Sunday, April 01, 2007

And With Spring Comes

. . . allergies! I looked out this morning to a breezy day. Snow? Nope, just pollen and small blooms. (These blooms were completely full yesterday.) Ahchew. I had purchased these essential oils on sale ($1.99 vs. $16.00!) months ago. I whipped the sniffle one this morning and sprinkled some on little pieces of flannel for the kid and I. Poor guy, he has really been hit hard this year. He's even had to use eye drops. Hopefully, this will help a bit.

Look what else I saw this morning. Like I have said, I haven't been home long enough to look around and seems like the caterpillars have taken over my tree, once more. I normally get rid of them before they get big like these by tearing the cocoons down before they hatch. Ew. Since I can't stand to kill anything and definitely don't use pesticides, I guess these guys will have a field day on my leaves this year. My own fault.

The skies were beautiful today. We were due thunder storms but they never materialized. We have some of the prettiest skies here. I could just sit and watch the clouds for hours. This was taken by the coffee shop looking towards the west side of our valley.

This is what I did today. I finally drug the ol' supplies out and made a couple of "London boxes." I lovingly call them "London boxes" because that is where I first saw this process--at Pollock's Toy Shop. They are so much fun to make. Of course, spring is the theme this day. Ok, now I am totally pining for London.


Peggy said...

love your london boxes. hope the pollen soon dies down so you and the kidster can enjoy the outdoors.

clarice said...

Yeah I can get on your blag and not get kicked off. I love your London Box !!! Clarice

LisaOceandreamer said...

oh the dreaded allergies of the season - I hope the essential oil helps.
Love your London boxes, I could seriously spend HOURS in that shop. I want to go back to the UK SO bad!!
I so adore how you've set out all your Easter and Spring things around your home. Everything you do is always such splendor to see.
oh and yes, I saw the plate at Riverside, I thought I commented. It made me feel so happy!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Love your London boxes!! :)

Dianne said...

Beautiful box! You're making me jealous with all of the blooming going on outside the window. Not jealous of the allergies however. If you can be sneaky (I know you can) look in my old backyard and see if the wisteria is still there. I'd cry if they cut it down.

Tell the kid I send my love and hope his allergies calm down.

"Early Bird" said...

I was just looking at the box you made for me today!! I'm keeping my cards that I get from my internet friends in it!
This one is very fingers are itching again
*big grin*!!

lila said...

I like you "london box"!!!

Our blossoms here are being over taken by leaves but we still have oak pollen to deal with. It is not easy being allergic!

Connie said...

My dear you are just so talented. I love this creation you call a London Box. Such detail and vibrant colors used can't help but catch everyone's eye.


Mrs. Staggs said...

This box is magnificent! Wow!
Spring has definitely arrived at your house in the most delightful ways. Tulips and bunnies and this wonderful wallpaper is perfect for you! I've really enjoyed seeing it all. Lilacs are definitely right up there with wisteria. I'm counting the days 'til mine bloom.

Linda said...

Have you tried Claritin for allergies. I have always suffered and it works for me. Plus I use a cortison nose spray during the really bad part of the season.
Love the box-it is really beautiful.

Mom Called Me Sadie said...

Love the box!! Its so charming. I found a cigar box at Big Lots. I need to run back and get it. Thanks for the inspiration! Ahhh chooo. See? I get those sneezies too.

PEA said...

My son Corey suffers from seasonal allergies and he sneezes up a storm when this time of year arrives. I sympathize with anyone who suffers with this!! Ugh, caterpillars...we have a problem with them every year but not this early, usually in June. Oh how I love your "London boxes"...beautiful!! Love the little eggs you put in the corner:-) I also enjoyed seeing all your wonderful Easter decorations in your previous post!!! xox

Beth said...

No more pollen after this cold spell we are going to have,,had to cover all my babies tonight, brrrrr! Miss ya Rosie,,have fun at Riverside this week-end!!!

cityfarmer said...

Poooor baby!!! achew!

weirdbunny said...

I just clicked on your London box picture to make it bigger. It's wonderful. That's the best Easter decoration I've seen so far this year !!!



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