Saturday, April 21, 2007

Spring Gardening

I finally broke down and redid my window boxes. I figure there is no way it can freeze again, can it? hehe. At any rate, I couldn't wait any longer, the ivy from last year was still hanging there, dead. Pitiful. (Note the half dead holly below the window, sigh.)

I had to find different annuals to use this year as my favorite little garden shop went out of business. I cry when another mom and pop shop goes out of business for the likes of Home Depots and Walmarts. Grrrrrrr. I truly try and use the smaller shops as much as I can when shopping.

Here is the sad state of my gardens. As I had mentioned, the last freeze really did a number on them. The new growth was in full swing when we had several days of below freezing weather. My rose bushes look as though they have bit the dust. I am going to cut them as far back as I can tomorrow and plant wave petunias around them to fill in.

Take a look at my nandina. Pitiful, just pitiful. Looks more like fall around my house! I guess I need to cut back all the brown, but I just don't know. We have never had this much damage from late freezing (not even frost, my friends). The holly has taken a beating also. They are all dropping their leaves like wildfire. My azaleas also look awful. They were gorgeous when we left for spring break. I mean, they were already budding and were going to have a beautiful show. Sniffle. (But do note the lily of the valley coming up! Yea!)

And speaking of wildfires, here is the holly that was involved with the smoldering mulch way back when. I knew we were going to lose that one. The people who put the mulch OVER the light is going to have to remove and replace it at some point.

The better news is that my peonies are budding. Oooh, finally, something is alive, it's alive! I can't wait for them to come into full bloom.

We hung the spider plants (that mom had taken care of all winter) on the bottom porch this morning and I set about some pretty potted plants here and there along side of the rocking chairs. It's beginning to look like spring, again. Let's hope it lasts a little longer this time.


The Woman said...

I was feeling pretty depressed until I scrolled down and saw that big ole peony bud! LOL

Looks like the frost really did a number there. It got our pear trees, but nothing else seems to be any worse for wear.

Susie said...

The freezing weather hit our gardens pretty hard too. Once we pruned them way back, we found that there was some life left in them. Now many are sprouting new foliage. Glad to see your peony :)
I agree with you abt the Mom & Pop stores, they're becoming fewer and farther between...

"Early Bird" said...

I'm holding out for May 1...that's when I'll go buy me some annuals and do some plantin!!

Beth said...

Girl,, your window boxes look GREAT!!! Hey,,my rose bushes look horrible,,may have to get some new ones for Mother's day. Just trim your Azaleas and they will come back out and bloom next year. I think your Nandina's will too. I Love Peonys but mine never bloom. Not enough sun I think.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

From the looks of things in my garden, we also took quite a loss. My rosaes look pitiful, and I think I have totally lost all my lavender. We will still get some below freezing nights, tho, so I have to hold myself back at the nursery.



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