Friday, March 31, 2006

Homeward Bound

Tonight's our last night. Kinda sad but kinda happy. I will miss the beach, but I'll be glad to get home to my other babies. Isn't it nice to have someone waiting at home for you? Everyone has had a wonderful time but I think it's time to get momma home. She is especially ready. She was ready the first day. She misses her little dog, Frankie. Next time, we either bring the dog or she stays home. You'd think we'd left a baby at home all by itself--haha. Can you tell?

We've had our fill of shrimp and crab. The Royal Reds have been especially good this season. Think one of us has had them at least once a day. Yum. They're huge! Taste like you're eating big ol' chunks of lobster. How good is that! These were from Down Under Zeke's. We all shared these for lunch today. Our last hurrah. (The teenagers ate four pounds of them tonight--FOUR POUNDS!)

This was our lunch buddy yesterday at Bahama Bob's. Cute, no? They had pulled the plastic wind sheeting down because it was kind of cool and I don't think this little guy knew how to get out. Perhaps he really did like our company. He sat with us the entire time, no worries.

Some last pretties to enjoy from the kid.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Another Beauty

Another shell has been added to our collection. Yesterday, the shores of Alabama were full of shells, seemed more like Sanibel Island in Florida than the usual soft white sand here. Sanibel is one of the best places in the world to go shelling. But, because of this, it's a must to wear watershoes. So yesterday, I had to use the kid's sandals when we went for a dip. There were so many shells washed ashore and where the waves were breaking, it was very tough on the "winter" feet. It had warmed up quite a bit, so a dip was in order. Yes, it was very cold, and the head did not get dunked; but it was refreshing just the same. Coming from Virginia and frequenting the Maryland shore my entire childhood (almost every weekend), I have become accustomed to the cold waters. To me, there is nothing worse than jumping into an ocean that is warm like bath water. I want something to take my breath away for the first second and then feel refreshing after swimming for a bit. That's my kind of water.

The seagulls put on quite a show today. There seemed to be more where we were and they weren't shy about coming up to us to squawk a hello. Two were fighting, I think over a female, of course; and it was comical to watch the squabble play out. The original male won out in the end and then showed his affection to his woman by squawking at her and cutting her off when she tried to walk off. (Hey, maybe I have this all wrong, sounds more like female antics to me! ha.)

There were even two schools of dolphins swimming by. I did catch them on film, but you really have to squint to see them. If you click on the picture and look right above where the kid is stooping, you can barely make out the fins. And yes, these were dolphins and not the sharks of last summer. Thank goodness. (We were here last year when one girl died from a shark attack and another boy lost his leg--so sad.)

And, of course, there is always a crazy paraglider passing by a couple times a day. You wouldn't catch me up there. Not only am I afraid of heights; but several years ago, I saw a rope snap and the paraglider went sailing off away from the beach. I never did find out where they finally landed. Can you even imagine? Scream!

The teenagers found a like-age group today--thanks to mom. I actually saw three girls about their age and told them about it. By the time they made it down to where the sighting was, they were gone, of course. But, a group of other teenagers soon took the place of the three girls. They all met up on the beach tonight. Let's hope we don't get a phone call at midnite (their curfew). Oh to be 16 again. (No thank you.)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Not a Care in the World

It's getting prettier and prettier each day we're here. The weather is still breezy and in the low 70s--a tad warmer than yesterday. What more could you ask for? Mom finally came out to the beach and was nice and toasty. Yea! I've felt so bad about her having to stay in, but now she's out and about. Is everybody happy?

Drove the teenagers over to Orange. They are in search of teenage girls. Guess there are none over here in Gulf Shores. They crack me up. Well, that trip was useless. None were found and they seemed glad to get back to our little neck of the woods. They go out, play Frisbee for an hour, come in. Go out, play Frisbee for an hour, come in. Do they think girls will come to them? Maybe I should do a little explaining about girls, the teenage variety especially. haha.

We had lunch at the Shrimp Basket today; and three out of four of us ordered just that. Last night we went next door to Bahama Bob's. The hub ordered his usual steamed crab legs and I got the steamed Royal Reds, the local Gulf shrimp here. Oh my. Heaven. They were so good. Served completely whole, the kid got a little grossed out when he pulled a head off and saw the contents. Why do kids have to look?? Funny.

