Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spring, Again?

It has warmed up a bit today, after the much-needed rain this afternoon. It was sad to come home from Riverside to find all the new growth of last week brown and shriveled from the freezing temperatures we had missed. This was the last picture I took before leaving Riverside. Sniff sniff. This bunch of day lilies and iris is located on the back of the house--the front being the river side. This tree is also in the back and this is where the wisteria is entwined. There were still a couple blooms waiting for me--if you look really close at the bottom.

Here are some pics of the shutters that were installed while we were there this weekend. What a difference. This is the kid's/guest room on the left and mom's/guest room on the right. I can't tell you how much these shutters add to the place. Beautiful. Every night, before I fall asleep, my mind starts turning on what else I can do with the place. It's so much fun to dream.

This is the master bedroom. I painted the little alcove the softest of blues to match the sky. Enough of that ugly woodsy green. I'll have to do the rest of the room (haven't decided what color yet) upon our return. Now, we are able to sleep in as the sunrise doesn't interupt our sleeping slumber. You'll notice the screens leaning against the wall there. For some unknown reason, none of the windows have screens. These are new Anderson windows, go figure. I'll have to look into that once we get back there. (You see, the wheels on the bus go round and round . . . ) To the right is the master bath. Again, what a difference these shutters make.

Here is the side of the house where you can see the development of the ramp. I can't wait for that to be finished so the moms can come down. I tell you, the stairs here scare even me! Two of the three are very steep and straight down. I have been paranoid since mom's fall a couple of weeks back. I can't seem to get that picture out of my mind. Look at the air conditioner units raised. We get occasional flooding here, duh. This area will also be fenced in for the dogs. It will have an entrance through the screen porch to get in and out of. That way, we can just open the door and let them out. I've learned that rule over the years!

(Note: That SUV is a RENTAL! I don't "do" SUVs on the norm, I promise.)


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Thanks for making me dream! Your house looks beautiful. I love the master bath with it's window (I always wanted a bathroom with a window)...

Dianne said...

It can become endless, can't it? It looks so pretty.

I have the husband talked into taking a trip there in August. He is in hopes of me visiting during the hotest month so maybe my desire for a river front home will go away. Good stradegy and I get a trip out of it.

mrsnesbitt said...

I need to decorate................but I am in the garden at the moment, thinking about what to do! LOL!


"Early Bird" said...

I love shutters...I used to imagine I lived in a house with shutters when I was a child!

Vallen said...

Nice, very nice. SHutters are the best. We have them in every room. They just look so neat and work so well. The place is going to be a the feature of Coastal Living or something I can just tell.

PEA said...

Oh I so LOVE those shutters! I would never have thought of using those instead of curtains...what a very wonderful idea!! I wanna move in with youuuuu!! hehe xox

Beth said...

Its looking wonderful Rosie,,I love the shutters too. You are gonna love that place so much, well you already do don't you?

Mrs. Staggs said...

Shutters have always been my one of my favorite window treatments. I've always preferred simple on the windows. Nice that you won't have to fuss with them. They really look nice in this house Rosa.
Oh and the whole age spots thing and all....I know, it's starting with me too. :>(

~Nancy~ said...

I am a new visitor and have been reading back a bit. Not sure if you have named your place yet but one name kept popping into my thoughts as I read and looked at all your neat pictures:

"River's Bliss"

I just love that word anyway....~Bliss~
It is just a happy word to me.

Hope you find YOUR bliss there!



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