Saturday, April 14, 2007


Blah blah blah blah. That's about how I feel today. I want to do something, but I don't feel like doing anything. Ever have those days? What to do. My face is a little sore today, one of those dull-can't-quite-put-the-finger-on-it, ever-so-slight pain. Enough to just make you feel blah. It's also kind of tingly. Guess it's doin' its thing. Kinda rainy outside, not cold but cool. Another layer of blah.

These iris are our flowers of the month from my brother Jim. They are absolutely gorgeous. I am spoiled rotten. My other brother John sent me a new cd. I call him DJ Mixer John. I'm listening to it now. Fun! (Beck's Two Tone Devil with a Microphone is playing now, well, actually Kid Rock . . . )

The poor birds. The gold finches don't know if they should turn yellow yet or not. You can see the one on the railing has already turned, the one at the feeder is still deciding.

Our friend Fred came by this morning and mentioned they missed seeing my new pysanky. I didn't make a one this year. Last year was even marginal as these are the only ones I did then. Oh well. There's always next year, right?

Well, let's see how many Spring entries I can do this year! Think I'm up to three or four now. Lovely.


"Early Bird" said...

I've never heard of pysanky???
But it sure is lovely it is those eggs!
Awesome work!!
The iris are a breath of spring air to glad you posted those!!

Beth said...

Oh Rosie,,its been a dreary day but I have enjoyed it by doing some art. Now I am tired of art and just blogging. Did you hear we're suppose to have some flurries in the morning,,where the heck is spring? I am as confused as the finches! Hope your face feels better soon. And I love the pysanky!!! Hope to see you ya next week.

weirdbunny said...

You made those eggs !! How talented.
I think iris over here don't flower until may, I may be wrong though.
Thw sun has been like summer here today, sunbathing sort of weather which is truly bizzare for April. I should protect my skin this year. I was really interested to read you post about your skin. The last 3 years I have started delevoping little light brown spots/marks on my face from the sun I think. It's amazing how quickly my face is getting old all of a sudden !

purple cucumbers folk art said...

Thanks darling,I am going to turn it into a scrapbook recipe book.I love the orginal idea of adding her recipes.It will be filled with my art also done in pin and inks and maybe some watercolors.I am going to have it published and sell copies.I love your work,I am adding you to my links,do you wont to swap links?

Susie said...

Love the vivid bluish purple of the iris!
Absolutely screams springtime!!
Hope your "owie" is feeling a bit better

Mrs. Staggs said...

I'll tell you what my husband just told me, "You're spoiled, but not rotten"! I think you're just loved. Those iris are beautiful. I know how you feel. If I lived nearby, I'd come on over and we'd make something together. I bet that once you started you'd feel better. I have things I want to do that I keep putting off because I don't have the time and the energy both at the same time. You've put a lot of energy into Riverside lately. My other problem is that I usually become immersed in things and don't want to stop once I start, so I don't even begin. So much of my time is going other places right now. This weekend though, I just let some things go and enjoyed some things just for me. I started to make my first assemblage. Have you ever done that? I think you'd enjoy giving it a try.
I love your eggs and am amazed by how beautiful they are. I think you must have infinite patience to have created them.
I hope you will feel better soon.
Take care.

PEA said...

I wanna get spoiled...I have 4 brothers...they've never sent me flowers!! hehe The irises are just gorgeous!! Yup, I get those blah days too, especially when Spring is not arriving any time I'm typing this, we're getting more snow flurries. Sigh. Ooooh those pysanky eggs are have so much talent Mz. Rosa!!! I've never tried making them but I've read up on the process...sounds complicated to me! Hope your face isn't hurting too much more today!! xoxo

John Ivey said...

Glad you liked the CD!



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