This morning, while it was still quiet out, I noticed a woman, alone, walking down by the shoreline. I looked and thought, this is my kinda woman. She had her little yoga mat tied to her back ready for any moment that she felt like sitting for a spell. Didn't seem to have a care in the world. I guess the beach does that to us. What a wonderful feeling.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Fairhope, AL

The hub and I took a drive by ourselves today to Fairhope. It’s about 30 miles outside Mobile and about 45 minutes from where we’re staying in Gulf Shores. I found it last year while we were all out for a drive on a rainy day. It reminds me so much of home on the Chesapeake Bay.

“In the 1890s, a group of idealists founded Fairhope as a cooperative colony on a lush bluff along Alabama’s Gulf Coast. The visionary settlers thought their experimental village had a “fair hope” of success. An oasis of idealism and equality, Fairhope not only succeeded but grew into an elegant enclave of individualism and intellect. The bayside town is the world’s oldest and largest single-tax colony. The unique village drew progressives and populists, socialists, and Quakers, artists and intellectuals, and even nudists and free- love advocates. Many of the major social reformers of the early 20th century—from Dewey to Darrow—made pilgrimages to Fairhope. Strong individualists, fine minds, independent spirits, and colorful characters of all sorts came to inhabit the town founded on principle.” -- pulled from Images of America: Fairhope.

The town has a fascinating history indeed. I not only fell in love with the town itself but also its history. I want to find out more about it though, it has such an interesting story. I’ve only nipped the tip of the iceberg. I need to know more. The hub bought me my first book about Fairhope today and I can’t wait to get into it. It’s mostly a photographic “journey;” but to me, that’s a wonderful way to be introduced to a place--visually.

It’s a cute little town. Small shop windows are pretty and inviting, most have a cat or two inviting you in. (Gotta love that!) There are flowering planters everywhere and hanging baskets filled with geraniums on every street corner. Even the vintage post box is sweet. I remember these when I was growing up.

Since we were alone, we were even allowed to stop and have a cup of coffee and a slice of Key lime cake, which I had never had before. It was very tasty, of course. Yum, yum, yum.

Fun, fun, fun.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Gulf Shores, AL

We made it. It took us seven hours to drive, but a beautiful day to do so. We arrived at our 24th floor rented condo, and it is absolutely gorgeous. What a breathtaking view. I had rented in this building before, last summer, and we really enjoyed the location. We decided to take a southwestern view this time which gave us a beautiful sunset a couple of hours after we arrived. Mom looks so pretty and relaxed here. I think we just may have to move here. (NOT!)

Our first night, we were so exhausted that we ate an early dinner. We drove to Orange Beach, about 10 miles East of us. Our favorite little Italian restaurant was packed with a long wait. No go. We were too tired and too hungry to wait. So we drove on up to Florabama (the border) another 5 miles up and went to our fav seafood joint, The Crab Trap. It’s actually on the Florida side, by about a hair. I ordered shrimp, of course, and the hub had major amounts of crab legs and shrimp. Momma had a crab cake basket and the kid had a popcorn shrimp basket. It all was good. For an appetizer, we ordered the shrimp and crab dip, yum. Forgot the camera—or I forgot I had it. In any case, I didn’t take any pics. Oh well.

It’s been very cool, a little too cool for mom. She’s has been staying in mostly. Happy as a pig in mud as long as she has her TV shows. Guess at that age you get settled in your routines and don’t want to change them. She’s happy just watching TV with a beautiful view of the Western side of the inlet. As long as she stays warm, we’re all happy!

It’s absolutely beautiful here. We all are happy we arrived and are all doing our things--teenagers looking for girls, hub and I relaxing, the kid looking for shells and momma, well, momma is just hangin'. Of course, I’ll have more to post later. We're on a phone line here, major s-l-o-w ! Pictures are taking way too long to download.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday's Favorite Corner

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist this as being today's favorite "corner." Yes, indeed, the minivan came in as promised this time. Yahoo. I can't even begin to tell you how much room these suckers have. No wonder they're so popular (I still hate them though--evil grin). Poor Rootie thinks she's going. The cats have been in and out of the van too. I wonder what they're thinking.

Mostly all packed. All we have to put in the van are our bags and ourselves. The kid is down one sandal so far and I doubt the teenager has even begun to pack--Lord knows what he will be missing. This is why I say, "Don't wait to pack, chillins, get it done so we can see what's needed." Do they ever listen to their mother? I think not.

