Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Busy, Busy

Got the aftermath of having company cleaned up today. Last night I stayed up until three finishing a project. I had offered a friend to help out with her son's wedding rehearsal dinner. Our mutual friend, and next-door neighbor, made canned jars of salsa. The rehearsal dinner is at a wonderful Mexican Restaurant. Since I hadn't really done anything for the wedding, I offered to do the labels. Well who am I to stop there? I have seen so many wonderful ATCs and chunky book pages with great adornments on them, I thought I would carry that idea onto the jars. I went out and found all kinds of fantastic pewter charms to put on the different yarns I had also found. (If you click on the pic, you can see them better!) Can you tell the wedding theme is a Christmas one? They turned out nice and I think Sherrie was happy with them. I did 25 of those suckers!

As I said, I was up until 3 a.m. working on the stringing all the charms. My feet were swollen (yes, I admit, I have overdone it with the food because of my brother!). I have never had swollen feet, ever, even when I was pregnant! I guess I have had more than my share of sodium which I'm not accustomed to--and a whole lotta shopping was going on! So, of course, when I crawled into bed, I was too exhausted to sleep and I was a hurtin' gator. I tossed and turned until about 5:30 which is about when my alarm clock went off. I rolled over about 6:15 and asked the hub to make sure the kids got off ok. I was just too tired to move. What is it about always being able to fall asleep once it's time to get up? What is up with that?

My brother had a lot of shopping to send back to him and I even got that off in the mail late this afternoon. That even impressed me! I just wanted to get it done and out! They found two gorgeous vintage formal gowns for my niece who attends all kinds of parties. They were both black. Gee, I wish I had taken a pic of them. Oh well. They fit her to a t!--like they were made just for her. Can't wait to see pics of her dressed to the nines!

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day. Beth and her mom Lottie, who live here in TN, are bringing Jane (who is in from NY) over to Franklin. They are all in the Yahoo ATC group that Beth invited me into. After a little shopping and lunch, we are all heading back to my house so Jane can teach us how to quill. Oh, and another ATC grouper, Jill, is also coming up from AL. I'm hoping they all bring some ATCs to trade with me!

Thursday I have my annual mammogram, which I haven't had in several years. Bad, bad girl. Friday, I have a stocking swap to pull together and get out the door. I found all kinds of goodies at thrift stores for that swap. Fun fun fun! Saturday, uh huh (little dance), we're going to watch our boys at the State Playoffs! Uh huh, they're going all the way again this year!! Wooooohoooo! They play at the MTSU stadium in Nashville, which makes it all that much more fun for everyone. Looks like it's going to turn cold, again. It has been like Indian summer her, AGAIN. While my brother was here, it was in the 70s and 80s every day. Simply gorgeous. Now that we're spoiled, we're all whining about the cold coming! hehe. Of course, I JUST put away all the blankets from last year's game that sat in my garage all summer. Yes, I'm a slob when it comes to the garage! haha.

Having left-over ham for dinner. I'm too tired to do much else. Just what I need, right? More sodium.


Beth said...

Hey Ms. Rosie,,you sure have been a busy girlie,,whew! Those salsa jars look awesome!! What a cool idea to do those charms I know the lucky bride and groom will think they are great! Hey,,Hillsboro is going to be at MTSU on saturday too. They are playing Maryville. I was going to go but headed to Alabama to visit with my brother on saturday night. Its going to be a chilly one. I sure hope you get a better nights sleep tonight. Rest up child,,cause we gonna have FUN tomorrow!!!
:) See ya then!

Tammy said...

that is such a pretty picture of ham...I could just reach right into this computer and grag me a piece...lol!! Mmmhmmm grab a piece of white bread and some mayo...oh is there any mater...that would be just right...hey, save the bone and make soup for the cold days ahead!!

Sue said...

You have been super busy! I've never had my feet swell like that, but it sure sounds painful. Better now??

LisaOceandreamer said...

you have had some VERY busy days and some wonderful family time. Your Thanksgiving sounded so blessed and with all that yummy fare. The salsa jars have that magic Rosa touch, I am sure they will love love them.
I am so envious of you gals being able to gather together, to shop and chat and do some art together!! I can't wait to hear about it and see photos!!
I hope you get some rest, elevate those ankles!
oh and I don't have an email addy for you, I owe you a Christmas altered tin...it's going out this week, so sorry it's late!!

M.E Ellis said...

I haven't visited here in the longest time, sorry about that.

Your presents look so posh! And that ham...my mouth is watering!


Connie and Rob said...

You need to take some time to take care of yourself...I need my blogging buddy in the best of health.

Your project you were working on is just beautiful. You are such a talented girly. Wish I was there to have some leftovers with you.


Janet said...

Whew! I'm exhausted just reading about all you've been doing!! You are a busy gal. Don't forget to include some "pamper yourself" time in there, too. I think the bride will love those salsa jars....they're gorgeous.

Sure am envious of you gals getting together to have fun.

cityfarmer said...

Oh I just love the "presentation of the gift philosophy."

FarmgirlCyn said...

The jars look so professional! Great job!
As for the mammogram...you go girl!!! My mom had a radical mastectomy when she was 38 years old, so I am pretty regular with my yearly. I turned 53 this year, and have had one every year since I turned 37 or so. I want to know who my enemy is!!!!

Pam Aries said...

YOU put the B in Busy, gal! I need some of that energy!

miss*R said...

I am quickly going to slap you for not having a mammo for a couple of years *slap, slap* - now I am off to have some lunch and I will be back to comment some more (seems this blog is available to me today!) xo

Linda said...

You have been busy. The jars look fabulous, you creative thing, you.

paris parfait said...

You are way too busy! But your salsa jars are wonderful and the recipients will be delighted. Try to find time for some rest somewhere in between all those activities. :)

PEA said...

You did an amazing job with those salsa jars Rosa!! I'm sure everyone will be totally impressed with them:-) I've noticed that too...I can have my best sleep when it's time to get up! lol Hope you can rest a bit before getting into the Christmas preparations!!! Hugs xox



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