Wednesday, November 29, 2006

ATC Group's "Southern Chapter" Meets with COO

Miss Jane has been visiting from New York this week. I think it must have been secretary Lottie who called a meeting of the Southern Chapter of this group to be held in a Tennessee locale. In attendance were Miss Jane, COO; Miss Lottie (granny), secretary; Miss Beth, local Tennesseean spokesperson; Miss Jill, Alabama spokesperson and myself, general wannabe. We'll have to check with Miss Lottie to get the specific notes taken at this meeting . . . .

We all met over at the Franklin Michael's, since Jane's NY store seems to be a tiny one and ours is huge. (In actuality, it was Hobby Lobby, for sure. My bad!) A little shopping was done and then we drove over to a little sandwich shop--The Franklin Mercantile--in old town Franklin to have lunch. It was a lot of fun meeting Jane and Jill (I'm just dying to call Jane "Jack so I can say Jack & Jill!). We were then off to my house, a short distance away so Jane could teach us all the art of quilling. I had purchased supplies when I first met up with Beth and Lottie at a paper show in Nashville last month; but I hadn't taken to it. I always do much better when shown something in person.

After sitting and chatting over mulled cider (chilled because it was so hot here today!), we swapped some ATCs (wooohoo!). Jane even gave Jill and I this special little what-not box (above) that she had made for us. Lottie's three ATCs are on the left. Aren't they the sweetest things? Jill's are on the right. She used the laminate chips you pick up at Lowes! How creative is that? Jane's ATC's are below. Look at the one that opens to a 3-D Christmas tree. I think I would have driven myself crazy trying to figure that one out with scissors!!

We set up "shop" in the dining room. Jane was so sweet and brought us each a little kit. Mine and Jill's contained Christmas patterns, Beth's and Lottie's were flowers. After Jane showed us how to quill, we all made one little ATC. Somehow, I missed Jane's after it was finished. How cute are these??

After we finished our "assignment," we all had a piece (or two!) of Mrs. Stagg's wonderful Merryville Chocolates and some French shortbread cookies. Oh, the chocolates were delectable. We all savored each bite. A big ol' thank you goes out to Mrs. Staggs!!

The day ended too quickly and all my new friends had to leave, pout. It was such a wonderful day sharing creativities with one another. I look forward to our next "meeting."


Beth said...

Lawls,,child,,you shore are good hostess with the mostess,,what a blast we had at the Rosy shack. We've been a gabbin all night long about what fun time we had!! Jane and Jill are done in the bed and proberbly dreamin of the their delactable chocolates. You know usins are gonna have to get together and we gonna have to have some spirits in our next batch of cider,,yummy!
We be talkin to you real soon Miz Rosie!!!
Beth and the Granny Lottie!!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I'm glad to hear that you all had such a great time. The quilling projects all turned out terrific!
It's nice to hear that the chocolates were enjoyed in such lovely company.

AnnieElf said...

Hi Rosie, I can so hear the echos of all the chatter and laugher the California chapter shared with Jane last year at this time. I'm so glad you all (and with Jill too! Whoo Hoo) got a chance to meet. Warm in December. Hummm, I must plan a trip to TN.

Janet said...

I am so envious!! It sounds as if you gals had a creating good time....and chocolate, too. Can't get much better than that!

The quilling is so pretty. And I love that pop-up Christmas tree card.

paris parfait said...

What fun! You're so creative - and it's nice to have the sweets at the same time. :)

Shell said...

Looks like a great time, Rosa. Wish I could have been there. I've been making ATC just for fun. They are fun!

LisaOceandreamer said...

it all sounds so perfect in every way and isn't it a joy to feel so comfortable with one another! I just know you were THE perfect host at your home. I read Beths blog and she described exactly how I knew your home must be. I am so glad you all were able to gather together!
p.s. I LOVED the pictures of you all!

PEA said...

Sounds like you all had such a fun time together and how I wish I lived closer:-) But then, you'd have to teach me from scratch how to make ATC's lol They are all so beautiful and I also love the picture of the group at the table!! xoxo

vicci said...

I'm so happy that you all had such a good time!! I love all the Annie brought back lots of fun memories from last year here in California..I hope you saved me some of those delicious chocolates! LOL!



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