One extra teenager has arrived, one is MIA having to turn around half way here to walk back home to get his "shaving kit" in which he forgot. It's a wonder these guys make it anywhere in one piece. They crack me up. One mother has already called to say that her son has to come back home to finish his part of the laundry. (ouch) Guess she's holding him to the fire if he wants to go to the beach with us. Poor guy. But it does make for lessons learned. I do admire that. (Hey, I did call the teenager down to the kitchen today to clean up his egg shells from lunch today. He just cracks the egg and leaves them sitting in the sink. Hey, a little extra effort in getting them down the garbage disposal, please. How hard is that????!! Talk about LA-ZEE!)

And so, my last post until I get to the B-E-A-C-H !!! The hub always takes his laptop (Lord forbid he misses any work being done), so I'll have that to write some posts. Since this is my family's journal, I think I better write things while they're fresh in my head. I do forget so much these days. Yuk.

So, tootles for now. Will post some beautiful photos for you all to enjoy!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Few of My Favorite Things......

Some things I just want to have around me all the time. A sweet cat (or two) to pet and cuddle with, lots of flowers and nice comfortable things--both to the body and soul. (Oh yea, my family is in there somewhere.)

I first saw Brahms Mount blankets in some fancy schmancy linen store. The cost was way out of my range. But, as usual, when I got home, I looked online to find out more about the company. They are located in Maine where the owners of the company set up shop.

They rebuilt antique production looms and began their weaving of beautifully simple blankets. They use cotton, linen and alpaca fibers in their blankets, throws and towels. The hand is magnificent. As I continued to look through their website, I found that they had a mailing list. I wasn't sure if they would ever mail me anything since I wasn't a company. And I had completely forgotten about it until late last spring when I received a copy of their sale "catalog." I put that in quotes because it is really 2 pieces of paper with photos of the items they have on sale--very basic. A bargain was to be had. I stocked up on a 100% cotton throw, a 50/50 linen/cotton throw, two throws for gifts and two baby blankets I have stored for an unknown future occasion. When I received my blankets, I was thrilled. The linen/cotton is absolultely heaven. It's a nice breathable weave which is great for cool summer nights. The cotton one is heavier and oh-so-soft. Both are coming to the beach with me. I can't wait to sit outside with the hub, one wrapped around my shoulders listening to the waves hit the shoreline. Heaven on earth. (So, don't wait--go get on their mailing list! It's a must!!) Oh, and go check out Cathy at My Little Kitchen. She is hand weaving. It is absolutely amazing work!!

And, these are my favorite bowls, at the moment. The colors are beautiful. I picked them up, with a couple of other pieces, at Tuesday Morning a couple of months ago. Again, a bargain to be had. I love the detail on the inside of the petals and the center. How pretty. They are made in France by Appolia. They are oven-to-table ceramic which make them all that much better, they're actually functional. This is the Provencale design--my eye always goes to all things Provence. I should have known.

Today, as mom was getting her hair cut, I walked over to Tuesday Morning to see if there were any deals that I had to have. Stupid question, of course there was. There always is. I found these wonderfully funky cups. They say they're Churchill China, but it's not the Churchill China I know. A tad too funky. So, it's probably a knock off of the name. Anyway, they're colorful and cheerful and I love the little detail on the inside of the cup and on the handle. And so, I purchased three. They were only $3.99 each. I can't wait to have my tea in one of them tomorrow. (Oh, btw, I have been really good about my coffee. Today, I didn't even have any. Yesterday, one regular size cup...not bad eh!)

And, so, there are a few of my favorite things today. Next week, it will be shells and sand (well, maybe not sand), the salt air cleansing my lungs and soul, the sun warming my skin, the smell of shrimp boiling in a pot with Old Bay.....sigh. Life is good. It's gud.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Whenever this journal gets pulled out, the babies know we're heading out of town. It's the "babysitter's book." I've had it since Rootie was a puppy, over ten years. It's fun to go back and look at all the animals we've had in that time, and housesitters too--all the little notes back and forth. I need to get that going tonight and start writing down all the kritters' routines and also the house's routine for the new sitter. That's my chore for this evening. I doubt I get very far.

