Saturday, December 02, 2006


Unfortunately, we didn't get any snow. Pout. Hope everyone who got it is enjoying it!


miss*R said...

we didn't get any either :(
is that a civil war fabric on your background?

Mrs. Staggs said...

I just noticed this background too. It's wonderful.
Our snow is completely gone now. It was such a surprise to have it come so early. It makes me optimistic that we will have more this winter. I would've sent you some if I could!

Naturegirl said...

Oh don't pout we are fortunate NOT to have the snow yet! A lot less stress having to shovel,put on extra layers, slow traffic, accidents of sliding no hold off on the snow! Ok for Chrtismas morning only! :)

P.S. Your ~*Dave*~ would fit in just fine here with my 2 black *~beauties!*~

Beth said...

No snow, but it dang sure got cold didn't it? I hope you stay warm at the Football game today. I am headed to my brothers in Bama today,,but its just as cold there too.
Have a wonderful week-end Sweet Rosie!

PEA said...

We had a snowstorm yesterday with high gusting winds...c'mon over, we'll make a snowman!! hehe I can't even imagine a Christmas without snow so I hope you do get some soon!!! xox



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