Saturday, December 02, 2006

Christmas Decor/Day 1

I didn't get too far today. We are off tonight to watch the boys in the State Championship football game. Yahoo! Go Raptors!!

Really, no moaning (at least not much) from the "men" in getting them to bring up all the boxes from the basement. "Why don't you just put everything in one box . . . " Teenage logic = no logic. I hope to get a lot more done tomorrow. Especially the outside of the house and the front hall. I finished the front table, mostly. As you know, I continue decorating right on into the New Year! Hey, Ukrainian Christmas is January 7th!

What a mess I have in the study now. Poor fishies (new ones--my others bit the dust. I separated them and bought males this time--Red Fish, Blue Fish and White Fish). They're just swimming around looking at everything. I even separated their tanks with my vintage blue bulbs. Don't know if they like that or not.

The kid and his friends helped me put out the wind-up toys--gleefully. They always love playing with all the wonderful toys Santa has stuffed stockings with over the years. Even some belonged to me before I was married!

I got some of my houses out and put them up. This has to be my favorite newly-found item. The spa in AZ had these in their luminaries instead of burning tea lights. Since I am absent minded and leave candles burning when I shouldn't, I think these are a fantastic replacement. You'd never know they weren't the real thing, honestly.

Here are some ornaments on the little tree in front. I had collected them over the years, after Christmas when they went on sale for under $3 each! And look at what Natalie Sarabella sent me. She made one for each of us. Is she not the sweetest? How special she makes me feel and how beautiful she makes my house. Thank you again, Nat!!

Well, I'm off to get bundled up for the big game. It really turned cold here! Brrrrrr. Layers are definitely called for tonight! Wish us luck!!


Daisy Lupin said...

Love seeing all your Christmas ornaments, we seem to have such memories attached to them don't we? Looking forward to seeing the house when you have finished decorating.

Sue said...

Your house is looking very Christmasy!
Love all the old toys, what a cute thing to save!
I saw those battery votives in the store and wondered how they would work! Now I'll go get some!

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

lovely ornaments!!!! LOVE THEM!!

Janet said...

You're way ahead of me on the decorating. I haven't done one single thing yet! And the mood I'm in I may not do any at all. Just not feeling Christmas-y this year.

miss*R said...

I do a room a day this week but have decided to keep it simpler than past years.
love all your sparkles and baubles

PG said...

ooh, you start decorating so early! Is it traditional? I noticed a lot of USA bloggers talking about decorations and week before Christmas is when we do ours, or sometimes Christmas Eve.
Not that we are Puritans, of course!

Shell said...

I remember I met you right after Christmas last year. You have a lot of cool Christmas things..many very collectible and unique. I can't wait to see more. I'm putting up my tree today.


paris parfait said...

Your decorating looks effortless, although I know it's not! And what a great idea to replace tea lights (the dangerous little things). Must look for those here.

Sorry your team lost!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I can hardly wait to see it all come together! I bought some of those little tea light things too. I really like them.

PEA said...

I loveeee what you've put up so far...I love seeing decorations and ornaments that hold so many memories:-) Those balls your friend made are just gorgeous!! xox



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