Friday, November 17, 2006

Excuse Me, Do I Know You?

Sometimes, when I come to places such as these, I feel completely out of my element. This place is not one of those. Whenever I hear "spa," I think of waif-like folk walking around in robes showing off their assets as if they're in their own bathrooms. Not here. It is quite nice and none of the snobbery taking place like other "spas" I have visited. I am completely comfortable here. I keep having to pinch myself and looking in the mirror to make sure it's me!

I had forgotten how beautiful the barren wonderland is heading west. As I mentioned, gawd, (I did the calculation on the plane), it's been almost 30 years (!!) since I was here in AZ, mainly Phoenix, Tempe and Yuma. Aw, good ol' Yuma. Pammy, I miss you! (There's a whole other story there to tell. Two seventeen-year olds (Pam told her grandmother I was 18!) having quite an adventure between Yuma and LA.) As we flew into Denver, which I had never been to before, I really had forgotten how different the topography is here. I had that motherly pang that the kid wasn't with us to show the vast difference in the land. It is so beautiful yet so different to what I grew up with on the East coast. The snow-capped mountains were a sight to behold.

We arrived quite early to the resort and the hub left right away for meetings. I was left on my own to wonder the beautiful hotel for a couple of hours until the room was ready. They had beautiful Indian sculptures everywhere which I adored and felt a certain kinship to having a trace of American Indian blood running through the old veins (my maternal grandmother was from the Iroquois tribe). These two were my favorites. I love the one Indian looking up to Camel Back Mountain and beyond.

When I finally was able to check into our room, it was amazing. They had given us fresh fruit (Asian pears, my fav) which was just what the doctor ordered. I then had my first appointment at The Center for Well Being for my Reiki Chakra Balancing. I think I have a way to go for balancing! I have a terrible time meditating and truly need some practice in that department. I think when you're a mother with not a lot of time to sit and concentrate on nothingness, you kind of lose the ability to do so. I have promised myself that I must try harder and learn to meditate again. I did enjoy the session though. I think I learned from the experience.

The grounds were beautiful here. There were koi ponds (note the size of these suckers by comparing them to the normal-sized duck in the lower right-hand corner!) and waterfalls and even a cacti garden--which I missed totally until we were driving off! grrrrr. It truly was a place to relax and enjoy, which I did, thoroughly.

After the hub finished his "bidness," we were off to a wonderful Southwestern dinner at one of the restaurants on the property. It was marvelous. Of course, it started out with a martini--of the girly variety. I even had my first taste of this year's boujoulais nouveau. It was good. I had two glasses with no reaction! No red face (other than that from the sun earlier in the day!).

Our last day, we had the most fabulous brunch. Here are just a few of the highlights (desserts of course). Look at the artwork in each one. I was also amazed at the cold soups display. Look at the top one with the crab claw and cherry tomato in it! I believe the pinky-purpleish one is prickly pear! Everything was out-of-this-world good! It was a wonderful getaway with the hub.

I will be so busy with my bubba this week, I'll see what I can get in blogging wise. I'm glad I finally got this one posted! Phew! They arrived safely this afternoon and all is well.

Hope you all are also enjoying family and loved ones.


Connie and Rob said...

Just looks like heaven there! I am so very glad you enjoyed yourself. Love the pictures of the brunch. The presentation was truly beautiful.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great! I love those aeroplane pictures which are so amazing for a European like me! The Native American sculptures are very beautiful, especially the one on the right. Your vacation place seems to be very nice...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

paris parfait said...

Thanks for sharing this glimpse into your wonderful trip. I really like the American Indian art - my paternal great-grandmother was one-quarter Cherokee (and I got the high cheekbones). :) Enjoy your visitors!

MarkMcL said...


Finally did your tag Five things to eat before I die


MarkMcL (aka Mr English)

Beth said...

What a fab time you had! That looks like a delightful Spa! I love to fly westward. When we go to Hubs parents we fly over all of that incredible beauty, then fly into Seattle,,its quite breath taking too. I sure hope you have a great time with your Bro and family. Many blessings to you on Thanksgiving! xoxoxoxo

LisaOceandreamer said...

oh Rosa, what a wonderful and relaxing time you had...what beautiful surroundings and oh the treatments! I also adore Native American art. AND I,too, need to learn the art of meditation. It all sounds like a slice of heaven and so well deserved.
Have a wonderful, wonderful time with your brother and family...Happy Thanksgiving!

Sue said...

Looks like a wonderfully relaxing and beautiful getaway!
Enjoy your Thanksgiving..

Peggy said...

I finally got back in your blog! I just love reading what you are up to and where you have been. hope your Bubba enjoys the soaps! Happy Thanksgiving!

Naturegirl said...

Oh my I stayed at Camelback resort and adored the ~*SPA*~ for a week! Natureboy was on the golfcourse..go go I said! My son and family live in the area you are visiting so I know it quite well!
~*LUCKY YOU*~ ...enjoy and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

FarmgirlCyn said...

Have a MOST blessed of Thanksgivings. From my heart to yours.

PEA said...

Happy Thanksgiving Rosa...wish you and yours a wonderful day!! And...welcome home:-) Sounds like you had a wonderful time and the scenery sure was quite awesome!! xox

Shell said...

Oh I love that kind of scenery..but if you flew over Texas, you know why. I love the high desert and too many trees get in the way of the scenery!

Looks like a great time.


Sammie said...

Rosie, this is where David and I were married and is our old "stomping grounds." You brought back some very wonderful memories for me.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

That wiuld have been quite an interesting experience and looks like you had a great time in Arizona. I`ve missed so much of your blog due to not being able to travel to my favorites as often as I`d like and I`m catching up :)




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