Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Few of My Favorite Things......

Some things I just want to have around me all the time. A sweet cat (or two) to pet and cuddle with, lots of flowers and nice comfortable things--both to the body and soul. (Oh yea, my family is in there somewhere.)

I first saw Brahms Mount blankets in some fancy schmancy linen store. The cost was way out of my range. But, as usual, when I got home, I looked online to find out more about the company. They are located in Maine where the owners of the company set up shop.

They rebuilt antique production looms and began their weaving of beautifully simple blankets. They use cotton, linen and alpaca fibers in their blankets, throws and towels. The hand is magnificent. As I continued to look through their website, I found that they had a mailing list. I wasn't sure if they would ever mail me anything since I wasn't a company. And I had completely forgotten about it until late last spring when I received a copy of their sale "catalog." I put that in quotes because it is really 2 pieces of paper with photos of the items they have on sale--very basic. A bargain was to be had. I stocked up on a 100% cotton throw, a 50/50 linen/cotton throw, two throws for gifts and two baby blankets I have stored for an unknown future occasion. When I received my blankets, I was thrilled. The linen/cotton is absolultely heaven. It's a nice breathable weave which is great for cool summer nights. The cotton one is heavier and oh-so-soft. Both are coming to the beach with me. I can't wait to sit outside with the hub, one wrapped around my shoulders listening to the waves hit the shoreline. Heaven on earth. (So, don't wait--go get on their mailing list! It's a must!!) Oh, and go check out Cathy at My Little Kitchen. She is hand weaving. It is absolutely amazing work!!

And, these are my favorite bowls, at the moment. The colors are beautiful. I picked them up, with a couple of other pieces, at Tuesday Morning a couple of months ago. Again, a bargain to be had. I love the detail on the inside of the petals and the center. How pretty. They are made in France by Appolia. They are oven-to-table ceramic which make them all that much better, they're actually functional. This is the Provencale design--my eye always goes to all things Provence. I should have known.

Today, as mom was getting her hair cut, I walked over to Tuesday Morning to see if there were any deals that I had to have. Stupid question, of course there was. There always is. I found these wonderfully funky cups. They say they're Churchill China, but it's not the Churchill China I know. A tad too funky. So, it's probably a knock off of the name. Anyway, they're colorful and cheerful and I love the little detail on the inside of the cup and on the handle. And so, I purchased three. They were only $3.99 each. I can't wait to have my tea in one of them tomorrow. (Oh, btw, I have been really good about my coffee. Today, I didn't even have any. Yesterday, one regular size cup...not bad eh!)

And, so, there are a few of my favorite things today. Next week, it will be shells and sand (well, maybe not sand), the salt air cleansing my lungs and soul, the sun warming my skin, the smell of shrimp boiling in a pot with Old Bay.....sigh. Life is good. It's gud.


Anonymous said...

So you like Tuesday Morning!
Go to these links and read on.


Cathy said...

Hi Rosa - your blankets are beautiful! I've eyed some blankets like this before too - I don't know if it was the same company or not, but they were also in Maine. They were exhibiting at a craft show locally. I love the simple stripe design.



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