Friday, November 03, 2006

Bremen, Germany

I am terribly behind in my posts on Europe. Finally, I'm getting to Bremen. We only had part of a day there so we were very limited in what we were able to see. The hub was working during the day, so the kid and I wandered around. Thanks to Carol at Boxwood Cottage, we were able to see the main stuff. She told us where to go. (Oh, and by the way, our luggage arrived right before we left Amsterdam to drive to Bremen! I was feeling pretty fresh in my clean clothes!) It was only a three-hour drive from Amsterdam, very doable.

We stayed right around the corner from Marktplatz (Market square). The picture above is the Town Hall which dates back to the early 1400s. Yep, 1400s! We're such youngins' over here in America. Geesh. The square is full of beautiful old buildings which the kid and I oooh'd and awwed over all morning.

This was our view from our room. I loved the old terra cotta roof tiles. Oh, and the church bells. . . there is something about being in an old town where church bells ring. The kid and I actually went back to the room for a short nap and fell asleep to the bells chiming. How lovely, indeed.

When we awoke, it was about lunch time and we were refreshed enough to wander a bit further. The market square is just wonderful. Since we were leaving in the morning to fly to Zurich, I couldn't buy any of the wonderful things being sold in the markets, i.e. cheeses, breads, flowers, etc.

I am always totally fascinated with old churches no matter where I travel. Look at this beauty. Sigh. This is the Cathedral St. Petri (St. Peter's Cathedral), located in the market square. It was built between the 11th and 13th centuries. Amazing.
After an hour's catnap, it was about lunch time and we were refreshed enough to wander a bit further. Carol had told us about Schnoor, a small area right on the river Weser. It's full of little shops that were once fishing houses built in the 15th and 16th centuries. The first thing the kid purchased was a little fishing boat. We walked around and around, never did eat lunch.

You know I was hyperventilating, wanting to buy everything! But I was good. Would you just take a look at these HUGE marionettes! I loved them!!

I fell in love with many of the little cottages. Look at the detail work. I was truly in heaven.

When we were done, we met the hub and our traveling companion, Carol, back at the hotel. It was time for a beer on the river. Look at thd found. Awwww.

Here is one of many statues representing Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten (The Town Musicians of Bremen). This is a famous fairy tale written by the Brothers Grimm. This colorful statue is down by the river. There is artwork depicting the story everywhere. Just beautiful and lively! I brought home several books, both in English and German, of the fairy tale.

It was then time for dinner. We all had various dishes, no pics, I'm afraid. But what comes after dinner? Delicious dessert!! Take a look at our goodies! A berry crepe (of course) and an apple struedel that we passed around and around. What presentation!

I think I could have slept for a few days, but the next morning, the kid and I were off flying to Zurich while the hub and Carol continued driving on to Dusseldorf. Our flight was less than an hour.
Now for my purchases! hehe. I found this lovely little demitasse cup in a sweet antique shop. Just had to have it. Then there is the adorable pixie family I couldn't resist! Here we are in our glory-- the hub, teenager, kid and myself! These are from the Nasse Collection in Denmark. I will definitely need to learn a little Danish and check out their site! The little card that comes with each says:
The pixy family comes from an itty-bitty tiny country far away in the North. From there, pixies have wandered to most other parts of the world, yet only the fewest know the little pixy well. The little pixy is shy and would much rather have us believe that he is made only of pure cotton from top to toe. But we do know that deep inside of him, a sweet little Christmas heart is pounding.
Too sweet! And look at the sweet little bears. Awwwww. Like I really need these. But they were so different and hand made by the owner of one of the shops. I guess I'm still a child at heart. . . .

Ok Carol, tell me if I got anything wrong! My memory isn't quite as good as it used to be!! You are so fortunate to live in such a wonderful place.


miss*R said...

aww, I love those pixies, they are gorgeous! and those little faery hats (acorns) what a trip back in time for me! I remember when I gathered those as a child.

Becca said...

What a fantastic post ... so much to see and enjoy. I love the tall, narrow white stucco house, the little shops, the berry crepe and the pixies. What a wonderful trip you are on!

Carol said...

Oh Rosa what a beautiful post you have made about my hometown!:D I'm so glad that you have liked it here, it's just a pity that you have only had 1 day to discover everything. You've got it all right! What is the name of the hotel you've stayed btw? I really like the view over the rooftops! I love the danish pixies too, I have a friend here in Germany who is sewing them, I have to dig out a picture I took of them for you. About the Christmas swap over at Boxwood cottage I'm sorry to tell you that's already closed and e-mails with participants are sent out a few weeks ago, but if you would like to, we could do a one to one christmas card and ornament swap, just let me know! xox

Shell said...

Beautiful buildings! I love that old European architecture. Its so old yet timeless. Wonderful photos. I love touring with you via your photos!

paris parfait said...

Pixies! How adorable! Those photos are wonderful and it sounds like you really made the most of your time there.

PEA said...

The shops! The buildings! The food! The pixies!! Can anything get better than that??? hehe It still amazes me how very different their world is from ours...I love the cobblestoned and narrow streets, the architecture, etc. My problem would be I wouldn't want to leave there!! xoxo

Sue said...

Thanks for the lovely tour! My grandson just loves the Bremman Town Musicians Fairy Tale. Seeing the statue is amazing and he'll just love it too!

Beth said...

What a great time you had,,such wonderful pics!

Sheila said...

Thanks for your comment xo
I love your photos too, isn't Europe wonderful? So much history and atmosphere.Carol is fortunate to live in Bremen, it looks soooo interesting.
I see you also have pics of Amsterdam, I will look at those too. Enjoy your birthday..xo



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