds. I also moved the white cornices over here and put the faux ones on the other two doors. It works.

I like it. I like that clean look, again. I think after returning from Riverside and looking around my house, it seems a tad "cluttered" to say the least. I think this week, I'm going to try and de-clutter my family room. It's looking overdone to me. Every time I see some tchotchke I must have, it normally ends up in the family room. I think the bookshelves are a little overrun with "stuff." (hehe, Please don't notice the Wisemen still out!)

This is my chore this week. Spread the wealth to other places. I am very reluctant to take any of my prized possessions to Riverside, Lord forbid there is ever a hurricane that demolishes it; but I think I have room to move some of this stuff to other places in the house--can any one say "box it and put it away?"

The hub is out back barbecuing for the first time this year! Yea. He is making grilled chicken. I can smell it and my tummy is just growling! Yum!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Spring Gardening

I finally broke down and redid my window boxes. I figure there is no way it can freeze again, can it? hehe. At any rate, I couldn't wait any longer, the ivy from last year was still hanging there, dead. Pitiful. (Note the half dead holly below the window, sigh.)

I had to find different annuals to use this year as my favorite little garden shop went out of business. I cry when another mom and pop shop goes out of business for the likes of Home Depots and Walmarts. Grrrrrrr. I truly try and use the smaller shops as much as I can when shopping.

Here is the sad state of my gardens. As I had mentioned, the last freeze really did a number on them. The new growth was in full swing when we had several days of below freezing weather. My rose bushes look as though they have bit the dust. I am going to cut them as far back as I can tomorrow and plant wave petunias around them to fill in.

Take a look at my nandina. Pitiful, just pitiful. Looks more like fall around my house! I guess I need to cut back all the brown, but I just don't know. We have never had this much damage from late freezing (not even frost, my friends). The holly has taken a beating also. They are all dropping their leaves like wildfire. My azaleas also look awful. They were gorgeous when we left for spring break. I mean, they were already budding and were going to have a beautiful show. Sniffle. (But do note the lily of the valley coming up! Yea!)

And speaking of wildfires, here is the holly that was involved with the smoldering mulch way back when. I knew we were going to lose that one. The people who put the mulch OVER the light is going to have to remove and replace it at some point.

The better news is that my peonies are budding. Oooh, finally, something is alive, it's alive! I can't wait for them to come into full bloom.

We hung the spider plants (that mom had taken care of all winter) on the bottom porch this morning and I set about some pretty potted plants here and there along side of the rocking chairs. It's beginning to look like spring, again. Let's hope it lasts a little longer this time.

Friday, April 20, 2007

A New Blog Found

I found this blog through one of yours yesterday, don't remember who just now. It is simplistically refreshing. I like this woman!

Go take a look. I think you'll enjoy it.

The Woman, the Man, and the Kid

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Riverside & Fairhope Steet Festival (March 2007)

View from kitchen window @ Riverside

These are the pics that the hub had on his laptop of Riverside. Since I've been longing for Riverside, I thought I would post entry this one. This was our first day at the new retreat; and the kid and I are totally mesmerised by everything. Sigh.

Here's the kid in the kitchen area as the sun begins to set.

Our new found friend Reese, our favorite neighborhood dog, who watched us carry everything up all those stairs then laid down to rest.

This is at the Fairhope craft fair that I have briefly mentioned. There were so many wonderful artists and I wanted to buy so many things. I enjoyed visiting Suzy Toronoto's booth. She has some wonderful prints with great sayings for women. You have to visit her site! I bought a few magnets for myself and friends and a couple of 5X7 prints. I bought myself this one (borrowed from her website). Wacky, indeed!

And speaking of wacky, here are some more of those crazy pelicans hanging around on the corners of downtown Fairhope.

A pleasant surprise was meeting up with Maggie Lindley from non-other than Franklin, TN. If you'll remember, she is the one who does the wonderful phrase artwork that I so proudly display now both here and Riverside (See here). When I approached her, I told her I loved her artwork and owned several pieces, that I came from Franklin and enjoyed seeing her at Franklin's Main Street Festival each year. She was so sweet, just as I remembered her. When I told her I had put her in my blog, she knew who I was! hehe. This blogging world continues to amaze me! I certainly had a chuckle over that. I can't wait until the festival here in a couple of weeks. I think I need a couple more. I carried my old "Cherish" canvas to Riverside and it is now hung in the old gun cabinet(ew), displayed beautifully.

This exhibit was fun. I wanted to buy a piece, but the price range was above what I could spend. Su Abbott had wonderful pieces that I still think about how nice they would look at Riverside. grin.

Here again is some of Sloane's work (like I know him!). I am sure I have more pictures of his booth, and I think the hub is holding out on me with some of my pics on his laptop! hehe.

Anyway, here is the other piece I bought. How appropriate for Riverside is this? If you'll notice, he uses all types of materials in his pieces. This one has an old Alabama license plate in it which fit the bill perfectly. It is now proudly hung over the fireplace mantel. The flag that I posted yesterday, he told us, has old pieces of his father's and grandfather's legal library book covers incorporated in it. You really must click on these to see the detail and "ingredients."

Yes, I just found more pics on the hub's computer. I loved this! Wish I had more info to share, but all I have is the photo.

These are some of Robert Griffis' pieces. I am definitely thinking about getting some of his canvasses for Riverside. The colors would work so well.

Here is the front hall as we left. Grab your tissues.



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