Sunday, April 15, 2007

Southern Women's Show, Nashville

I slept in today and then realized that there was a Southern Women's Show at the convention center. I took the "mothers" there several years ago; and there really wasn't a whole lot that I was interested in. But, with it being quite a boring weekend, I figured I'd drag my sorry butt out and get a little exercise in, if nothing else.

They had the usual "Help Me Love Myself" schlock--weight loss centers, Veta Vita Vegimens of every sort, and lots and lots of undergarments that make you lose ten pounds, boom--just like that! Imagine. There were some good causes mixed in with the normal women stuff--breast cancer donation center (where you get a little blinky pink ribbon to show your support), the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation had a booth and, although it's not in the same league, there was a Siamese Cat Rescue Center booth.

Which is where I found this little number (minus the cat, obviously, he's not Siamese). This has to be my favorite purchase of the day. Is it not the sweetest? Dave crawled right in and has been in his "bag" ever since I brought it home. Too cozy.

Over all, I got some more lavender oils (scents being my downfall), ordered some more vitamins from Juice Plus (which my mom has been taking for years after advice from her eye doctor--she has macular degeneration), a nail file (made from crystals---ooooh) and some hematite rings for the teenager (suppose to heal-uhhuh). I picked up some brochures from local merchants that I may need in the future and was in and out of there in about an hour. It was good to get out, I admit. Worth $10 at the door? Not really, but fun just the same. Better than sitting at home.
On my way out of town, the rains had stopped and the clouds were just beautiful. I took this photo of the old train station (with the tower), Union Station, which is now a hotel--of course. I have yet to step foot in here; but if it's anything like the outside, it must be breathtaking. Next door is The Frist, our local art museum. I was totally unaware that there was a Matisse and Picasso exhibit going on. I'm going to have start reading the paper more often. Duh.

The hub is cooking a turkey for supper which smells absolutely divine. I am totally starving! Yum. Maybe a pretzel will hold me over?


Susie said...

Love the photo of the old train station. Looks like your kitty loved his little gift

Connie said...

Totally worth the trip to make your cat so happy. Isn't it wonderful how me just crawled right in...Now my dogs would just not cooperate that good.

Take care,

"Early Bird" said...

I wish I could have gone with ya!

PEA said...

Sounds like an interesting event and you were able to find a few things you needed:-) I can see that the kitty bag sure was a hit! lol Love the pictures!! Like you, I need to read the paper a bit more often...apparently I've missed a couple of events around here already! Arrgghhh! xoxo

The Vintage Kitten said...
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