Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another Post

I've become so bad with writing posts, I can't even think of titles anymore. How pitiful is that? Pretty darn. All the royal wedding hoopla has made me miss being close to family. I finally found a box to hold my brother Jim's "candid" photos he gives me. Of all the places I looked for some type of photo-safe containers online, the only store who had anything remotely what I was looking for was Paper Source.  Go figure. Which reminds me, one is soon to open in Nashville! Yay! I found out that little tidbit while I was in Portland.

We've had beautiful weather since the storms came through earlier in the week. I've even been doing a little gardening and sprucing up the place a tad outside. I haven't done that in about two years. Maybe my mojo is returning. Let's hope.

Another beautiful weekend is upon us. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Come In," She Said

"I'll give you shelter from the storm."

We had a very long day of storm-after-storm hitting the mid-south yesterday. Just south of us, in Alabama, they had over 100 tornadoes touch down. I hope everyone is safe and has only minimal clean up. We were very lucky, again. My heart goes out to those who were not so fortunate.

Update: Seems the little fellers were waiting for the storms to pass because today, they were fluttering about testing out their new gear! It was precious to watch as mom and pop squawked commands (I guess). Bella got outside in the middle of the flying lessons, and I had to quickly catch her before momma pecked her to bits. Bless her little heart (momma, not Bella--Bella had evil things on her mind).

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

 Happy Easter, y'all!

Hope it was blessed.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday

Another week has passed me by. I find it so difficult to write all my doings down in post form these days. Ugh. As usual, so many pictures to share, just can't seem to sit down and write around them. Well, I'm trying! We had a cool and rainy week which brought all of my lilies of the valley out in full force. Oh, I adore those tiny, white bells. They remind me of mom (Lillie) and my Aunt Mary, her sister, who had an amazing abundance of lily of the valley in her gardens. Awwww.

Saturday, April 16, was Record Store Day. I grabbed the hub and we made our way down town. We first drove by our usual record store, Grimey's; but the line getting into the parking lot (where the sale was taking place) was around the block! Um, I don't think so. So we continued on our merry little way down the street to Third Man Records. TMR was started by Jack White (of White Stripes fame). It just so happened that Jack was recording a live session for Jerry Lee Lewis this day.  I love Jerry Lee Lewis and even met him back in the 70s when my parents were always at a country music show--which meant that I had to go because I was a girl and my brothers couldn't be trusted to "watch" me. lol Probably a good move on my parent's behalf, but I hated it! Country music? Blech. But bad ass Jerry Lee Lewis? Always loved him. Shoulda been the Elvis of the time, but we all know he messed that one up! 
Of course, the JLL tickets sold out very quickly for the the small studio inside TMR. Then I find out that more tickets went on sale, with proceeds going to charity. Missed that sale too. Ha. Then, I find out the entire show was moved outdoors across the street in a parking lot!  The show wasn't supposed to begin until 5, but I knew we wouldn't be able to stay that long because, after all, it was the kid's junior prom night!

It turned out to be a very COLD day. Windy and no sun. And I don't think it was expected, because not too many of us were dressed for the wind. 

 But once we spied the Grilled Cheeserie truck, we got all warmed up inside. 

Literally, it did warm us up! I had the pimento cheese and bacon grilled cheese. Yum! 

We watched as Jack White was the first recipient of the Music City Ambassador Award presented by the Mayor. I got too excited and missed this shot and videoed it instead. Lawd, help me. Loves me some Jack.

The Killer's piano unveiled. Oooooh, aaaahhhhhh. Well, with all the waiting in line, we never did make it inside to buy any of the special stuff only on sale for the day. We had to get home as the afternoon was fading fast. The kid had his Junior Prom, and we had to get home! First things first!


I so loved making the kid's boutonniere with the Lily of the Valley from the front garden. He was so handsome. Sniffle. My baby.

Ok, so I wake up Sunday and read that the evening show with Jerry Lee had been postponed because of the weather messing with the instruments. The show was going on Sunday! Of course, I grabbed the hub again, and off we ran! Just in time.

Jerry Lee could still tickle those keys and his voice has held up amazingly well for his 75 years. He sang two faves, Whole Lotta Shakin' and Great Balls of Fire. The hub and I were definitely shakin' it up!

Here is Jim Keltner's drum set. Keltner has played with just about everyone--all four of the Beatles (even played along side of Ringo for the Concert for Bangladesh), Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Roy Orbison, Stones, etc. If those drums could talk, huh!

