Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mobile Bay

I'm already pining for Riverside. So is the hub and kid. Sigh.

The Pier is only a five minute drive from us and is situated right below the quaint town. We spent a couple of hours Friday afternoon here. It was a breezy and cool afternoon; and the white caps were in full glory. We watched the seagulls floating along and the purple martins holding tight to their homes as the wind blew. There are martin houses around the beach line which they lovingly called "The Purple Martin Riviera." There must be over a dozen houses hugging the shore here. It was fun watching them return from wherever they had been and trying to get in the holes before the wind blew them away.

Here the kid is looking towards Mobile. You can barely see it in the distance. The new pier is a beauty. The restaurant just reopened after much renovation in the aftermath of Ivan and then Katrina. Most of the private piers here in Fairhope have not yet been repaired. All you see are all the old pilings sticking up from the water. Kind of sad. I'm sure they hurriedly repaired after Ivan only to get smacked with Katrina. I don't blame them for putting it off. What a heart break those two hurricanes brought.

This will give you an idea of where are are. The kid is pointing to our location on the Fish River,; below it is Weeks Bay, then Mobile Bay and then you run smack dab

into the Gulf of Mexico. You can see, as the crow flies, we are not far from the sea at all. Not sure I'm ready to conquer that, but it's nice knowing it's there. I'm going to have to track down a copy of this map. I love the illustrations, especially the "oyster bed!" See all the oysters tucked away sleeping?

These tell you a little bit about the ecosystem here. There is quite an abundance of life.

And, this was the beautiful sunset that was given us on Good Friday. Breathtaking.


Peggy said...

What a peaceful place to spend every minute you can! I would never want to leave!

cityfarmer said...

This was a visual feast!!!!!

Raph said...

Very nice! It made me feel like Holidays at the office for 2 minutes!! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

That sunset looks like a painting. Thanks for sharing.

Take care,

Linda said...

It looks like an incredible region. I love the easter seaboard. I love the ocean, any ocean, for that matter.

Vallen said...

Nice trip back to a beautiful place. No wonder you miss it. Who wouldn't want to be there 24/7.

"Early Bird" said...

The sunset is beautiful! I know you must be enjoying yourself, I would be...I Love the Gulf!!

PEA said...

You're all going to end up wanting to live there permanently:-) Thank you so much for sharing all these pictures with us...that sunset is so beautiful! I would love to walk on that pier to watch it!! xox

Beth said...

OH I Love the sunsets on the Gulf side. That one is breathtaking. I have been to Gulf shores alot when I was a youngster,,lol. Haven't been in a while. Hope I get to visit with you there.



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