Monday, April 16, 2007

Din Din

I'm sitting here eating Melba Toast and an apple 'cause I am starving. The hub had to drive to Memphis today and he's coming home later than expected. Therefore, dinner is on hold.

Tonight, I made a classic kid's favorite. My mom used to make this on "off" nights which satisfied us just fine. We called it Hamburger Pie.

Just brown onions and garlic, add lean hamburger meat, brown. Remove access oil, season. Add your favorite gravy recipe/mix, pour into casserole dish, cover with biscuit dough (I used crescent rolls from the can this time), cook according to rolls' instruction and boom, done. (I like peas in mine, but the kid doesn't "do" peas--won't even pick them out-- Therefore, they go on the side.)

Oh, you can also use up the remaining dough as dessert. Just dip in margarine or butter (I'm kinda hooked on this "Smart Balance.") mixed with a little cinnamon/vanilla sugar, sprinkle with extra cinnamon and cook with the pie. Boom, done.

Now, if we could just get the hub home so we could eat!!! There's a piece of watermelon I'm eyeing. At this rate, I'll be done by the time everyone else eats. hehe.


PEA said...

Waddya mean he doesn't like PEAs????? lol I've never heard of Hamburger Pie but it sure sounds and looks delicious so will have to try it! As for the dessert...YUMMMMMO! Tell the kid PEAs are good for ya! hehe xoxo

cityfarmer said...

God bless the families this day and evening.

Janet said...

My daughter won't "do" peas either! I love them! And HB is using Smart Balance and says he really likes it.
That watermelon sure looks good to of my summertime favorites.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That's what I call comfort food! Yummy!
As a kid, I remember that I disliked peas and corn (I also used to pick them out), but now I love both!
Nothing's more horrible than to wait for people when the dinner's ready ;-)...

Dianne said...

Your poor hub has to travel so much! He must get exhausted.

I use Smart Balance but haven't tried it in cooking. Glad to know it works. Looks yummy.

Peggy said...

Now I am really hungry! That looks good and think I will try it soon. But in the meantime I need to go find something to eat. LOL

Vallen said...

This looks like what I will be having this wee. Yum! I haven't made a hamburger pie since the girls were little. Did you ever make that hamburger pie with tater tots and mushroom soup. Hey that's a good one too. I love all those "retro" recipes. Brings me back home.

lila said...

Very good looking's almost lunchtime here. We have been using a lot of Smart Balance too.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I've not been enjoying cooking so much lately for some reason, so simple, but good is my motto right now. I love extra dough sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and baked. My mom used to do that when she baked pies.
I feel so sad, because of yesterday. I think I'll get out into my garden for awhile today.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Oh boy! Does that ever look good Rosa!


Shop girl said...

Rosa, that looks and sound so good..I will try it. I get so bored with the same ole things. I think my guy will like it. Thank You for sharing. Watermelon,YUMMMMO!
Hugs, Mary



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