I did get a lot done today though. There are piles beginning to form everywhere. All of my favorite "relaxing" things are showing up in various places. It's nice being able to drive down to the shore so we (I) can take more of our (my) creature comforts. I always hate flying and having to "monitor" my packing. We do have seven passengers traveling with us this time, so things may have to be put back at the last moment if there's not room in the car--been there, did that, last year! We'll see. Since our cars are small (and old), we rent a van of some sort. They always "upgrade" (yea right) us to a SUV, which I absolutely despise. I have called them three times already to make sure there will be a mini-van this time. They assure me there will be.

Mom's bag is packed and ready to go--she's the type that starts packing a month before the trip, Ms. Organized. She is becoming more in tune with our laid-back lifestyle though, packing three days before is a record for her! I began gathering my things today too and putting them on the bed--that way I can't go to bed until they're packed! Gave the teenager his bag to pack (this should be funny). Haven't thought about the kid yet. He will be the last one I do. The hub just got back from a trip so his bag is already there by the door. The most important things are in there already. PJs, swimsuit, tshirts, etc. Most will have to wait until the day of--toothbrush, hair utilities, everyday stuff, you know the junk.

I have my vanity top chock full of my goodies that I love using at the beach. My good ol' friend Tom, who happens to be a hairdresser in DC (at Christophe's no less--yes the same as in "Clinton Jams LA Airport to Get Haircut" Christophe, just a different coast), turned me on to Phytologie's Huile D'ales. I've always used Phytologie's shampoos and conditioners, but I had never tried any of their deep treatments, afraid of oiliness. This is what Tom told me when I had inquired as to what on earth he used on me at the salon. He cracks me up ........
I usually put the oil in a small bottle after opening the vials, as they're sharp and unwieldy. You break one end off with a Kleenex, then the other. Once the second end is off have your little bottle ready to receive, or you're Johnny-on-the-spot, either spilling it or forced to hastily and sloppily use the entire thing. Use as a pre-shampoo treatment with or without heat. [Forget about the stupid little spray applicator bottle that comes with -- it clogs immediately and is useless. Either throw it away, or give it to a hamster who might be in need of a tiny spray bottle.] Rub a small amount between your hands and apply it sparingly and evenly to dry ends and mid-lengths and avoid the root area unless you're dry there or have a dry or peeling scalp (use fingertips to put it on the scalp). Optimal use: When you're at the beach or poolside, sitting in the sun. It also mixes directly into hair color before applying and, as a water-soluble oil, doesn't interfere with chemical processes. The vials contain 30% oil, and I'm not sure if it has any lavender in it. I think it's sage, rosemary and juniper.
And, so I do as Tom says. I put it on before a day at the beach and leave it on all day. When I come in for my afternoon shower, my hair comes out so nice and soft. The smell is absolutely heavenly. To me, it smells of lavender, but Tom says he doesn't think so. Whatever the case, it is luscious. Most of my creature comforts are hair related. I have longish, thick curly hair, so it tends to go a little wild in the humidity. So I take all kinds of shampoos and conditioners. Also getting packed, of course, is my facial routine. Kiehls' Cucumber Toner and Le Mer Moisturizing Lotion. I can live without almost everything else, but don't take away my Kiehls and Le Mer! Well, I do need my Clinique mild little soap, but that's it, really (kinda). As I've gotten older (ouch), my face is so sensitive to everything. I have rosacea which is a major pain, but those three products are the only ones that tone down the redness and keep the skin calmed. I'm totally addicted. One of my other favorite face things is Trish McEvoy's Luxe Eye Makeup Remover (which I couldn't find online--only gentle stuff??). It is so soft on the eyes. Half the time, I don't even use a tissue, it dissolves that easily and quickly for under-eye mascara mornings--a necessity for a vacation! The bronzer is a must too. Don't want to look "too" red! Another little good thing I do is take my Burt's Bees Foot Cream down to the beach with me. Once my feet get sand on them, I rub some in which both exfoliates that old winter skin off the feet and also moisturizes while you sitting in the sun. Very scrumptious. You'll think you're sitting next to a big ol' pina colada--which is not a bad thing at all. I always take lots and lots of body creams, samples and new stuff I haven't tried and the ol' true and blue Kneipp's. (I hear they won't be distributing it in the U.S. any longer; so if you see it, snatch it up while you can!!) Can never have too much moisturizer at the beach. Of course, candles are always packed and taken where ever I go, that's a given. I have my favorite votives that I buy at Kandle Kitchen in Franklin and I have lovingly named "angel wings." (You see, I really do rename everything!! It's really called White Dove, but who cares, right?) It has the prettiest, cleanest smell. As always, as much little Molton Brown samples that I can jam into a bag, oh yea and a lavender mist to spray the bedrooms at night. I am crazy with anticipation just thinking about it all!!

