Friday, November 10, 2006

Fall Decor . . .

. . . in the middle of Indian Summer! Kinda late, I know, but it sure is warm here. "We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave (singing)." It was a perfect 70s kinda day. Wow. I have the doors flung open, allowing all the freshly hatched bugs (again) to fly in and take residence (again).

I found these acorns at Pottery Barn! Amazing. Since I can't find any real ones, I had to have these. It was such a tease playing with them in Bremen, Germany, and then coming home to none. I don't know why you don't see that many old oak trees any longer. Growing up, they were everywhere. I've heard that the pin oak has taken over the American oak because it is less susceptible to disease. Guess that's why. But, I sure do miss the acorns. (Don't miss the mess--hmmm, could that be another reason they're all gone?)

Since I've been in thanksgiving mode, I've been putting little fall things out. Finally put the Halloween stuff away, everything but the witch garland. Too lazy to bring out the ladder.

These are the two arrangements mom threw away two years ago. I have to laugh every time I look at them. I purchased them half price after Thanksgiving two years ago. When I started decorating for Christmas, I asked the kid to take them to mom's apartment and put them on the coffee table. He thought I said her kitchen table. The next day, when I went down to see her, (laughing here) there sat the containers with nothing in them! I just gasped! "MOM! Where are the dried flowers????!!!" She thought they were dead (yea, they were, hehe) and had cut them all off and threw them in the back yard! Thank goodness she did that and didn't throw them in the trash. I was able to gather up all the filling and take it back to the florist I had purchased them from and had them rearrange it again. By the time I was finished, I had paid full price for the things! So, each year when I bring them out, I giggle at the memory of both of our faces--pure shock on both of our behalves! I tell her, "We're both just dumb as dirt!"

This is my front foyer. I've scattered the acorns about on my old tin tray. I probably should change the green arrangement here, but I probably won't. Grin. It does the job.

This is in my living room. Can you tell I love to celebrate birthdays? hehe. I have the kid's and my birthday presents sitting and waiting for us. giggle. I have been receiving lots of birthday ATCs from the ATC Yahoo group I'm a member of. How fun is that? The middle one is from non other than our Daisy Lupin! Isn't it fab! As I get new ones, I rotate them on my little easles that I purchased in Zurich. Aren't they great! They only had four, so I bought them all. They were only like $2.00!!

One of our fish died, Big Momma. She wasn't too nice. She chased Blackie and Goldie around and around all the time; so we weren't too sad to see her perish, sorry. You know, in feng shui, you can read all types of different takes on things. But, I have heard that if one fish dies, it has taken a blow of bad luck for you. Phew. Glad I dodged that ball, whatever it was. And so, the kid and I are off to get a replacement for Big Momma. I cleaned their bowl out today and Goldie and Blackie seem real happy without being harassed. I'm hoping I get another good one that gets along with the two others. (I haven't forgotten about the Feng Shui Post, I just need to gather some info before I delve into it! So, don't you fret my little pretties. Be patient with the old broad.)
I'll leave you with a pic of Dave dressed in drag. This is actually a feather toy (not boa) that he's (kinda) playing with. Wouldn't he make a beautiful female! hehe.

Update: And. . . here's Molly! Alone and with her new peeps. Now this gal has personality! Even B & G perked up when she swam in. They are normally just slugs. I think we have a good team here.


PEA said...

Hi Rosa:-) Love all your Autumn decorations and the little acorns are adorable!! You're right, real acorns seem to be very hard to find these days!! I had to laugh at the story of your mom throwing away the dried flower arrangement! lol Sorry to hear one of your fishies died but the new one seems to be bonding well with the others:-) Have a wonderful weekend my friend! xox

Peggy said...

You should have told me you wanted acorns! Around here we need to wear helmets when we go outside because of all the acorns falling from the tree and bounching off our head! At night it sounds like someone is throwing rocks on the roof! So you have a birthday ... hummmmmm. :)

LisaOceandreamer said...

I swear Rosa your home is so beautiful and so inviting I love seeing these photos....I can't take my eyes off it. Your decorations are so lovely!
NOW, where have I been that I didn't even know about your birthday...I've been seriously remiss in keeping up with the yahoo group. I must remedy this ASAP!!!!
I need to get to Pottery Barn for some decor, I bought a few things there last year too.

Mrs. Staggs said...

It's your birthday soon? Are you going to tell us which day? Well just in case my dearest Rosa, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! I hope that this year is just the best ever...for you and your son. xoxo
Your home is so lovely. I especially love the entry way. It is so peaceful and elegant looking. I am wondering if you would be so kind as to share the name of the paint that is on the walls in there?
Thank you!

Janet said...

Your home is just beautiful. You can sure tell someone creative lives there. (I'm being patient about the feng shui!)

Now what's this about a birthday?? When is it? In case it's tomorrow just let me say Happy Birthday right now!!

tlc illustration said...

Wonderful acorns. I rarely can find them here either.

Laughed at your dried flower story.

Beth said...

I love your decor,,lovely. But you could have let me know you need some acorns,,I have a whole yard full of them!! They are not as pretty as the ones you bought. Almost your special day,,hope you have a special week-end!
Hugs to Rosieposie!!!

Tammy said...

I used to have fish named Blackie & Goldie...hehe! They must be common fish names...this past summer after seeing the movie Pirates of the Caribean...I purchased some goldfish and named them after characters in the movie...they died one, one day and one the next...bad luck must have been trying to get me at the time!!!
I love fish and wish I could maintain a large aquarium!!

paris parfait said...

When is your birthday? Tomorrow is my husband's. Love all your fall arrangements - such a funny story about your mom and the "dead flowers." Nice fish too!

paris parfait said...

P.S. I especially like the acorns. When I was a little girl, there were oak trees and acorns everywhere! I miss them.

Linda said...

I haven't done one thing in preparation for Thanksgiving. I am traveling at the moment and I think I will be making the whole Thanksgiving dinner for my children but there is nothing to decorate. I think I will let my grandchildren go out and get some autumn leaves to decorate the table when I get there. (PS_Yes I was in NYC.)

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Love your fall decor Rosa! I`ve been so busy that I haven`t even done any up this year at all. Dave looks hilarious!



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