Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Good Day for a Fair

Franklin is having it's Main Street Festival this weekend. The weather is picture perfect. Just beautiful. We went out last night to go to the amusement area but it wasn't in it's normal location. Hmmm. (Didn't think to look on the river front!) So we just went and ate the normal fair fare consisting of Italian sausage with onions and peppers and those potato chips they make fresh--talk about grease! We sat and listened to the live music coming from two stages at each end of the blocks. One had a Latin flair and the other was playing the old funk music that got the body (booty) moving. The hub, kid and I had a great time. The teenager was supposed to go with his girlfriend; but when we called him to see where he was, they had decided to go to the movies instead. Guess they prefer the darkness of the theatre--hehe, remember those days, when holding hands and an arm around your shoulder was to be done incognito. Lawdy.

I got up this morning, ran some errands and then headed downtown to check out the early-bird booths. There were some wonderful new exhibits, which always delights me. I was in and out before the crowds arrived. I "don't do" crowds much. At least, I try and avoid them whenever possible. I cant' tell you how excited I was to find on of my all-time favorite artists exhibiting in our little fair this year. I first found Jeri Landers when I moved to Tennessee and went to a fair in Rugby, TN. If you remember, she is the artist who does amazing scherenschnitte, (previous post here). Her whimsical artwork and use of animals reminds me of another fav, Jan Brett, who I also had the pleasure of meeting at a book signing here several years back. I was happy to see Jeri had published her book and, of course, picked one up. The illustrations in this book are amazing! I look forward to sitting down and reading it later today.

I got this little piece specifically for Riverside. It will go with my other artwork that I seem to be collecting there. It is entitled Home and Hearth and is by an artist named Emily Allison. I wasn't able to find any links to her online, sorry. Of course, I had to have it because my favorite number is 3! I loved the jacks embedded in the wood and the tape measure . . . oh, just everything about it is fun! (Just like Riverside!!)

I purchased a couple of fun magnets made by Rhanna Nyman, a fiber artist who combines her artistry with her grandmother's poetry. She had a beautiful display but, unfortunately, she does not want any of her work on the web in fear of it being used. Lordy, I sure am glad I asked if she minded if I take some photos. I try and remember that rule of thumb. There are just some artists that do not, under any circumstances, want their artwork online. And so, I can't show you anything of hers, which is a shame, because it is beautiful stuff, really. Oy.

The hub and kid went back out to the carnival today, since we couldn't find it last night. In the meantime, I finished planting my wave petunias and potted some plants for the porch. The beds still look pitiful, but I'm hoping in a month's time, the will fill in. I also put the ferns out on the top deck yesterday. Let's hope it stays warm from now on so they don't turn into the rest of the greenery around here--dead.

OH, oh oh, the kid's best friend is going to be on Desperate Housewives tonight! I think it may be the opening piece where he's going to ride his bike to Mrs. McCluskey's to ask her a question. Dun dun dun. We are soooo proud of him but miss having him here in da hood. He's in the original hood of LA, the little actor that he is. Sendin' a big ol' shout out to Masta J!


PEA said...

I LOVE fairs!! Sounds like you really had a wonderful time at this one and look at the delightful goodies you came home with! I started buying wave petunias a few years ago and really love the way they fill out a flowerbed. Today I bought a couple of African Violet plants at the Supermarket...I needed some flowers inside the house to cheer me up! lol xoxo

Susie said...

That fair looks like it was filled with goodies!!
Glad you had fun..
I'll be watching Desperate Housewives. We never miss it!!

Peggy said...

I just love fairs too and the food booths seem to call me away from the craft booths too much!

Dianne said...

I miss seeing your beautiful ferns from across the street.

The tulips are just starting to pop up here and the trees are filling in. I do believe spring is officially here and it's about time.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Wouldn't it have been fun, if all of us fair lovers could have gone with you? 'Course in a way we have! You found some lovely things. We have a real fondness for children's books in our family. My husband's mom has several bookshelves full and we have filled one floor to ceiling. I'll add this one to my list to check out. Your flowers are so pretty. I'm having coffee this afternoon with a friend at the cafe that is at our flower nursery....I'm going early so I have time to shop!

Beth said...

We went past the square on the way to Bama on saturday. It looked like they had a good crowd there. I can wait to see that other lady's art when I finally get to see you again!! I sure do miss You. Your flowers are looking awesome!!



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