I have my miscellany of reading materials ready--my mags (which I've gone overboard on, as usual), my newspaper catch-up, my cookbooks, and catalogs. Of course, I throw in those books I've been meaning to read or even start, the ones I bought this winter, the one the hub suggested and several others I like to look over time and again.

Did I tell you that pile was growing in the kitchen? Look at it now.

You just wait until I hit Costo's!! Maybe I can tie a teenager or two to the roof, ya think?

Potato Latkes ala Ruth

For dinner, as promised, I made Ruth's Potato Latkes. This must be one from her grandmother because it is time consuming. I can't even imagine making these without the use of a cuisinart! I had the darndest time with mine this evening. It's getting up there in years, bought it before I was married. Things are starting to break off the top piece, giggle. Anyway, after cursing it a few times and "tinkering" with it (got that from my dad--he tinkered with everything), I finally got it to finish my potatoes. Like I said, I can't even imagine grating them by hand. It was bad enough having to peel them by hand--grin.

Again the recipe was very good. Don't think I would take the time to make them for my kids again though. They would be excellent for a get-together, say a brunch or something. Also would be good served with sour cream, which I didn't have. Tonight, I served them as a side to kielbasa. Everyone really enjoyed them.

I did learn a few things about grated potatoes. They turn red if you let them sit out (you know, while you work on your cuisinart). Is that the starch? I'll have to ask Ruth. Of course, Ruth had a notation on the side of the recipe to soak them in water while you're grating more (or doing repair work). I also learned there is a lot of moisture in those potatoes, duh. I know I've grated potatoes before, but maybe because I was side tracked for a rather large bit of time, the moisture was able to pool at the bottom of the bowl. At any rate, make sure you squeeze the moisture out and get rid of it all before you use them for latkes. Again, all in Ruth's notes--if I'd only read it more closely. I think Ruth's cookbook will be wonderful if these two recipes are like her many others.

Ruth says she's still looking for "recipe testers." So, if you're interested in trying out some new recipes and helping a cook-in-need, go to her blog above. I'm sure she'd appreciate it and it's fun to try new things too!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Testing All Recipes

Ruth, over at Once Upon A Feast, is writing a cookbook with recipes that have been passed down by her grandmother. She was asking for people to test some of these old recipes, so I volunteered. (I sure am glad I did!!) I haven't been cooking as much this past week (see post below), but tonight I am finally getting around to making her Best BBQ Chicken and Ribs Ever.

Here are some of the ingredients, but I can't tell you all of them--Ruth would have to shoot me. It's fairly simple and it smells so good while the sauce is cooking on the stove but it smells even better once it's in the oven. I haven't made BBQ sauce in years, so this is quite a treat. This sauce is so good, nice and thick and chunky with onions. I put mine on chicken, but I bet it's really good on ribs too--on the grill would be even better! Yum. I give it my two-thumbs up (if I had more thumbs, they'd be up too!). Very, very good. Even the hub and teenager loved it. Each of them had two huge breasts. (I used a little extra for dipping, it's that good!) The kid is not one for BBQ, oh well. Such is life with more than one kid. His loss.

She also gave me a recipe for Potato Latkes which I hope to try tomorrow night. I love those little buggers but I've never really had a recipe, per se, for them. I look forward to tasting them.

What fun it will be when she publishes her book and I can buy a copy and try more of her "home cooking." If you're interested in helping her out, you can click on her link above and email her. She'll send you several to try and get back to her. How fun is this??

Da Bling is In

Whip out the sunglasses all. (So much bling I couldn't even photograph it without an overexposure!) The teenager just got his State Championship ring for the 2005 football season. Wow. How exciting. Not as exciting as the season though. OMG. It was exciting. And I don't even like football.

