Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Street Food

Before leaving for Portland, I did my research on food carts around the city. The kid and I did make our way to them and had a most wonderful lunch. I chose this cart, sorry, I don't have the name (shame on me!). The gent was making pita sandwiches from local produce and meats; so I chose his cart.  Unfortunately--well not really--but the three folks ahead of me got the last of the pita. "Who needs pita?" And this is what he dished out for me.

He threw a big ol' slab of meatloaf on the foil, smashed potatoes and a mustard white gravy. You could have knocked me down. So you see, it wasn't unfortunate at all not having pita. You agree? Talk about food for the soul.

The kid chose The Frying Scotsman to prepare his lunch; and the gent truly was Scottish. His brogue was so thick, he had to repeat himself several times to me. Fish and chips were, of course, his specialty. (No pics as the kid had almost finished his by the time I got back to our little spot on the block; but y'all have seen fish and chips before.)

We passed The Grilled Cheese Grill several times in the Alberta neighborhood where we took our classes. Did we stop and eat there? No. Did I see it on TV after returning home and want to kick myself? Yes. Listen to this: grilled cheese with mac & cheese, pulled pork and caramelized onions. Ok, next time, for sure!

So, yesterday, I'm sitting around reading the local City Paper and find out that Nashville has its own food trucks. Wha? Where? Who???? Guess I've been living under a rock. In fact, I have. I've been calling myself a hermit. Guess I'm going through a stage. ha. Regardless, looky at what I've dug up! Who knew?

Barbie Burgers
(No photo, but just think pink camper with barbies on top. Too cooooool.)

And I am extremely happy about our latest addition to the caravan, Taste of Belgium. You know I'm gonna be on this one lickety split!

I've enjoyed finding some new local bloggers while researching all these places today. That's always a bonus.

I'm hoping the hub and I can go testing later in the week. Will let ya know. Wink.

PS Sorry, but most of these wagons only had Twitter accounts. I do not.

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Jeanie said...

The grilled cheese grill and the grilled cheeserie? You had me at hello!



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