Sunday, December 31, 2006

Winter Wonderland

Won't say much, but WOW. It is gorgeous here. But, I'll leave it up to you to see for yourself.

Happy New Year everyone, almost!

Nightime at the ice house on Lake Louise, complete with fire. Sigh

Morning on the lake.

I love these guys!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Writings, Rock and a Little Roll (and More Angels to Watch Over Us)

As you can see, my kitchen table is full of cards, envelopes, pictures and addresses, etc. Yep, it's that time of year for me -- New Year's cards. I don't stress out during Christmas trying to get them out but I sure do enjoy writing after Christmas so I can comment on what every one has been up to during the year. This year, I even took pics of the boys and mom to send out! I haven't done that since we first moved to Tennessee over five years ago! Folks will be amazed to see how big they have grown! It even amazes me when I look at the pictures myself. My babies. Pout.

My brother's gift(s) to me arrived today. We are both (actually, all of the siblings) are quite music oriented. If we don't play an instrument, we are enthralled in one type of music or another--an attribute from our dear mom and dad. Anyhoo, Jim (who picked my name for presents) sent me The Led Zeppelin four disk anthology! I am rockin', let me tell you! Hearing songs I haven't heard in many moons! My poor mom is below the stereo, and I'm sure she is wondering when I'm going to turn "that stuff off!" I may just have to move it over here to the computer and spare her. I am having way too much fun not to have it on! In addition to my Led Zeppelin, he also gave me Bruce Springsteen's box set! Woohoo. When we were growing up, I hit EVERY Springsteen concert within a three hour's drive. I must have seen him 10 times, at least, no kidding. (Led Zeppelin three times.) Truly thought I was going to marry the guy (Bruce, that is). That is, until the pre-hub stepped in from New Jersey instead--I got my Jersey boy in the end. My brother threw in a bonus disk also, the new Beatles compilation "Love" that was done for Cirque du Soleil and produced by George Martin and his son. I've heard several songs on the radio and have loved every one. Now, that's one trip I would visit Las Vegas for, just to see that show.

No on to the roll. Yesterday, the teenager was involved in a fender bender. Scared me to death. He was driving down the road and an older couple cut right in front of him. He didn't have time to stop and just broadsided them. No one was hurt, thank God. Both the hub and I arrived at the same time to sign off on the paramedics that he was fine. The old gentleman driver sure looked scared. He admitted it was his fault and was so glad the teen was ok. We are all fortunate. His wife was in the passenger's seat that got the most damage. They are so lucky a big ol' SUV wasn't barreling down the road. The teenager doesn't want to drive now. I think it really shook him up. Poor guy. It knocked both headlights out so the car will have to be in the shop as soon as the other insurance people agree to pay. I've been through that drill before. I've been hit twice since moving here. Both times, our insurance tries to push it through before the other folks agree to pay. Uh uh. Wasn't born yesterday. I can wait, thank you very much. I don't want this going on the teenager's record.

So folks, you see, it's been a busy couple of days. We are off to Lake Louise in Canada on Saturday; so I need to start compressing all that ski gear so it will fit in a suitcase! What fun. We will spend New Year's there and then were off to NY for Ukie Christmas on the 5th. We are truly in need of some snow, I tell ya!

We have more angels looking over us this week. Special prayers go out to my friend Pam who just lost her mom after a fifteen year fight with Alzheimers and to Mary Jane's daughter-in-law who just lost her father quite suddenly. More heartbreak, I'm afraid.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Out with the Old, In with the New

That seemed to be the theme this year from Santa. He's such a wise old man.

My ancient cell phone (which I rarely use anyway) was replaced with a new fancy schmancy one. The hub got it free ($50 then a $50 rebate) with the program we have with the company. My old one's battery was just about dead after having it for about five years! As anyone who knows me will agree, you can never get me on the cell which drives my family insane. I keep it in my car for emergencies and that's about it. With the new phone, if I don't answer (which I don't if I'm driving . . . so you do the math), it transfers to the home number where I will get the message. I'm bad, I know, but I just hate cell phones. But it is nice to have in case I really do need it one day.

My next upgrade from Santa was Photoshop CS2. I had the old Elements 4, so this will be a good upgrade! Yay!

The hub normally gets me a piece of art for Christmas. Last year, I received an oil painting from Haiti. They have the most colorful artwork there. This year, it was a little more local--two Nashville artists.

