Thursday, November 30, 2006

Need I Say More?

It actually wasn't as bad as in past years. Hmmmm. Has the technology changed in a few short years? They asked me if I wanted the CAD (Computer Aided Detection) mammogram. Of course! What a stupid question. If I'm going to have my boobs crushed to oblivion, I want every type of new-fangled aid they have available to better detect anything out of the ordinary. Duh.

The lady taking all my info was cracking me up. She was "well proportioned" also. She said that the last time she had one, it wasn't as bad. "Well, honey, when I used to look down, it looked just like a big ol' dinner plate! I think I must somehow be related to Dolly Parton!" hehe. The technician doing the "procedure" was just as funny. We were talking about our kids and I told her God had given me two boys because I don't think I would have been able to handle girls. She then proceeded to tell me "Lord, I have a 14 month old girl; and I swear God made a mistake! I told him I didn't want no girls! She came outta the womb crying and sucking! and she still is to this day!" ha. We were both laughing so hard, we were crying, which made the whole experience bearable. I told her as I left the torture chambers, "She'll bless you one day--she'll be the one taking care of you in your old age, not your sons." She smiled and nodded as I'm sure that hit home to her.

When I left the office, I went to the little sandwich shop they have on the way to the parking lot. It was already 3 p.m. and I hadn't eaten anything. I got me a chicken salad sandwich and sat to eat it. All of a sudden, I had an extreme urge to pray for all the poor folks in the hospital who would never leave. It saddened me so. How fortunate I am to have my health and that of all in my family. We're all doing pretty well, with the exception of my brother Johnny who still has a pretty bad pressure sore. He's waiting to get operated on once his protein levels are high enough. I pray for him every day that he will be well enough to get out of bed and back in his wheelchair. I truly don't know how he does it.

As I pulled out of the hospital building, there was a beautiful rainbow just in front of me. I smiled at the sign. Then, as I was pulling onto the highway, there was a little slowing at the merge. A car slowed down and waved me in. I looked back to wave a thank you and it was a nun, dressed in her full habit. I smiled at the sign. I thanked God for my wonderful life.

Isn't it amazing how little signs from above can make you feel so safe and secure. I am truly blessed.


Tammy said...

Leave it to My Rosa to say a prayer for those in the hospital, and of course the Lord would give you a sign that he heard!!
Praying for your brother, my friend!

Shell said...

How inspiring, Rosa. I have experienced such a thing,with doves. It gives me goose bumps. Thanks for sharing it. You are such a caring soul.

Beth said...

Oh Rosie,,I know God must smile down at you all the time. Your one of the most delightful friend I have made in many, many, years. I have thought about you all day today,,I felt like God sent you my way. Never ever doubt what a beautiful person you are. Your bubbly personality is such a breathe of fresh air,,and I do admire you. I pray your smash-0-gram wasn't too miserable,,lol. I have to get one in Feb,,just in time for my 45 birthday,,ugh!

Sue said...

What a wonderful sign that your prayers were heard. I love rainbows!

FarmgirlCyn said...

We truly do have "A Wonderful Life"! Blessings to you, dear Rosa!

Janet said...

You have a good heart, Rosa, and it comes through loud and clear on your blog. Rainbows probably follow you all the time.

I hope your brother gets better.

PEA said...

I'm sure you were glad to have that little procedure done and over with! lol Like you, I always feel very sad when I'm at the hospital and think of all the people who might never get out of there or spend most of their days alone. Especially around Christmas time, that bothers me no end. The rainbow was certainly a wonderful sign:-) Praying for your brother!! Hugs xoxo

LisaOceandreamer said...

I must say that I couldn't agree more with Janet's are a wonderful human being!
healing thoughts for your brother!

MarkMcL said...


Good for you, get checked regularly. As it happens Mary is going for her mammogram today. Also tell your menfolk to get themselves checked regularly for prostate cancer. I will take the liberty of copying a comment I posted over at Paris Parfait, I guess US statistics will be similar:

Early detection is vital. Mary's Mum had a full mastectomy 14 years ago, my Mum had hers in Jan '04. Both have good prognostications because they got straight down to their respective doctors asap. Ladies, not only for your own sake but the menfolk who love you, get checked regularly. We want you around a long time.

As for the men reading this, a message for you... "In 2004 there were 10,209 deaths in the UK from prostate cancer. Prostate cancer accounts for around 14% of male deaths from cancer in the UK and is the second most common cause of cancer death in men, after lung cancer."

Learn more about Prostate Cancer [] and get yourselves checked if in any doubt. Take it from me, a latex-gloved finger up the anus is *nothing* compared to what the ladies have to endure. Just do it!

Live long and prosper.

[End quote]

PS The tooth is fine now, thanks.

miss*R said...

I know you are glad that is over! so all was ok?
those signs are indeed a blessing & so many in such a short time.
ps - if you want to experience what it is like having a teenage daughter - I have one here that I can send over for awhile :)

Lee-ann said...

I am a "must have one every two years" but I am not loving it that is for sure! not much to squish!!! in that thing but just the same it is nothing to like is it.

I have nejoyed reading your past posts and will return.....Lee-ann

Mrs. Staggs said...

Good for you to have this out of the way for a while!
I am thinking of your brother and I will hold a good thought that he will see some real improvement soon.

paris parfait said...

Yes, truly a blessed life - we're all lucky. Hope your brother is doing much better soon - I didn't know anything about him.

I'm next w/ the mammogram - it's worse in France when most of the nurses are flat- chested and don't know what to do with someone who's well-endowed. They just keep smushing, trying to get the breasts flatter. I hate the whole experience, but agree it's a necessary evil. And I'm thankful we have the tests available, as annoying as they are! (Especially since my mom is recovering from breast cancer; early detection is key).

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

What a nice story to read :) I`m due for one of those horrors and not being well endowed has it`s drawbacks aside from the pain too because when you look down and see that poor little old thing as flat as a pancake ya wonder if it`s going to stay that way :(
Saying a prayer for your brother Johnny.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

That one got away from me before I could sign it!


Naturegirl said...

You keep smiling when you get those ~*mammograms*~ because my ~*breast cancer*~ was detected 3 years ago by having my boobs flattened and I am here today to speak up! Yes count our blessings and I do believe you recieved a sign with the rainbow!Oh and one other point you mentioned daughters take care of mothers in old age...I am living that with mother diagnosed with alzheimers.
Good post!

Sammie said...

I kid you not...the last mammogram I had, the tech was dragging me around by my...well, boob. I asked her, "What is this--if you drag them, they will follow?" She didn't realize she was doing it. Asked me if I used humor in my profession. What was humorous about that?

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