Sunday, December 17, 2006

Did You Think That Was It?

Is she not a bute? This is my favorite art deco building of all time, The Chrysler Building.

As our tour continues, I arrive in Times Square. I love looking at all the neon ads.

This was my fav. The new Jeep.

And Seal and his wife in the GAP billboard.

Can you feel the hustle and bustle?

But where is the Cup of Soup? Here you see the famous corner where it looks like they are preparing for New Year's Eve. This is where the ball drops every year for New Year's. This is also where the famous jumbotron TV is. There has been a huge cup of soup (steaming) at the top of this corner for years! The kids always got a kick out of it; but it looks like they are moving on to something else.

Right in Times Square is the largest Toys-R-Us store I've ever seen. When you walk through the doors, there on your right is, yes, a ferris wheel!

Some more great Leggo structures, including Tammy's and my favorite man, Johnny! Aren't these amazing!

After Toys-R-Us, I walked through Bryant Park. The city has done a marvelous job in cleaning this park up. Used to be on the shady side, but now it is full of little shops and even a skating rink.

Here is the side of the New York Public Library.

The front of the NY Public Library.

Then it was Lord & Taylor's turn to wow me with their windows. Their theme was different Christmases in time. It was so pretty!

Here's the fashion shot of the day.

I'll show you Macy's a little later. And then, that's it! Promise.


Tammy said...

Those windows are fabulous!!
I would probably want to stand in front of each one way to long and get mugged or something...
You know you are a great friend to all of practically take us to NYC with you via pictures in your!!!

PEA said...

I'm with Tammy, I'd have my nose pressed against all those windows! lol Wow, they sure know how to put on Christmas in NYC don't they!! It must be quite something to take it all in!! Rosa, I'll be on the road most of this week so I want to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Thank you for your warm friendship and enjoy this wonderful time of the year:-) xoxox

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Wow! Thanks for showing all these amazing pictures Rosa. It must truly be magical there this time of year. The storefronts are amazing as are the fashion windows and sights.


Beth said...

OH Rosie! That felt like I was there. What great pics you took! How lucky to be there and experience that. What about the Titans today? Can you believe that? Wowza! Just 4 more days and I am off work and we are gonna have to hit some after Christmas sales!!

Shell said...

I loved the tour. I miss NYC..its always much energy, esp. at Christmas. The window shot are great. I love taking those myself..reflections and all. Cool angles. Oh and I agree about the Chrysler Building. Gorgeous. I you sure this is the end? I was hoping for more. Did you happen to Ground Zero?

paris parfait said...

Awwww, I'm so homesick for New York! The Chrysler Building is my all-time favourite and Bryant Park! Lord & Taylor! The library - I used to live on W. 40th St., between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, around the corner from Lord & Taylor and across the (side) street from the Public Library. Sigh.Thanks for the trip "home." xo

Anonymous said...

Despite living in the country we both have a deep hankering to go to New York...I have so enjoyed looking at these amazing pictures, and reading your guided tour of all the places I have heard really is a special place!

PG said...

I forgot to log in, that was my comment above!



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