This is by Emily Miller. Hers is an acrylic. I love architecture, as you should know by now. Don't know where this is going, but you know I'll find the perfect spot!

Not only do I love this artist's name, but her work is extraordinary. Streater Spencer's -- LOVE IT! -- piece of the angel is just lovely, isn't it? I've moved it around and haven't decided where to put it yet either.

My friend Linda from Virginia knows me pretty well. She sent me a beautiful paperweight to hold all my flying papers down! Isn't it pretty?

It was a wonderfully quiet Christmas day full of food and naps, food and naps. The hub made a marvelous meal of filet mignon and lobster tails for Christmas dinner. (Was so hungry, forgot to take pics!) Then it was a yule log for desert. Yum. (NO, I didn't make that! In my dreams, perhaps!!)

Christmas Eve, I did bake some cookies. I took a batch over to Walgreens (the teenager was working, poor souls) to cheer them up. They were enjoyed, believe me! Also made a batch for us, of course.

One of the hub's brother always sends us some wonderful NY delicacy. This year it was pizza! It was soooo good! I always tease the hub when we're up there. He always turns his nose up to any pizza he has, "It's not 'NY pizza'." We have yet to find a place in NY that has "NY pizza" since we've been married. The closest is in Hoboken, (NJ) across the Hudson! This was good NY pizza though, I have to admit. The hub's off the hook for a while thanks to his brother Steve! This was our Christmas Eve dinner.

Here's a pic of mom at 5 in the morning opening presents. (The rest of us are totally unpresentable at 5 a.m.!) Here's Dave looking at the newest family member with curiosity. This was the kid's favorite present. A little mechanical bluebird. He's so easy!

Hope everyone enjoyed their day. Now, on to working in Photoshop CS2! Phew!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas 2006

Ho Ho Ho

Waiting for Santa

This has been our tradition for 16 years. This is the teenager's baby cup and plate. Each year, we put out a cookie and milk for Santa in hopes that he takes a breather in between houses!

Friday, December 22, 2006

How Beautiful

Another beautiful sunset in Franklin.

I tell you, I am so lucky to have so many wonderful friends online (and elsewhere too, of course!). I received a package today from Shelley and Beth. Enclosed were beautiful home-made Christmas cards and lovely ATCs. Now, Shelley has just started making ATCs; and it looks as though she's been doing it all her life! Take a look! Of course, the picture doesn't do it justice. Then take a look at her card she made. It is just so pretty. Thank you Shelley!

Then, there's Beth's. Her ATCs are always so special. This one has pearls and glitter and is just beautiful. Then, her card. Such talent out there, I tell you! Thank you Bethy! Beth and I are going to get together soon, and I am SO looking forward to that!!

Earlier in the week, I recieved a wonderful set of cards from Kansasrose! Look at these marvels! I love them!! Of course, my fav is me in the Swiss Alps. If only I looked like that!! hehe. Thank you, thank you, thank you, KR!

The light over the kitchen table is looking so fun and festive, thanks to so many friends. If you look closely, you'll find a wooden acorn and hand-made Merryville angel from Mrs. Staggs, lovely peace cranes from Lorna, faery stars from Paula, a beautiful crystal star from Shelley and who knows what else may see peeking through all that Christmas garland! Is it not the best? It is simply magical. I am enjoying it so thinking of all of you at this special time of year.

Two last (random) shots. Dave, zen like, on the kid's lap. Too sweet. I want some of whatever he's taking! That is way too relaxed!

And Roo Dog was bad. Doggy Santa is watching you too, don't forget!

Angry Santas

It wasn't a good scene out here in Cool Springs this morning. All I wanted to do was get one more last gift off. The roads were a mad house. People honking and snarling and being downright rude. (We don't honk and snarl around these parts, thank you very much.)

People! Calm down. You'll get where you're going just like everyone else! C'mon, be merry and let things fall into place! Smile, even if you have to pretend you're happy, flag at least one person in front of you, and always give a thank you wave if someone lets you in! Tiz the Season! Chill peeps!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

This is What I'm Talking About

Awwwww. Hope everyone is able to enjoy the Season. Take a breather, get a cup of tea and a cookie--breathe.

Tell anyone who questions it that Rosa said to do it! And that's the truth (insert Edith Ann raspberry here)!

Only one day left 'til Friday!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Time at Rosa's

Well, I think everything is set for Christmas. I sent out all my packages, finished shopping and the house is as decorated as it's going to get. I'm done early this year! Really! I am!