"I'm thinking about my door bell ringing. When ya gonna ring it? When ya gonna ring it?" Loved the doorbell notice.

And the Third Man Monkey Band! Yay. We finally made it into the tiny shop. Yay!

 Loved the decor in the little space.

And then we were hungry. We moseyed on over to the Farmer's Market and finally found our Waffle Man!

 Swing dancing going on inside one of the buildings. Too much fun to watch!

 We made it home and I listened to some of my new albums! Yaya.

Monday came and The Latin Wagon came to a neighborhood near me! Frankie and I ran over when we heard and got us some grub.

Tequila Lime Chicken Burrito w/fries. Oh dear, with hot sauce! It was amazing.

Now on to this weekend! Brawhahahahaha. It will be hard to beat last week! But, we're trying!

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Hog Log

In our teenage and early twenty-something years, we used to have Redskins' parties and watch the game. (I much rathered eating and socializing than watching the game. In trouble now!) Sometimes, mom would make a chocolate refrigerator cake, which we lovingly named The Hog Log, in honor of the Redskins' offensive line, the Hogs.

I haven't made this thing in years! And it's so easy and tastes like a big ol' Oreo cake, but not as sweet. I found some chocolate-mint wafers and stacked them as the first two layers before the darker chocolate ones. Yum.

Voila. I've been promising the teenager's GF that I was going to make one. Promises, promises. But finally, one is chilling in the fridge waiting for their arrival tomorrow sometime. Yay. We have a Cherry Blossom Festival to go to.  Another pang in my heart for that, also. Of course, the Cherry Blossom Parade in DC is one of the highlights of the year. (I've never, ever been to one, as it's also the busiest day for the family photography business at the Capitol building--I always had to work!!) I can't wait to see what little ol' Nashvul has in store for us. Hope to get lots of pics tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow, the kid (sniffle) is going to his Junior Prom. Sniffle. He has his tux, sniffle, and I'm going to make his boutonniere out of Lily of the Valley from our garden. They remind me of mom and her sister, Mary. Sniffle. Will take pictures of how that turns out! Never made one before, but how difficult can it be? Truly. Sniffle.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Street Food

Before leaving for Portland, I did my research on food carts around the city. The kid and I did make our way to them and had a most wonderful lunch. I chose this cart, sorry, I don't have the name (shame on me!). The gent was making pita sandwiches from local produce and meats; so I chose his cart.  Unfortunately--well not really--but the three folks ahead of me got the last of the pita. "Who needs pita?" And this is what he dished out for me.

He threw a big ol' slab of meatloaf on the foil, smashed potatoes and a mustard white gravy. You could have knocked me down. So you see, it wasn't unfortunate at all not having pita. You agree? Talk about food for the soul.

The kid chose The Frying Scotsman to prepare his lunch; and the gent truly was Scottish. His brogue was so thick, he had to repeat himself several times to me. Fish and chips were, of course, his specialty. (No pics as the kid had almost finished his by the time I got back to our little spot on the block; but y'all have seen fish and chips before.)

We passed The Grilled Cheese Grill several times in the Alberta neighborhood where we took our classes. Did we stop and eat there? No. Did I see it on TV after returning home and want to kick myself? Yes. Listen to this: grilled cheese with mac & cheese, pulled pork and caramelized onions. Ok, next time, for sure!

So, yesterday, I'm sitting around reading the local City Paper and find out that Nashville has its own food trucks. Wha? Where? Who???? Guess I've been living under a rock. In fact, I have. I've been calling myself a hermit. Guess I'm going through a stage. ha. Regardless, looky at what I've dug up! Who knew?

Barbie Burgers
(No photo, but just think pink camper with barbies on top. Too cooooool.)

And I am extremely happy about our latest addition to the caravan, Taste of Belgium. You know I'm gonna be on this one lickety split!

I've enjoyed finding some new local bloggers while researching all these places today. That's always a bonus.

I'm hoping the hub and I can go testing later in the week. Will let ya know. Wink.

PS Sorry, but most of these wagons only had Twitter accounts. I do not.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Rainy Afternoons

What do you do to relax on a stormy afternoon in spring? 
Bella likes to lie around.

Me?  I prefer getting my hands onto something, say a felted bumble bee?

I finally received my box from Pendleton's in Portland. Yay. I have all kinds of roving (wool) and books and kits to keep me busy for quite a few stormy afternoons. Beth and I are trying to get together later this week. Hopefully, we'll have time to make some little felt characters together! 

Buzz buzz buzzzzzzzzz.



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