The teenager has been playing for his high school team for two years. Funny. We never watch football so I think it was pure peer pressure. Hey, I'll take that kind of peer pressure any day. We were very surprised at his choice as he had always been a baseball player and an avid fan of baseball. Regardless, he signed up; and there he was every day for two years. You know, they take their football very seriously down here in the South. He got three weeks off of practice a year; seriously, that's it--one week at Christmas, one in the summer and one at spring break. They worked every day before and after school. Thus, it was no surprise that they won the State championship. They deserved it. It definitely was not a given.

Unfortunately, the teenager has just recently quit. I say unfortunately only because I will miss the games. Nothing better than a local high school football game, especially when they're on a roll and your son is playing. With that being said, we will not miss working around the practice schedule--6 a.m. in the mornings and afternoons until 5:30-6:00. I will not miss having to stay home all summer except for the one week they're off. But, mostly I am happy he's not playing for his health.

He hurt his back late last year. When we took him in for an xray, it showed a slight case of spina bifida. His last vertebrae had not fully fused together. The doctor said they would just keep an eye on it and see if he continued to get injured. Well, of course, he stayed sore the entire time. At 16 with a bad back. Not good. The teenager refused to talk about it and refused to go back to the doctor. He would just keep the ibruprofen going almost every day--which worried me a lot. And so when one day, a couple of weeks ago, he announced to both the hub and I he had spoken with the coach and had given it up, I was truthfully a little relieved. Yes, disappointed that he was giving something up that he had been so involved with and seemed to bring him happiness and teach him discipline, but also relieved because of his back. He says his heart just wasn't in it anymore; and on this team, you have to give 110%. His coach respected his decision and appreciated his honesty. Of course, he doesn't want a kid there that doesn't want to be.

So it is with a little bittersweetness that he is sporting his new "bling." It proves that yes, he did work hard and deserves the recognition; but at the same time, there's a little ping in the tummy that tells me I will miss all the excitement the games brought to all of us. We are very proud of our teenager.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Don't Know If I'm Coming or Going

I think I'm going, but I'm not sure. At least, I'm preparing to go--I think. I'm trying to prepare myself to go, yeah yeah, that's it. My mind is racing with all the things I need to get done before we leave for spring break on Saturday. Can you see the squinty lines between my eyebrows? I'm getting a lot done but in such a discombobulated way, I don't know what to do next. I'm blaming it on my new--soon to be old--coffee routine.

Note to self: Must switch to tea tomorrow--tomorrow ok, tomorrow, yes, tomorrow.

I always do this. I make more work for myself than I need to. But you know the drill: housesitter coming to stay at house--must clean house, must make it relaxing and easy for single person to stay at house. (=more work than need be.)

Must pull summer things out from under all the winter things in the really cluttered closets-- for mom, the kid and the teenager, oh yea, and me--clean these things first, I'm sure. Pack for everyone--hub is on his own, maybe even teenager.

Note to self: Must change light in closet tomorrow--can't see. Have teenager change light--can't reach. Have hub change light--can't find teenager. Aw hell, just grab someone off the street to change the damn light, hub is gone.

And you see, this is how I'm going about my day. Really chaotic. I think--I do, I think--I do. No rhyme or reason. I really do need to make a list tonight. I don't know why I fight it, but I always do.

Note to self: Self, make LIST, please make list--and check off. Thank you.

Yesterday, I blew the few eggs that I have done this year. I've really not been in the right frame of mind for pysanky....and you HAVE to be in the mood to make pysanky. It's way too time consuming not to feel like doing it. The kid did better than me! That's good. Maybe it's he who will carry on the tradition, definitely NOT the teenager--sheesh!

In between sporadic other things, I even got the wax off. They are now ready to be shellacked. Joy. The smell of polyeurothane filling the nostrils. Lovely. I knew there was more than one reason I added the French doors to the study!

And here are some other little diddies I did today. Excuse me? Did someone say give the girl some more caffeine??

This is actually from yesterday--the start of the "Beach Pile." You should see it now, it's taking over the kitchen. If I think of something, I just throw it here.

And, yes, I know, I said I know, girly girly. They're in the guest room, ok? A young lady will be staying here and perhaps she can enjoy them. Lord knows I can't put them out, I'd never hear the end of it from all the "men." So, I pulled them from the way back of my armoire, blew off the dust and set them up in hopes that maybe someone can enjoy them this year!

And last, but not least:

Just kidding, LOL, the hub made this for Sunday supper yesterday. We ate out tonight--the hub is AWOL (traveling). You don't think I had enough energy to cook, did you? Please.



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