Today was a cloudy day, so you can tell some of these pics are from previous days when it has been gorgeous outside. We've had unusually mild weather. No complaints.

I've been receiving some wonderful goodies in the mail. First I received my stocking swap from Sombra. Look at all the wonderful goodies stuffed in the stocking! It was a lot of fun doing this. Thanks Sombra and thanks Peggy for pulling it together!

Next came a surprise package from Merryville! What sweet treats the box contained. Mrs. Staggs sent me one of her lovely hand-made snowmen. It fits right in with my little town.

Too sweet!Next came a surprise package from Merryville! What sweet treats the box contained. Mrs. Staggs sent me one of her lovely hand-made snowmen. It fits right in with my little town. Tucked inside the box was a special little snowflake. How precious! She also sent me this lovely little wreath which I have hung on one of my doors. I can't believe how talented that Mrs. Staggs is. (I think living in Merryville has something to do with it.) As promised, she sent a copy of The Snowman Story we all pitched in and wrote. It was wonderful seeing it in hard copy. What a wonderful idea. Thank you Lena for everything. It was such a lovely surprise.

Then, I received a very special package from far away lands (England) where little elves and faeries live. A little box full of magical trinkets were sent from my Secret Faery Paula. Do go and visit her blog. It is so lovely. When I first opened the box, magical faery dust came out in a poof! It was so much fun, I felt like it was my birthday! (Told you I keep on celebrating!) First, I came upon a little booklet in which my faery wrote the sweetest little note and drew such a lovely sketch for me. Those faeries sure are good with pen and pencil. There was the prettiest string of peace doves attached to an old brass bell. I have hung it under the light near the Christmas tree. I'm waiting for new angels to ring the bell. And then there were these little stars, as if just fallen from the faery sky, all hand stitched and as shiny as a silver bell and a music cd that has a beautiful compilation of new Christmas music. Thank you Faery Paula!! I feel as special as special can be.

Think I've o.d.'d on decorating. This is enough until after Christmas and the sales. I sometimes add a couple of new items before Ukie (Ukrainian) Christmas on January 7. We'll see what's in store this year. But for now, this is it! I may move some things around and stuff, but for now, this is it! I love it though. I love coming home and just relaxing (yea right) and enjoying the sights.

Even the fish are in the spirit! Tiny bubbles . . .

And the powder room has a special tree, grin.

Another manger scene. This one is from South America. I've had it since the teenager was a baby. (I have a gorgeous one that friends from Mexico gave us, but I never put it out this year. It's made of clay and is beautiful . . . but I couldn't decide where to put it where it wouldn't get knocked over and broken.) This one is quite sturdy! And this is the entire one I started on our honey moon and have added to over the years. The pewter one I picked up somewhere in my journeys.

Now, this is one of my favorite areas at Christmas. My front hall has all of my Krinkles going up the stairs and hiding in the garland. (Mind the dust, please!) The cats have done a number on several of pieces (the ostrich has no head to hide in the sand and so forth) and glue doesn't even do the trick any more. I guess her feathers were just too much of a lure for them. Gotta love that Patience Brewster! (Is that not the best name for an artist?) So far so good this year, unlike poor Mrs. Staggs whose Miss Luna has attacked the reindeer! Oh deer!

Animule stockings. I had already misplaced (lost) the rest of my lettering before we got Bev and Dave, so they are known to Santa as B & D, only. It gets the job done. He knows who's been naughty and nice.

I am so looking forward to getting up tomorrow with nothing to do. I have some wrapping to do, but no more shopping and no more trips to UPS! I did my last visit today. I sent a little package off to a friend and included this! Oh Ulla!! Ulla has finally opened her Etsy shop and includes little kits to make some of the wonderful classes she teaches! Yahoo. I got this and another GREAT ornament kit. I did this one last night. I absolutely love it!! (Even added more embellishment, as if it needed it!) Ulla, you're the bestest! Sure wish you had a shop in Nashville!

Well, it's bedtime once more. I had to go out today and buy myself a new pillow. I've been having terrible neck pain because my pillow has somehow gone flat on me. (Heavy head, I guess and I admit to being a pillow snob. Oh yes, a true Princess and the Pea type, indeed!) I can't wait to try the new one out tonight! Doesn't that bed look delightful? (Minus the pea, of course!) Nitey nite.



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