Saturday, November 11, 2006

ATCs and High School Football

I signed up for an ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap that requires pink & green coloring and incorporates the letter A. I finished them up tonight. The top one is non-other than an "ATC" ATC. I went a little overboard in the diva's hair including just about every bead I had! hehe.

(I scanned these and they're not flat and thus some unfocused areas, sorry.)

This one on the left is "Angel," of course. Duh. The one on the right, "Ant."

The last one is "Avenue."

The hub comes home tomorrow, finally. Seems like he's been gone a month! Big news from last night--our high school football team (minus the teenager) is still in the playoffs! Yahoo! For those of you who are new, the teenager was on the team for two years. Last year, they won State Champs! At the end of the year, the teenager decided he had given it his all and decided to move on; and we all stood by his decision. You can read about it here if you're interested. Anyway, we are so excited they keep on moving up in the playoffs! (The teenager had told us they weren't going to do too well this year--hehe-teenagers, what do they know.) Last year, the semi-finals were during Thanksgiving break; and my brother and his family were able to go to that game. It was the most amazing night. I'm hoping for the same this year! Let's go Raptors!! clap - clap - clapclapclap!! Keep your fingers crossed for us!!

Ok, bed time. Nighty night.


Janet said...

Love the ATC's....especially the first one and the last one.

And I'm clapping and cheering for your team! Is your son disappointed he didn't continue or is he ok with his decision?

Tammy said...

You know I love the angel one!

John Ivey said...

Jimbo played football at Gunston for a season so I can imagine that he can relate to high school football. Pretty neat cards!

PEA said...

Well now I finally know what ATC stands for! lol I just love the ones you make, you have such an artistic soul!! Glad to hear your hubby is coming home:-) Good luck to your football team!!! xox

Pam Aries said...

I am in that same swap!!!!! Lisa Ocean sent me to see you and say HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!!!! I hope I get one of your ATCs!

Beth said...

I Love those ATCs,,dang,,wishin I was in that swap!! Hillsboro is still in the class 4 playoffs, we play Clarksville this friday night. I will cheer for the Raptors, you cheer for the Burros,,then they both will win!!

Shell said...

I like those. I love the one you sent me. I've got 12 made..I'll get one in the mail to you.

Thanks for all your help and goodies!




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