Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It Feels Like November

First of all, I have to apologize for leaving Rootie out of the Halloween celebration pics last night. How could I forget such a cute face? Dumb as dirt, but has a heart of gold. This is the pumpkin scarf that sweet Pea sent with her Halloween package. Speaking of which, what a soiree she pulled off last night!! Wowie zowie -- my feet were still moving to Monster Mash way until the wee hours of the morning! (In truth, I awoke at 1:30 with a waft of candles burning--having a keen sense of smell is both a blessing and a curse--only to find that I had forgotten to blow out the Halloween candelabra--again from Pea. Gee, I could have burnt the place down! It was then that I finally made it to Pea's bash! But things were still rockin'. Others arrived later than I!!) Ok, back to the dog. Rootie has been wearing this scarf since it arrived The teenager says she looks like an old lady. Well, she is aging, quite well, I may add. She's the ripe old age of ten and she has the grey chin hairs to prove it!

It was a rainy day here in Middle Tennessee but not too cool. By around 6, the wind began whipping and the temperature dropped quite suddenly. Even my localite Miss Bethy commented on it being November weather, already! I'm loving it as the leaves have finally turned after quite a bit of rain and are now beginning to fall. My little maple in the front yard has a beautiful pile of orange and yellow leaves below it. If it hadn't been so wet today, I would have taken a pic. Perhaps tomorrow, because it is such a beautiful site.

I spent the day out and about, mostly. I have had piles stacked every place with a flat surface (and some not so flat spots) in my kitchen since my return from Europe and I had about enough of it today. I had to go out and purchase yet another organizer for all my artsy stuff. I just couldn't take it any longer! I am so tired of getting an idea and not being able to find that "piece" I need. I hope this does it for a while. Next time I say I need yet another organizer, I think it's time to find an entire room!

I've had my mind on a fish lately. I all but killed every plant in my father's funeral planter. It took five years, but they all died, the ivy was the last to hold out until this summer. I have brought it in and am giving it a good soaking. I'm going to put this beautiful Chinese fish bowl in the study and add either a gold and black beta or two gold fish and one black fish. I like to adhere to the art of Feng Shui in my home and this will add protection in our "Important People/Travel" area. With the hub traveling again, we need all the luck we can get! So the bowl is soaking five year's worth of dirt and roots; and hopefully it will come clean enough to use for a fish. Will keep ya posted on that project.

Tonight I made a pot roast in the slow roaster. The kid came home and asked "Didn't you make the same thing last week?" Kinda. But, not really. The hub leaves for Singapore tomorrow morning, and I thought I'd make him a good "basic" before he left. It turned out delish. I added a bottle of our local butcher's Merlot Steak Sauce, along with some chicken stock, to the pan drippings where I had browned the beef. It added so much flavor to the dish. Even the boys loved it -- with no veggies mind you.

I started my post on Bremen, Germany, finally. It always takes me so long to do one of these posts after the fact. I've been jogging my memory as best I can, and I hope I'll finish that one up tomorrow.

Here's one last pic to show you how cold it has become. This is Abbey and Dave snuggling. Too cute!!! Awwwww. Look at Abbey's tongue. She was just cleaning Dave. Awwww, again.


cityfarmer said...

I'm hungry....

paris parfait said...

Reading your post is making me hungry - yours is the American version of the dish my husband made last night for dinner (we have a house guest, a classmate from Seville). Tonight it's restaurant time, after I washed about 50 pots and pans from the chef's masterpiece (no crockpots here). :) Adorable photo of the kitties.

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

see that, I just knew your house was the place to be....all that warmth, lovely home with candles going and NOW this fabulous meal....yummy!!

Sue said...

Glad you have a keen sense of smell. Leaving candles burning is something I always worry about!
Your pot roast looks delish. Perfect for a rainy fall day here!!
Love the kitty pic!!

Wystful1 said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, how sweet. Rootie can come to my door trick or treating any ol' time!!! Adorable. And Abbey and Dave too!!!! (I'm a cat lover---cat's rule!!) Oh, and when's dinner? That pot roast looks so scrumptious!!!

PEA said...

Hmmm how come I had missed this post??? Awwww the doggie looks so cute with the Halloween scarf! hehe I didn't know what you could use it for but hey, that's a good idea:-) I'm VERY glad you woke up to notice the candles were still burning...I would have felt like **** if anything had happened since I'd bought them!!!! That pot roast sureeee looks good. The kitties are cute cuddled up too:-) Glad you had a good time at my Halloween Bash...I saw you behind the curtain with the Count ya know!!!! hehe xox

Daisy Lupin said...

Wow merlot steak sauce, sounds like the best thing I have ever heard of. Merlot is my favourite read wine and the idea of it in a bottle of sauce to add to a casserole sounds very yummy. Your casserole looks pretty good too. I have just made a large soup pan of leek, onion and potato soup.

PG said...

Ah, what would we do without our slow cookers - especially now November is here. I have a photo of a similar oak leaf pattern bowl in one of my scrapbooks, it is just gorgeous.



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