Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spring Flowers In Need

I am dying for some color here! I looked at some pics from last year this time--how depressing! We've had drought, heat, deep freezes; and it shows in our gardens. Not a piece of color and even most of the green is dying. The last freeze really did a number on all our new growth. I only hope the bushes and trees aren't as dead as they all look. Most of the evergreens are dropping all their leaves. Whaaaa. So today, I went out and purchased a couple of containers of pansies. Can't do much damage to them even if it does turn cold again.

I'm longing for Riverside; but I doubt I'll be able to get there for a while. I found four cheap kitchen table chairs today. Now, the hard part--a table. Of course, I don't have the measurements I need to purchase such things, including curtains. I do need to add some of those to the master bedroom nook since the hardware is already there--and {some} sun still gets through the plantation shutters in the morning. Guess I'm getting old, as it bothered me for the first time in my life. Light never bothered me before. It will also soften that area a little. Above is a piece I bought at the Fairhope craft show. It's by Sloane Bibb, and his stuff is just amazing. I actually purchased two of his pieces and hope to add to my collection at some point. To the right, here, you see us beginning a collection of treasures from around Riverside. If I would just get all those pictures off the hub's laptop! Gee whiz.

BOOM! Snap back to reality.

I'm behind on my chores here--laundry running amuck all over, beds unmade, breakfast still sitting about--what to do, what to do. Everything is still exactly as I left it this morning, and here it is already 5:30.

I have dinner going, sloppy joes with corn (only because that is how it was served for lunch in the Arlington County Virginia school system). What was your fav lunch combo from primary school? I'm even being lazy there. I tried a Baked Pork Chop recipe that turned out just horrible last night. (Do you know what a No. 2 1/2 can of tomatoes is?) And do you see where it says to cover the dish? Duh, I should have known better with rice. But obviously didn't so of course, it was all dried out. Oh well. So it's back to the same ol' grind tonight.

Ever have those periods of pure blahs? Guess I'm having one of those. Wouldn't say it's the black or blue cow hovering overhead, just down-right lazy, I suppose.


Mrs. Staggs said...

Yes, I'm having one right now too. I'm trying hard, but it's just not going away. Seeing your beautiful pansies has helped though.
I love your bedroom. The quilts of course, but that lovely rug too. I'm wishing that I had bought a similar one that I saw not too long ago. I would have liked it for the entry way.
No. 2 1/2 can? No, I've never heard of it.
I hope you are feeling better soon.

Susie said...

Love your pansies! I bought some today too. The postman delivered a lovely package for me!! Thank you so much. Who could be blue with that arriving!!
Sloppy Joes was my favorite school cafeteria dish, and I've pretty well perfected that recipe. A 2½ can is about 30 oz. It's a less than two of the smaller cans.. Love all your decor!!


I'm drooling over your cheerful laundry room with all of it's cupboards. Mine's about 1/4 the size.

Janet said...

Your house(s) always look great no matter if the bed is made or not! That wood piece is fantastic!

In school I liked the little tinfoil packets that had meat, potato, carrot, and onion inside. I don't know what they were called but I loved them. Wouldn't eat them now though!!

Anonymous said...

And the USB??? Do you know what a USB IS???
I don't sign... Of course you recognized me ;-) Ha! ha! (Just a game between us)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

We also had the same kind of weather when the buds started to show (weeks ago), but now it is very warm (25° C), sunny and nearly all the trees are flamboyant green!
I agree with Janet, your houses look great no matter what...

Vallen said...

You've just got the" Riverside Blues."
I love to cook but trying to come up with something terrific every night of the week is a full time job.
My favorite hot lunch at school was some goulash thing "Ground Beef Surprise" or some such thing - you know ground beef, tomato sauce and pasta with cheese on top. I still love that kind of meal.
And yes, your house is beautiful even with the beds unmade.

mrsnesbitt said...

What are sloppy joes Rosa?

LisaOceandreamer said...

I LOVE your home....beds unmade or laundry...who still looks beautiful. AND I'd freak out for that laundry room!
Riverside is definitely calling you!



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