Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday's Favorite Corner

Here is my living room corner. I love my big comfy red sofa, which is faded and scratched from the kitties--just perfect for our family. I think the cats enjoy it as much as we do, in their own way--as a scratching post! It's big enough to curl up in to read a book or take a little nap--a soft throw nearby to cover up with.

This is the table that I moved from the study at Christmas time in order to fit our Christmas tree in there. It fit so well here, that I've left it. The little round table that was here has been moved to the guest room and it too fits perfectly there. You see, if you're in a house long enough, you can get everything in it's right place (then the hub moves you).

The table here is ever evolving depending on the time of year. I have to keep moving plants around seasonally depending on how much sun they like and dislike. I pull the lace blinds in the summer and can move a lot of plants back here that don't like direct sun. Right now, only the ones that can take the strong rays are here.

I pulled my Sarabella Creations out at Christmas time and have yet to put them away. I may just keep them out for a while longer, I enjoy them so much. If you're not familiar with her work, you must take a look-see at her website. I had never seen or heard of her until my sister-in-law gave me the angel one for Christmas about six years ago. I was amazed at all the work that goes into these "globes." They are hand-blown glass and then painted each individually. They have seed pearls and swarovski crystals scattered about and each is signed by Natalie Sarabella herself and dated.

I found this one, by luck, on Ebay, at a fraction of the cost. I don't think I could ever pay full price for these.....ouch. I keep them covered with a cloche to make sure they don't get broken or lose any of their precious little jewels.

The pillow in the chair is one that the hub brought back from Bangkok. It is Jim Thompson silk. You should read about him. It's a fascinating story--an American moving to Thailand in the mid 40s for love of the country, setting up shop to rebuild the Thai silk industry there and suddenly disappearing in 1967. Full of mystique and intrigue. Oooooh. Anyway, his silk is to die for. (I don't think it's sold in the U.S. unless you go through a designer--boo hiss.) This piece is in a batik motif. The silk has a texture unlike any I have felt. I'll share more pieces as I continue with my photo journal of the house.

Today I have a tinge of vertigo which is a drag. I have to take a motion-sickness pill when I get this and it makes me really groggy. No green beer for me!! The hub wanted to go out for happy hour tonight in honor of St. Patty. Oh well. (Hub says I always have been a dizzy broad. snicker)

Note to self: Rootie's annual vaccines today, bordetella, switched to 3-year rabies. She's all good to go. Can you tell?

Cold and dismal today outside (48F). No rain, but no sun either.
Note to self: Rootie vets

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Shell said...

I've tried to leave comment on this and it doesn't show up. Hopefully this time it will.

Thank you for letting me visit your cozy livingroom. Its so inviting! I see you also have quite a green thumb!



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