Thursday, April 12, 2007

You're So Vain

I finally broke down and had my first treatment for rosacea and sun spots. Yea! I have been wanting to do it for years (thanks Dianne) as my face is getting redder and redder and I am getting more "age spots" as we speak. Just in the last couple of months, these "connect-the-dots" spots have appeared going down my face. (What is with that?!) It is driving me crazy! It's hell getting old. At this point, makeup doesn't even hide the broken capillaries formed by the blushing of rosacea. Lovely. (Before shot.)

I decided on IPL, intense pulse light, as it seems to be the least invasive. I set up my appointment and went today at noon.

The technician puts this really cold gel on the face, covers the eyes and puts the little wand up to your face. They say it feels like a rubber band smacking you, I liken it to a needle going in, just a very short, sharp, split-second pinch. Ouch. It hurt, I tell you. It goes by very quickly, which is the saving grace of the process. I would say they "hit" you probably a dozen times. It's one of those things, you don't like it but it is needs to be done.

(After shot--guess I was expecting blood and bruising--what a baby!) I had it done a little over an hour ago, and now it just feels dry and looks like I was in the sun for a little today, just a tad red--what else is new. I go back in a month to have the same routine done again. I'm hoping to get rid of most of the Scottish ruddiness I have once all the treatments are done (4 in all). Let's hope.

I know, I'm really not the vain type. But lately, as I look in the mirror and see all the broken capillaries and new "spots," it just drives me crazy.

Now, all I have to say is "Face." I can hear the hub and kid now. hehe.

For my own record--one day after.


John Ivey said...

"It's hell getting old." Reminds me of someone in our past! I've been getting a little bit ruddy myself. My cheeks are rosy. But what are the odds of Rose getting rosacea? Roadblock, I guess. Don't forget to check out my new blog.

PEA said...

I love playing connect the dots!!!! lol Awwww Rosa, getting older is no fun is it...I look in the mirror and I wonder where that bright eyed smooth skinned girl has gone it's wrinkles, age spots and circles under the eyes! SIGH! I do hope the treatments help with your rosacea!! xoxo

Beth said...

Oh I can relate to the "hell getting old". That sounds painful Miz Rosie,,needles going in? Yikes!! But if it makes you feel better then I am all for it. Hope to see you next week. I have a conference in Brentwood starting on wednesday. Maybe lunch on Thursday since I will be close?
I will write you!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear how this works out for you. My husband has this and it is so uncomfortable for him. He sees a dermatologist but he just give him a very, very exspensive topical cream.

Good Luck my friend.


Dianne said...

Good for you, Ro! You will be amazed at the outcome after all the treatments and the great thing is the IPL stimulates new cell growth along with getting rid of problem areas. What's a little pain for beauty? LOL!

Will visit you but will not stay at your house! The hub is weird about that so I hope you can be there the same week end we visit.

Mom Called Me Sadie said...

I have a friend who did that. Worked!
You look blushfully pretty.

"Early Bird" said...

Wow...sounds painful...but we women want to look and feel good so we do what it takes don't we?

Janet said...

Getting old! You're just a kid!! That procedure sounds a little too painful for me. I'm a real "chicken" when it comes to pain....I have a couple of age spots on one cheek but I figure I've earned them!

Shop girl said...

You are a brave soul, I use Metro Cream (not sure of spelling)and it works well for me SO Far. I will stay in touch and see how this works for you. I think you are beautiful, being a woman is not easy. HUgs

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